Riot Games anuncia classificatório chinês para o VALORANT Champions
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It looks like there is exciting news for VALORANT fans in China! Riot Games have just announced the official Chinese qualifiers of the VALORANT Champions tournament. This is the perfect opportunity for the best teams in China to show their prowess and demonstrate their skills on the international stage. Get ready for some thrilling VALORANT action – the Chinese qualifiers are coming!
Riot Games anuncia classificatório chinês para o VALORANT Champions

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1. Riot Games Introduces Chinese Qualifier for VALORANT Champions

Riot Games, the company behind the beloved shooter VALORANT, just announced that they are hosting the first ever Chinese Qualifier for the global VALORANT Champions tournament. This will be a massive tournament for players in China, with enormous prizes and fame awaiting those who can defeat their opponents and take the crown.

This milestone is a great way for Riot Games to relate to their Chinese VALORANT fans. On top of the qualification process, last-minute surprise pairs will be selected via lucky draw, giving players more chances to make it to the main event.

It’s expected that the Chinese Qualifier for the VALORANT Champions tournament will push boundaries and drive even more people to the fast-paced world of esports. Here’s a rundown of the goodies up for grabs:

  • Huge Cash Prize
  • Journey to potential world championships across the globe
  • Bragging Rights for being crowned champion

As the Chinese Qualifier tournament gears up, players prepare for an intense battle in pursuit of the top prize. With only the most skilled contenders making the final stage, the tournament is bound to be a nail-biting experience for both players and viewers alike.
1. Riot Games Introduces Chinese Qualifier for VALORANT Champions

2. Competing in the VALORANT Champions China Rivals Series

Valorant Champions Series (VCS) is an international esports league that brings together the most elite teams from around the world to compete for over $1 million in prize money and bragging rights. Nowhere is the competition more intense than in the China territory. As an aspiring Valorant team from the region you can prove yourself in the VCS China Rivals series.

Qualification Process

The qualification process for the VCS China Rivals series is designed to be highly competitive. To enter the series, your team must be verified to compete under the respective rules in the region. Additionally, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your team must consist of five players.
  • Your team must include three players from China.
  • Your team must have achieved a League Score of 10-13 in China’s Professional League.

Once you have met these criteria, the next step is to register your team on the VCS website and submit your team’s profile. This should include information about the team’s performance, composition, and overall strength. All of these aspects will be considered during the selection process.

Competition Format

Once your team has been selected to compete in the VCS China Rivals series, you can expect a series of intense head-to-head matches with your fellow competitors. You will battle it out in the Double Elimination series format, with each team playing a maximum of two matches per round. The final matchup will be a best-of-five series, which will determine the VCS China Rivals series champion.

3. Prepping for Success in the International VALORANT Champions

Prepping for success at the International VALORANT Champions may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to arm you for victory in VALORANT’s biggest and most prestigious tournament:

Keep up with competitive updates. Much like other competitive games, VALORANT’s competitive format sees version-specific updates over time that you must stay abreast of. Keep informed about tournaments and the individual versions they play on, as well as any tweaks to the multiplayer format itself. This will help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Formulate a team strategy. To truly succeed at the International VALORANT Champions, your team will need a cohesive strategy. Choose characters that complement one another, set different roles for objectives, and practice together to ensure everyone in the squad is working together efficiently.

Refine your mechanics. Knowing the game of VALORANT is one thing, mastering its mechanics is another. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a pro player to excel here – simply run drills and jump into public matches to ensure your aiming and coordination are on point.

  • Stay up to date on VALORANT’s competitive updates
  • Formulate a team strategy ahead of time
  • Practice drills and get familiar with the game’s mechanics

4. Breaking Down Riot Games’ Expansion to the Chinese VALORANT Scene

Riot Games’ recent entry into the Chinese VALORANT scene is one that is sure to have a huge impact on the competitive esports landscape. It didn’t take long for them to start making waves, and the strategies that Riot Games employed to establish a foothold in this competitive market can provide valuable insights into the company’s growth strategy.

Their first order of business was signing on local influencers in the region, like famous singer and streamer Liu Yan. This served as a way to gain quick attention, as the Chinese fan base is very excited to follow their local celebrity’s ventures into competitive gaming. With influencer relationships already established, Riot Games could start building a more substantial fan base.

Finally, Riot Games has established a plan to form their very own exclusive VALORANT esports league in the region. This league, in combination with their social media presence in the region, shows their focus on Chinese esports culture. By partnering with major gaming companies in the region, Riot Games has cemented their foothold in the growing Chinese esports market.

  • Signed local influencers, such as Liu Yan, to gain attention amongst the Chinese target market
  • Establishing a presence and fan base through social media
  • Focusing on their exclusive VALORANT esports league and partnerships with local major gaming companies


Q: What is Riot Games announcing?
A: Riot Games is announcing the Chinese qualifiers for their VALORANT Champions tournament.

Q: What is VALORANT Champions?
A: VALORANT Champions is an esports tournament that brings together the best VALORANT players from across the world to compete.

Q: What do players need to do to qualify for the tournament?
A: Players will need to perform well in regional rankings, showcase their skills in qualifiers and demonstrate their expertise in the Grand Final.

Q: Are there any regional restrictions?
A: Yes, the Chinese qualifiers are open to players residing in China only.

Riot Games aims to make VALORANT Champions Chinese Qualifiers an unforgettable experience—not only for the Chinese esports community, but all gamers across the world. This event is sure to be the first of many for Riot Games in the Land of the Rising Sun. Let the battle for champions begin!

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