Railway Responds After Rain Water Leaking From Train’s Roof In AC Coach Goes Viral
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With vast parts of India being affected by monsoon season, railway travel is often fraught with difficulty and disruption. Recently, an image of rain water leaking from the roof of an AC coach inside a train has gone viral, prompting the railway authorities to respond in an attempt to address the issue. In this article, we’ll explore the recurring problem of water leakage on trains and how the railway authorities are tackling the issue.
Railway Responds After Rain Water Leaking From Train’s Roof In AC Coach Goes Viral

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1. Train Woes Caught on Video

Train woes can be a common occurrence, resulting in delays, damaged goods, and overcrowding. Now, thanks to today’s ever-present camera phones, these scenarios are becoming even more visible. Here, we outline the three most notable this year.

  • Failed Brakes: In June, commuters on the Long Island Railroad were caught in a dangerous situation due to malfunctioning brakes on the 7:37pm train. Though all passengers were safely de-boarded, the sheer magnitude of disruption can be seen in the video captured by passengers.
  • Overstuffed Trains: There have been countless reports of overcrowded train commutes, but the South West London Commuter in August was an especially memorable one. The footage captured, depicting hundreds of people to the point of physical discomfort, serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for improved public transportation.
  • Mysterious Objects on the Track: In October, travelers were shocked to find an abandoned suitcase near the rails of the Central Line. Video footage captured by an onlooker is thought to be the first evidence of an attempted sabotage. The suitcase was safely removed and the train took off minutes later.

Though it can be difficult to bear witness to such chaotic scenes, it’s reassuring to know that camera footage is able to capture nitty-gritty details ignored by local authorities. We hope similar episodes don’t come to pass, but at least if they do, we now know what train woes look like.

1. Train Woes Caught on Video

2. Railway Takes Prompt Action to Resolve Issue

Railway authorities have taken a prompt action to resolve the ongoing issue of overcrowded platforms. They have deployed special staff to manage the crowd and overcrowding around the station. Additionally, they have also put extra measures to make sure the safety of commuters is maintained.

To make sure all passengers are provided timely information and assistance in their journey, railway authorities have set up new touch-screen kiosks at various stations. The kiosks have been designed to provide real-time train status information, ticket booking services and can guide travellers in and around the station.

Finally, the railway authorities are providing special discounts and offers on tickets to commuters to make sure they have a comfortable and economical journey. All of these steps are been taken to make sure the passengers get a hassle-free experience traveling by railways.

3. Travelers’ Experience Sheds Light on Poor Maintenance

Maintaining safe and hygienic conditions of public locations is increasingly becoming a challenge for authorities. Travelers’ experience sheds light on the fact that the upkeep of public places is often left wanting. Here are three quick points on the issue.

  • Many public areas — both indoors and outdoors — suffer from a lack of attention from authorities. From public restrooms being unclean and outdated to playgrounds being overgrown with weeds, tourists have noticed a distinct sense of disrepair.
  • Tourists rate quality of service and overall maintenance as some of their top criteria when traveling. Thus, maintenance issues can leave a lasting impression of civic neglect and lack of public services.
  • The travel reviews of people abroad are starting to make clear the importance of keeping public places up to standard. Understanding the needs of travelers is key when it comes to sustaining a vibrant, prosperous tourism industry.

For many travelers, experiencing an inadequately maintained public space can be a major detriment and affects how they perceive the area overall. As travelers shed light on this issue, authorities must come up with solutions to ensure that all public areas are kept up to the necessary standards of safety and hygiene. After all, travelers should not be made to endure a sub-par experience.

4. Questions of Safety on India’s Railways Arise

India’s railway passengers have had to face a variety of safety issues over the years, making the proud Indian Railways a cause for anxiety and concern rather than hope. Here are some questions of safety that have arisen in recent times.

  • Is there enough staff to assist passengers? Passenger safety has been at risk due to the lack of staff- there have been reports of passengers being stranded on station platforms for hours due to the absence of staff.
  • Are the trains running on time? Train delays are now becoming increasingly common- in some cases, the railways authority and their staff are held responsible as the trains are late or diverted due to maintenance.
  • Is the infrastructure safe? The infrastructure of the railway is old and dilapidated in some places, which puts the safety of passengers in question.

The railway authority has promised to increase train safety in India and ensure that these questions of safety are answered. Still, the need of the hour is for the railway authority to take swift and effective action to address these issues.


Q. What happened with the recent viral photograph of a rainwater-leaking train?

A. Recently a photograph went viral of a train with leaking water pouring down from the air conditioned coach’s roof due to heavy rains. It caused an uproar with commuters raising questions and concerns about safety and infrastructure of the railway.

Q. How has the railways responded to the incident?

A. The Indian Railways has taken note of the incident and is looking into the mater thoroughly. In a statement, they have promised to address the issue and ensure that such an incident does not occur in the future. In addition, they have also extended their apologies for any inconvenience the commuters may have experienced.


Turns out, a few drops of rain water do not a disaster make! Railway officials have quickly responded to the situation and taken the necessary steps to rectify the problem. Hopefully, the train’s next journey will be as smooth and comfortable as the Rails always intend for their passengers.

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