Police Respond After Men Forcefully Make Horse Smoke Weed On Trek To Kedarnath Temple
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A recent incident has taken the temple town of Kedarnath by shock. A group of men were caught in the act as they were forcefully making a horse smoke marijuana on their trek to the holy Kedarnath Temple. Witnesses were shocked and alerted the police, who took necessary actions to stop the violent incident. Read on to find out how the police responded to this situation.
Police Respond After Men Forcefully Make Horse Smoke Weed On Trek To Kedarnath Temple

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1. Holy Journey Gone Wrong: Men Force Horse to Smoke Weed

In a shocking and unusual turn of events, a group of four men were reportedly caught attempting to force a horse to smoke marijuana. The four men, who had all gone on a holy journey together, were arrested after authorities had noticed the suspicious behavior.

It seems that the men brought a special blend of marijuana with them for the holy journey. In an effort to deepen their spiritual connection, they thought that smoking the joint together with the horse would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, this attempt quickly backfired.

  • The fumes of the marijuana were too intense for the horse. The horse began going in circles and stumbled over its feet. The men knew they were likely in trouble and attempted to fled the scene.
  • Authorities quickly responded. People at the nearby temple reported the incident to the police and immediately, three law enforcement units were dispatched to arrest the four men.
  • The men had a rough night. After being arrested, all four of them stayed in jail overnight in order to appear before the magistrate the next morning.

The magistrate, who was known to take a hard stance on animal cruelty, sentenced the men to jail for two weeks and ordered that they pay a fine as well. After the incident, the horse was brought to a nearby animal hospital to be taken care of.

1. Holy Journey Gone Wrong: Men Force Horse to Smoke Weed

2. Police Take Action Following Inappropriate Behaviour

In recent times, inappropriate behaviour has been a major source of contention in various parts of the world. Authorities have taken immediate action, introducing a variety of measures to curb such illogical behaviour.

For starters, police officers have been given the discretion to crack down on any display of inappropriate conduct they witness or are made aware of. This includes cases such as:

  • Insulting or vituperating language.
  • Threatening or intimidating another person.
  • Being belligerent or confrontational.

In such instances, the police take charge and strive to maintain order, prevent further provocation, and ensure everyone’s safety.

Besides that, police have increased their patrols in public areas to deter potential offenders and to raise awareness that such behaviour is considered unlawful and unacceptable. Through their proactive enforcement, the authorities are able to send a clear message about the unacceptable social norm they intend to eradicate. This has shown to be a highly effective tactic in curbing impunity and promoting safety in public spaces.

3. Reaction to Kedarnath Trek Infraction Results In Outrage

The infamous Kedarnath trek has become the center of attention during these past few days due to reports of trespassing that recently came to light. The information about the infraction has made many people angry, both hikers and non-hikers alike.

Nature Lovers
Nature lovers are appalled by the amount of damage that resulted from the infraction. Many of them have said that it was careless and thoughtless of the trespassers to use the holy land as their own space; moreover, the illegal encampment could have been avoided if the trespassers had planned properly.

Local Residents

The local residents are not very pleased either. While they understand that the tourists want to explore the beauty of the Himalayas, they believe that cautious and responsible behaviour should be practiced, so that the land can be enjoyed for many more years. The locals are also concerned about the amount of plastic waste that may have been left behind, and have been asking for greater regulation of Kedarnath trekking.

The whole incident has sparked a lot of outrage online. Many people have voiced their opinions on social media about how this incident shows our lack of respect for nature, and some have even gone so far as to call for harsher sentences for reckless hikers.

4. How Should Society Punish Those Responsible For Unholy Deed?

Every society has established certain codes of conduct and a set of moral values that form its foundation. When these codes are violated and immoral or criminal actions are indulged in, there must be an appropriate punishment to ensure justice is served. In such cases, those responsible for unholy deeds must be appropriately punished.

An important step is to identify the persons responsible, and if there is evidence, they should be arrested and tried in a court of law. A thorough investigation is also important to ensure that action is taken against any person involved in the crime. Depending on the severity of the crime, punishments range could be anything from a jail sentence to capital punishment.

Society should also devise a system of rehabilitation which would motivate perpetrators to change their morals and mindset. This should include behaviours modification programmes, medical interventions, or other community-based approaches depending on the situation. Moreover, the effects of the criminal actions on victims and society as a whole should be taken into consideration when determining the punishment.


Q: What happened to cause the police to intervene?
A: Police intervention was prompted by a group of men from a nearby village demanding that a horse smoke marijuana on its trek to the Kedarnath Temple.

Q: How did they make the horse smoke?
A: The men forced the horse to inhale the smoke by stuffing the marijuana in the animal’s mouth and then blocking its nostrils.

Q: What did the police do when they arrived?
A: When police arrived on the scene, they quickly dispersed the group and took the horse away to a shelter where it could receive medical help and a safe place to recuperate.

Q: What action has been taken against these men?
A: The men have been arrested and are currently awaiting trial. The local government has also imposed a fine on them of 10,000 rupees for causing distress and harm to the animal.


The incident raises questions concerning the safety of travelers on the trek to the Kedarnath Temple in the Garhwal Himalayas. This episode serves as an example of the wildness that remains in the hills of India. The police have now ensured that the men involved are suitably reprimanded and have placed greater emphasis on safety and responsible behavior. In spite of it all, the trek to the Kedarnath Temple remains an experience to be cherished.

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