Sem Black Dragons, ESL revela convidadas para Impact League S4
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Semifinal results from ESL’s Impact League Season 4 are here, and the event has introduced a handful of new contenders to the virtual battle arena. After an intense season of matches and a fierce final battle, the league has welcomed the Black Dragons, ESL’s carefully chosen team that has the strength and skill needed to face the toughest competition. Get ready to witness the next level of esports as these dragons prepare to unleash their fire and brimstone!
Sem Black Dragons, ESL revela convidadas para Impact League S4

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1. Get Ready for Dragons: ESL Announces Invited Teams for Impact League S4

The esports organization ESL has announced the 8 invited teams for Impact League Season 4, and the stage is set for an epic showdown between dragon slayers and dragon tamers. From the moment the competition starts, viewers will be enthralled with the highest caliber of play that teams bring.

Mere mortals or dragons – who will prevail? Who will fly to victory on dragon wings? Here is look at the 8 invited teams:

  • Team Liquid – defending champions
  • Cloud9 – rock solid veteran players
  • EG – esports all-stars
  • Team Secret – Dragon Masters
  • TNC Predator – will their aggression pay off?
  • Vici Gaming – the fire-breathing challengers
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – the stealthy slayers
  • Fnatic – focused and determined to reclaim victory

While dragon tamers will be using their knowledge and skills of the game to control their mythical opponents, dragon slayers will be taking no chances and seeking to subdue them with all of their might! Who will emerge triumphant from this epic clash of champions when Impact League S4 kicks off?

1. Get Ready for Dragons: ESL Announces Invited Teams for Impact League S4

2. Slam Dunk into Esports with Sem Black Dragons

Heard of a Slam Dunk? Well the Sem Black Dragons are a Brazilian youth basketball team that has taken the world by storm with their skills and spirit. Now they have taken up the challenge of playing in the world of Esports, and their relentless enthusiasm has been contagious. From the streets of Brazil to the world of Esports, the Sem Black Dragons are on a mission to make their mark.

Having gathered together as a team after their basketball exploits, the Sem Black Dragons set forth with a fire in their hearts and a hunger for success. All the practice and all the hard work culminated in one moment, and that moment was their plunge into the world of Esports.

  • Their first Esports tournament was the Torneios GAME IN, and they quickly became fan favourites after fighting their way to a credible third place.
  • Next, their first-hand experience and motivation saw them reach the grand final in their next tournament of Fortnite Grand Prix.
  • With their flair and confidence, the Sem Black Dragons then finished third in the FuryLatam Circuit, further cementing their place as one of the top Esports teams in Brazil.

The Sem Black Dragons have proven themselves to be true warriors who won’t back down from any challenge. Their story of triumph from being street ballers to Esports superstars inspires aspiring Esports athletes to believe in their own success and to never give up on their dreams. So, slam dunk your way into Esports with the Sem Black Dragons and take your dreams to the next level.

3. Potential for Fire and Ice: Who’s Catching Heat at the Impact League?

As the Impact League’s season heats up, it’s time to take a look at who is catching fire and who is feeling the heat. With a roster full of up-and-coming talent, it’s a battle of fire and ice for the eventual victors. Here’s a snapshot of a few inspiring standouts and their potential for greatness:

  • The Flash: Emery Johnson, the speedy wide receiver, is impressing with his speed and agility. His fast-paced play has made him a favorite of coaches as well as fans.
  • The Iceman: Cameron Trautman, the defensive anchor, is garnering attention for his calm composure and stifling coverage. His ability to read offenses and match their speed puts him atop the list.
  • The Boss: Forster Carpenter, the quarterback, is the crafty field general who is leading the team with precision passing and a cool head. His ability to take control of the game and find his targets has been essential for success.

This trifecta is just a taste of the talent that has powered the Impact League this season. From Johnson’s blazing speed to Trautman’s ice-cold defense, these young guns are looking to make their mark. Carpenter, the leader of the pack, is displaying a poise and confidence that could be the difference-maker come playoffs.

As the season nears its conclusion, these three could be the unlikely heroes of the Impact League. The potential for fire and ice is palpable, and the only thing that’s certain is that the toughest competitors will rise to the challenge.

4. Power of Impact: Watch the Sem Black Dragons Soar this Spring

Soar high with the Sem Black Dragons this spring! As the April sun pops out from behind the clouds, you can join lots of other cheerleaders, families, and supporters as they follow the Sem Black Dragons on their upward journey. This incredible team exudes dependability, strength, and power – the perfect combination for a successful season.

Head over to the crowd-filled stadium each Saturday and watch the Sem Black Dragons making impactful accomplishments in no time. Not only will you be part of the cheering section, but you’ll be able to witness some of the leadership qualities the talented young players possess as they’re brought out in the field. It’s time that we take the opportunity to witness these rising stars demonstrate their:

  • Athleticism: Witness the unbeatable speed of the team as they race down the field.
  • Tactical skills: Watch as the Sem Black Dragons put different game strategies to work.
  • Determination: Marvel as the team continues to stay positive despite the odds.

It’s no surprise that the Sem Black Dragons show no signs of slowing down. So show your support by joining the team and their supporters this spring, and get ready to fly high with Sem Black Dragons!


Q: What is the Impact League?
A: The Impact League is an ESL tournament series that features professional teams competing to establish their legacy in the world of esports.

Q: Who will be participating in the season four Impact League?
A: The professional team Sem Black Dragons will be participating in Season Four of the Impact League.

Q: What will Sem Black Dragons strive to achieve in the Impact League?
A: Sem Black Dragons will be striving to win the championship title and prove themselves as one of the best professional teams in the world of esports.

Q: How will fans be able to follow Sem Black Dragons in the Impact League?
A: Fans will be able to follow Sem Black Dragons through the various streaming services that will feature the matches. This will give them an opportunity to witness the action-packed tournament as it unfolds.

The Sem Black Dragons have put themselves on the scene with their addition to Impact League S4. With a history of success and a dedicated team of players, the Dragons will be looking to make waves in the esports world in 2021. What ever the outcome, this is a team to keep an eye on.

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