Real Madrid star will ask to leave if Kylian Mbappe joins the club: Reports 
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Real Madrid fans have reason to be both excited and concerned following the rumors that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star, Kylian Mbappe, may join the Spanish club. Reports suggest that one of the club’s top players is willing to request for a transfer if the French star does join the team. This could mean a significantly different season for the Madrid giants if the rumors prove to be true.
Real Madrid star will ask to leave if Kylian Mbappe joins the club: Reports 

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1. Real Madrid Star Set to Leave if Mbappé Joins?

With the attention that is surrounding potential new Real Madrid signing Kylian Mbappé, Madrid stalwart Marcelo looks like he could be the one to go if the club manages to afford the mega-transfer. The Brazilian left-back has been with the club for twelve years, proving himself one of the best in the world along the way.

The issue is that Marcelo’s current wages are far too high for Los Blancos’s already bloated budget. Understandably, they’re unwilling to lower his salary, and thus it looks increasingly likely that he’ll be off sooner rather than later.

Key Reasons for Marcelo’s Departure:

  • Cost: With a transfer fee for Mbappé likely to exceed €200 million, the Brazilian cannot stay in his current wage bracket
  • Age: Having recently turned 32, Marcelo is reaching the tail-end of his career – further necessitating his departure
  • Competition: Should he stay, Marcelo will face stiff competition as the club looks to the future with Mbappé

Though it’s still to be confirmed by the club, the writing is on the wall for the Madrid legend. An sorrowful ending for the faithful player, who has provided the club with over 500 competitive appearances.

1. Real Madrid Star Set to Leave if Mbappé Joins?

2. Reports: Potential Transfer Would See Star Request Departure

  • Rumor: The rumour mill is already buzzing with reports of a potential transfer deal that would see a star player request a transfer away from their current club.
  • Sources: Sources close to the player are reportedly said to have expressed the player’s desire for a move, while the current club is said to be open to discussing any potential transfer.
  • Reason: The reason behind this potential transfer is believed to be the player’s desire for a fresh challenge.

The latest news circulating is sure to pique the interest and curiosity of football fans around the world. Questions will inevitably arise as to who the player is and which club they would be transferring to.

Obviously, the player wants to keep everything about the potential transfer under wraps for the time being. This means that there’s a lack of information surrounding this particular player, leaving plenty of room for speculation!

Fans are eagerly awaiting for more information to emerge, hoping that the transfer materialises and an exciting new signing arrives at their club! It looks like they may have to wait until much later in the window for the transfer to be completed. Until then, teams and supporters will be eagerly waiting to hear more news.

3. How Mbappé’s Arrival Could Affect Real Madrid and the Star’s Future

It’s no secret that Real Madrid is one of the most successful clubs in the world. But in recent seasons, they have not been able to keep up with their rivals. The club’s lacklustre performances have been the source of much consternation for their supporters, who are yearning for a spark to ignite the team and bring them back to their previous highs. Enter Kylian Mbappé. The powerful young French striker, who won the 2018 World Cup, could be the man for the job.

It goes without saying that if the transfer of Mbappé were to come to fruition, it could be one of the most important moves of the decade. The French star is one of the most talented players in the world right now, and his dynamism and lethal finishing would bring a devastating quality to the Real Madrid forward line. Not only would his arrival boost the quality of the team, but it could also serve to invigorate the supporters and return some of the spark to the Santiago Bernabéu.

For Mbappé himself, his move to Real Madrid could offer him something that no other club could – namely the chance to etch his name into history. Alongside stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, he could become one of football’s true greats, and greatly elevate his standing amongst fans around the world. Undoubtedly, this would be an incredible motivation for the young star, and could open the door for him to achieve his wildest dreams.

4. What Would Be the Implications of Such a Move?

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Q: Did reports suggest the Real Madrid star is asking to leave?
A: Yes, reports recently emerged that a star player of Real Madrid has asked to leave, if the team signs Kylian Mbappe.

Q: Is it clear why the star player requested to leave?
A: It is unclear why the star player requested to leave. Some sources have speculated that the player may be feeling threatened by the potential addition of Mbappe, who is arguably one of the best players in the world at this time.

Q: What has Real Madrid said about the reports?
A: The club has not made any official statement regarding the reports, so the situation is still developing.

Q: Does this suggest that Mbappe may join the team soon?
A: It is possible that Mbappe could join the team in the near future, but no decision has been made yet.

As the rumors speak, Real Madrid’s star player is considering putting in a transfer request if Kylian Mbappe joins the club. With the current circumstances, the only thing certain is that this story will take exciting and unexpected turns. It will be an interesting development to keep an eye on as we wait for more updates in the near future.

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