Riot Games revela “Neo Oeste”, coleção com temática de faroeste em VALORANT
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As of today, the thrilling world of VALORANT has become even wilder, as Riot Games reveals a new collection inspired by the wild west. The “Neo Oeste” collection brings back memories of the lawless lands of the classic Wild West, evoking the feeling of a lone wanderer looking for clues in a harsh and mysterious place.
Riot Games revela “Neo Oeste”, coleção com temática de faroeste em VALORANT

Table of Contents

1. Introducing VALORANT’s Neo Western Collection

Toying with the boundaries of style and technology, Riot Games is introducing the new Neo Western Collection, a line of VALORANT merchandise that’s bold, modern, and authentic to the overall game. The collection not only re-imagines classic western apparel, but it carries a distinct propulsive spirit with it.

The color palette, inspired by classic westerns, features an elaborate array of strong colors and earth tones. Designer patterns are rendered in detailed, classic hues, lended by the cosmic setting of VALORANT’s in-game Defiant map.

The Neo Western Collection offers a range of products sure to appeal to the fashion-forward gamer. It features a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and outerwear each uniquely crafted for the style-savvy crew. Highlights include:

  • A lightweight zip-up jacket in retro denim, living up to the “western-outdoors” vibe.
  • Comfy shorts for an easygoing weekend vibe.
  • Cotton-Poly blend hoodies for a classic yet cutting-edge look.

The Neo Western Collection fashions artistry, adventure, and elegant modernism into a new way of expressing VALORANT’s style culture.

1. Introducing VALORANT's Neo Western Collection

2. Stepping Into a Wild West Wonderland

The Wild West is the only place on Earth where the eternally enthralling spirit of adventure, exploration, and risk-taking run riot. Cast-iron saloons, sprawling cattle ranches, exuberant cowboys, and adventure of a Hollywood blockbuster caliber await. Here’s how to explore them:

  • Explore a cattle ranch: Although technology can do a lot, there is something noteworthy about setting foot on a sprawling cattle ranch and getting to see the traditional life of a cowboy. Visit one on horseback in between thrilling games of cards.
  • Experience nightlife: Saloons come alive with a burst of energy at night. Rustic bars, wild dancing, and live bands fuel a night of mirth, gambling, and revelry. On certain nights, a flaming cowgirl or bright pink villa might also appear.
  • Soak up on some history: The Wild West was shaped in no small part by legendary figures like Jesse James and Billy the Kid. They all left lasting, dusty trails through the region’s history, providing an additional layer of intrigue along with it.

From extraordinary characters to vibrant culture, the Wild West is truly a special place. Those who tread these rugged paths will create memories that can stand the test of time. Don the cowboy hat, ready the boots, and head into the Wild West – it’s a wild ride that’s always worth it.

3. Explore the Western Themed Arsenal of Weapons

Nothing embodies the Wild West quite like the weaponry of the era. From six-shooters to muskets to throwing tomahawks, the range of weapons used to tame the frontier back in the day is incredible. Have a look at the following arsenal to explore this fascinating period even further:

  • Revolvers: Perhaps one of the most iconic Wild West weapons, the revolver held 4-10 shells in chambers in a cylinder and while it took longer to reload than cutting-edge weapons of its time, its accuracy and dependability made it a favorite among cowboys and lawmen alike.
  • Winchester Rifles: Named after its creator, the Winchester Repeating Rifle was one of the most widely-used weapons of the 19th century. It was a fast-firing and sophisticated lever-action gun that could hold up to 16 rounds and provided a much-needed edge to the conquering of the West.
  • Muskets: Originally designed for the battlefield but quickly leveraged for hunting and target practice, the musket was a gradually-developing weapon type that eventually led to the sophisticated modern-day rifles. They were slow, single-shot guns that used a combination of black powder, fire, and a special wad to shoot but were hugely popular at the time.

By and large, the most popular and common Wild West arsenal was comprised of these three main weapons. While a host of other weapons were used, such as cannons, blades, tomahawks, and so forth, the revolver, Winchester rifle, and musket were perhaps the most widely-used and well known of the period. There’s no doubt that these iconic weapons harken back to a time of exploration, adventure, and ruggedness like no other.

4. Experience Neo Western in VALORANT Now!

Are you ready to get your guns blazing, your boots-on and hat tipped? Hop on the saddle and experience the new cocktail of Western vibes perfectly blended with futuristic tech in VALORANT!

Neo Western is the new map, available now in VALORANT, featuring a fusion of Wild West architecture and modern tech. Enjoy a desert heatwave with a hefty dose of bravado as you battle in futuristic western-themed game areas. Put your pistols to the test in the iconic saloon, with grandiose decor topped off with stylishly designed technology.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Elaborate Western-themed structures, surrounded by a riveting desert ambiance
  • Sci-fi and metal accents integrated in the structures
  • Exciting and challenging Battle Pass Missions inspired by the Neo Western theme
  • Special weapon skins, exclusively designed for the Neo Western map
  • Boosts for your Agent abilities, available only in the Neo Western map

Put your strategies and tactics to the test and relish in a bit of the Wild West in VALORANT now!


Q: What is “Neo Oeste”?
A: “Neo Oeste” is a collection from Riot Games, featuring a western-themed take on VALORANT.

Q: When was “Neo Oeste” released?
A: “Neo Oeste” was released by Riot Games on April 26, 2021.

Q: What do players get when they purchase the “Neo Oeste” collection?
A: Those who purchase the “Neo Oeste” collection will receive four exclusive weapon skins for their Vandal, Guardian, Sheriff, and Stinger weapons. They will also get a brand-new outfit and a show-stopping Western-style melee weapon that they can use in the game.

Q: What themes are included in the “Neo Oeste” collection?
A: The collection includes items featuring a wild-west theme, complete with hints of both western and neo-western aesthetics. If you purchase the collection, you can show off a whole new look catering to the classic Western feel.

So this is Neo-West, a bold and daring look at a classic western that will forever be ingrained in the VALORANT universe. Neo-West will be available soon, so dust off your revolvers and get ready to take some notes on the Wild, Wild East.

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