San Diego Padres fans react to team DFA’ing Nelson Cruz: “Sad for him but Father Time has never lost” “Hardly one of the worst players on this team”
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It was a bittersweet day for San Diego Padres fans as the news broke that the team had decided to DFA Nelson Cruz, a Major League veteran who had made his mark in the game since his days with the Milwaukee Brewers. Although Padres fans may have been sad to see a fan favorite move on, they understood that it was time to look ahead. After all, Father Time has yet to be defeated in the game of baseball. In the aftermath of Cruz’s removal, Padres fans have reflected on what he meant to the team and its fanbase, touting him as hardily one of the worst players on the roster.
San Diego Padres fans react to team DFA’ing Nelson Cruz:

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1. “Cruisin’ to the End: Padres Fans React to Nelson Cruz Being Let Go”

One of the most iconic figures of the San Diego Padres has officially left the team. After a contentious contract negotiation, Padres fans are saying goodbye to Nelson Cruz. Cruisin’ away from Petco Park, Padres die-hards and casual followers of the team all have their reactions. Here’s what they had to say.

The Gritty Ones Having followed the team for years, a few fans felt surprisingly hurt by the fact that one of their favorite players moved on. “Nelson Cruz has meant so much to the Padres. He was always willing to go out there and put in work. He will be sorely missed by the team,” commented Maria Hernandez, a long-time fan of San Diego.

Seeking Silver Linings, some welcomed the opportunity to explore new ways of building the team around veteran stars. “I’m glad the Padres had the courage to move forward,” said Greg Renzo. “We all knew that Cruz was getting older. It was time to part and open up to new growth.” This group appreciated the agility of the team and the fact that they’re willing to take risks.

The Fans Who Look to the Future, the loss of Cruz didn’t bother them as much. Bigger and better things await the franchise and they’re more ready for the opportunities than threatened by this development. “We have some of the best players in the MLB. We will come back even stronger,” shared Liz Martin, a recent Padres follower.

The team of believers knows that tough situations lead to tough decisions. Padres fans from all walks of life, regardless of how they feel about Nelson Cruz, looked forward to what’s coming next.


2. “A Sad Goodbye to a Veteran Player”

The NBA landscape has shifted after the announcement of a beloved, veteran player’s retirement. After an illustrious career, which included two NBA champion rings, this veteran has decided to hang it up. It was a sad goodbye, but he will never be forgotten for the impact he had on the game.

Impactful Career

  • Over 100 triple-doubles
  • Multiple NBA All-Star appearances
  • NBA’s all-time leader in dunks

Filling the void that this great player leaves will not be an easy feat. His presence within the league inspired the next generation of players to pick up a basketball and pursue their dreams. His energy, enthusiasm, and love for the game will be remembered every time a kid dribbles a ball or takes a shot.

Lasting Legacy

  • Helped lead the rise of the 3-point shot
  • Held the title of starting power forward for two championship teams
  • Voted the most beloved player of the decade three times

We are sad to say goodbye, but his legacy will live on forever. His performances on the court, his celebrity off the court, and his passion for the sport will never be forgotten. He will always be remembered as an amazing player, teammate, mentor, and friend.

3. “Time and Change: Padres Fans understand the Inevitability of Father Time”

Padres fans have a stoic understanding of the ever ticking clock; the same one that accompanies us throughout our lives. Its inevitability in the sport of baseball is especially profound, as it means certain doses of harsh reality. Padres fans understand this, and take the punches of unfortunate outcomes with grace and optimism for the future.

Trevor Hoffman no longer closing games at Petco Park, Tony Gwynn no longer donning the brown and gold, and the beloved Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield only a distant memory in San Diego; these moments remind us just how fleeting any one special moment in baseball can be. But the resiliency of Padres fans does not get lost in the shuffle; they rally around new memories weaved into the tapestry of baseball joy that they cling to.

In today’s Padres nation, the face of the franchise is Manny Machado, an All-Star young enough to represent the hope of the future. He is joined by veterans like Wil Myers, Eric Hosmer, and Ian Kinsler, powerful symbols of fortitude and determination to Padres fans. With a combination of youth and experience, the Padres’ aim is a winning culture of the present. So Padres fans, stay humble during the highs and lows, because time and change are the only inevitabilities in baseball.

4. “When Change Brings about a Mourning but Acceptance: Padres Fans Reflect on Nelson Cruz’s Departure

The devastating news of Nelson Cruz leaving the Padres is something that has stirred the heartfelt sentiments of Padres fans all over the MLB map. Now, right after his departure, some of those fans around San Diego are reflecting on these changes and how his contributions to the team have heavily impacted their sports experience.

The Positive Impact Cruz Had on the Team

  • His impressive batting powers brought some of the team’s most critical wins and significant victories.
  • He was an inspirational leader in the clubhouse that the team looked up to with great admiration.
  • His character and strong work ethic was something that was respected and admired around the league.

Cruz and the Padres had a real special bond and most fans felt that up to his last game. That’s why the news of his departure brought a heavy sense of sadness in the hearts of fans; they all knew that the team was never going to be the same without him.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

  • Despite the clear feeling of loss after Nelson Cruz leaving the team, Padres fans are looking towards the future with high hopes.
  • His influence and legacy will continue to inspire the Padres to play at the highest level.
  • The fan base is filled with optimism for the new changes that bring new players and opportunities to the roster.

Fans across San Diego are doing their best to accept the changes and remain passionate about their team. While the departure of Nelson Cruz was certainly heartbreaking, Padres fans are still rallying up in support of their team despite the changes.


Q: How do Padres fans feel about the team DFA’ing Nelson Cruz?

A: Padres fans are generally feeling sad for Cruz, but many also understand the decision. Most realize that Father Time eventually catches up with every player, and Cruz is certainly no exception. However, many also point out that Cruz was hardly one of the worst players on the team, so his departure will still be felt.

The Padres DFA’ing of Nelson Cruz left San Diego Padres fans with complex feelings. They recognize the fact that Father Time never loses, that eventually age will catch up with all great players. On the other hand, they do not begrudge their team’s decision, as Cruz hardly was one of the worst players on the team. The San Diego Padres will now march forward, with a mix of nostalgia and optimism, into a new season with new players, and heightened expectations.

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