Relatório da Westlands Advisory aponta a Fortinet como líder em proteção para OT
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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand across the globe, so too is the need to ensure that the sensitive digital pathways powering connected devices remain secure. Enter a new report from Westlands Advisory, which finds that Fortinet has emerged as a leader in IoT protection thanks to its top-notch security solutions.
Relatório da Westlands Advisory aponta a Fortinet como líder em proteção para OT

Table of Contents

1. Westlands Advisory Report: Fortinet is OT Security Leader

Westlands Advisory recently published a report on the security situation in the OT (Operational Technology) sector. After careful research and analysis, they concluded that Fortinet was the clear leader in OT security solutions. Here’s why.

Unparalleled Security Solutions Fortinet’s end-to-end security fabric provides a robust framework for enterprise operations, offering an extensive array of solutions which guarantee compliance and improved visibility. The AI-powered, integrated platform offers advanced protection against various kinds of threats.

Comprehensive Portfolio Fortinet’s OT security portfolio covers every aspect of operations, from ICS and SCADA, to M2M, IoT, and IIoT. Through their secure SD-WAN suite, they provide comprehensive secure access and policy-based management. Combined with their World-class support, this portfolio enables clients to meet their operational goals.

Unmatched Deployment Flexibility Fortinet’s OT security solutions can be deployed across networks of all sizes and configurations. Their solutions are designed to be deployed on edge devices, cloud environments, and even on-premise. This ensures that customers have the flexibility to configure their network in the most optimal way.

In conclusion, Westlands Advisory found Fortinet is the premier OT security leader, offering an unrivaled level of security and flexibility. Their comprehensive, integrated solutions and portfolio make Fortinet an ideal choice for protecting your business’s operations.

1. Westlands Advisory Report: Fortinet is OT Security Leader

2. How OT Security is Evolving with Fortinet at the Forefront

In this age of modern technology, keeping corporate networks safe from potential threats is at the forefront of every IT organizations agenda. As such, most organisations are turning to advanced security solutions and the best way to stay ahead of the cyber security game is with an industry-leading, proven vendor such as Fortinet.

Fortinet is a global leader in providing the broadest range of advanced security solutions. They offer innovative solutions such as firewalls, intrusion protection systems, unified threats management solutions, secure e-mail systems, network access control, and advanced web application protection, all of which can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Fortinet has the distinction of being a vendor that offers complete control over the security operations of a business. This includes efficient and effective security policies that can be managed from a single console. Moreover, the company offers its customers a variety of tools, such as the FortiCloud intelligence platform which provides real-time analytics and threat prevention. Furthermore, the FortiGuard Security Subscription ensures customers receive the latest security patches, virus definitions, and signature updates, thereby ensuring their networks are consistently protected.

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Unified threats management solutions
  • Secure e-mail systems
  • Network access control
  • Advanced web application protection
  • FortiCloud intelligence platform
  • FortiGuard Security Subscription

3. Leveraging Innovative Security Tools to Mitigate OT Risk

Operational Technology (OT) security provides an extra layer of security to protect against cyber threats that can compromise safety, efficiency, and customer trust. Companies that use OT to improve their production and service processes have an added responsibility to keep their business secure. It’s essential to consider the risks posed by connecting OT to the network and to consider how to mitigate those risks.

Using innovative solutions, companies can ensure their OT is properly monitored and protected from external threats. Here are a few approaches to help mitigate OT risk:

  • Leverage next-generation firewalls to strengthen OT security by preventing malicious activity and scrutinizing outbound traffic.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that includes system monitoring, logging, and review processes.
  • Adopt micro-segmentation to reduce the complexity of the network.

By staying up-to-date on the latest security tools and techniques, companies can ensure their OT systems are safe and secure. Outsourcing the security of OT systems to a third-party security professional can provide additional safety and support. It’s important to recognize that OT security is an ongoing process and risk mitigation strategies should be regularly evaluated and updated.

4. How OT Security is Revolutionizing Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the backbone of a modern factory’s digital infrastructure, and the security of these systems needs to be well managed. The rise of Operational Technology (OT) security solutions and cyber security tools has presented a new threat landscape for ICS operators to contend with, as well as new opportunities.

OT security introduces a suite of benefits for industrial security, providing real-time visibility into the system’s health and potential vulnerabilities. For instance, unified-security dashboards aggregate data from all ICS components, making it easier for IT teams to monitor their system and identify any suspicious activity. Secure alerting systems can be configured to notify teams of anomalies as soon as they occur, allowing them to take proactive action. This creates a layer of protection against threats, reducing the organization’s risk of compromise.

Defense in Depth

  • OT security solutions enable ICS operators to implement multi-layered security solutions to further protect their systems.
  • Modern security solutions come with advanced access controls, detections modules, and protective mechanisms that can be used to reduce the risk of attack.
  • Organizations can also enhance their protection with up-to-date patches and proactive maintenance protocols.

Furthermore, OT security adds an additional layer of security to industrial control systems. Sensors and other devices connected to the ICS can be monitored and managed remotely, reducing the potential for physical tampering. Moreover, organizations can deploy authentication solutions to create a secure perimeter, making it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive data.

Overall, OT security solutions are revolutionizing the way industrial control systems are protected. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is essential that organizations stay ahead of the curve and adopt the latest security measures available to stay secure.


Q: What is the Westlands Advisory Report?
A: The Westlands Advisory Report is an independent, expert assessment of the security solutions available to protect Operational Technology (OT). It provides a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape, capabilities and market trends for OT protection solutions.

Q: What did the report conclude?
A: The report concluded that Fortinet is the leading provider of OT protection solutions due to its comprehensive portfolio and the service capabilities that the company provides.

Q: What makes Fortinet stand out as a leader?
A: Fortinet stands out for its extensive portfolio of security solutions for OT, which includes network security, endpoint security, industrial control system (ICS) security, and IT/OT convergence solutions. In addition, the company also provides 24/7 support services, ongoing training and guidance for customers, and a proven track record of success in securing OT networks.

Q: How can customers benefit from using Fortinet’s security solutions?
A: By using Fortinet’s solutions, customers can benefit from increased security, improved compliance with regulatory requirements, enhanced operational efficiency, and reduced downtime. The company also provides comprehensive support services, which can help customers to quickly resolve any issues and keep their OT networks running smoothly.

Looking to safeguard your organization’s OT network? Fortinet’s robust security solutions can help you feel confident in the safety of your system. As the Westlands Advisory report proves, Fortinet’s offerings stand out from the crowd as the undisputed leader in OT protection. Keep cybercriminals at bay – choose Fortinet.

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