Seth Rollins says he “would love” to face 38-year-old WWE star for the World Heavyweight title
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As a wrestler, Seth Rollins has shown himself to be unstoppable. His titles include the Raw Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and of course the longest reigning Universal Champion in the history of the WWE, which he won at Wrestlemania 35. But now, Rollins has set his sights on something even bigger—the WWE World Heavyweight championship. And it looks like he’ll be doing it against a familiar face—the 38-year-old WWE star, who Rollins recently said he “would love” to tangle with in the ring. It’s a match that could determine wrestling history. Who will come out on top in this clash of the titans? Only time will tell.
Seth Rollins says he

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1. Seth Rollins on Facing 38-Year-Old WWE Star for WH Title

The upcoming Smackdown Pay-Per-View will feature a match that will have everyone on their feet – a matchup between Seth Rollins and the WWE Hall of Famer, Edge! Rollins, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, will be defending his prestigious title in a match against the 38-year-old Edge.

Rollins is no stranger to the ring, having held the championship before. He is not afraid of a challenge and, in fact, looks forward to it. He is well aware that Edge is an experienced and respected athlete in the world of wrestling, and is in top form for a veteran of his age. Still, Rollins is confident that he has what it takes to walk away with the title.

The match promises to be an exciting one, with high-stakes and high-intensity action from start to finish. Both wrestlers are determined to give it their all in order to make history, and add another remarkable accomplishment to their careers. Fans can expect a mixture of strategy, power, and endurance from both competitors.

1. Seth Rollins on Facing 38-Year-Old WWE Star for WH Title

2. Seth Rollins’ Passionate Push for Championship Opportunity

WWE superstar Seth Rollins has been sending a very strong message lately that he is looking to be next in line for championship opportunities. After an incredible royal rumble performance, and a display of never-say-die determination, Rollins was able to outlast multiple opponents and gain the upper hand, setting the stage for more championship opportunities.

The passionate wrestler has been vocal about his desire to add more titles to his collection. He recently tweeted, “A champion never rests, and I’m out to prove that I’m the one that deserves the championship shots.” The statement speaks volumes for how seriously Rollins takes his craft, and how hard he is willing to work for what he believes he deserves.

An incredible performer in-ring, Ripple has always had the passion. This was demonstrated in an emotional post-match speech, with Rollins thanking his friends and family. He went on to say, “If I’m not the most passionate wrestler on this roster, then I don’t know who is.” Without a doubt, Rollins’ appreciation and belief that he can take things to the next level is inspiring and can only lead to more neck-and-neck battles for championship opportunities.

3. Could Seth Rollins Challenge a Veteran Wrestler for the Top Belt?

Seth Rollins is no stranger to the wrestling ring, as he has won multiple championships across several federations. His latest accomplishment was clinching the WWE Universal Championship. Many fans are wondering if the star wrestler could go one step further and challenge an established veteran wrestler for the top belt.

  • Seth Rollins is highly skilled in the ring
  • He has a great track record of championships
  • He is yet to challenge a veteran wrestler for the top belt

So could Seth Rollins take on a veteran wrestler for the top belt? Absolutely. Rollins has the skill and experience to do it. He’s a veteran himself, after all. The bigger challenge for him might be finding the right veteran wrestler to take on. The veteran must have the right balance of experience and fighting spirit to put up a good fight.

That said, the wrestling world eagerly awaits Rollins’ next move. Will he challenge a veteran wrestler for the top belt? We’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure though, if Rollins does decide to go for it, it’s sure to be one great match!

4. The Possible Collision of Seth Rollins and a WWE Consummate Pro

As Seth Rollins continues to grow and rise in the WWE ladder, the possibility of a collision with a consummate pro is becoming more likely. Even though Rollins has made his mark on the WWE world, there is still a steep ladder to climb to reach the WWE mountaintop. It is here that a confrontation with a consummate pro could take place.

Consummate pros are wrestlers who have been in the WWE world for a long time and have built a significant following. Their experience has gone years and their vast knowledge of the sport is unmatched. Rollins will have to be prepared to fight the likes of veteran superstars such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Triple H when he reaches the top.

As a result, Rollins has been actively preparing for battles with the superstars of the WWE. He has honed his technique and studied his opponents to create an advantage. His improvements have made him a formidable presence in the WWE and have allowed him to climb the ladder much faster than many of his contemporaries.

His future success lies in his ability to compete against the superstars of the WWE and win. With his passion and drive to succeed, Seth Rollins has all the tools he needs to take on and defeat a consummate pro. Even with the immense challenge that awaits, Rollins is prepared to make his mark on the WWE world and cement his place in history.


Q: Why did Seth Rollins say he “would love” to face a 38-year-old WWE star for the World Heavyweight title?

A: Seth Rollins is an ambitious athlete who seeks to challenge himself and push the boundaries of his own performance. He believes that taking on a 38-year-old superstar for the World Heavyweight title would be a formidable test and would help him grow as a wrestler and competitor.

The potential matchup between Seth Rollins and 38-year-old WWE star for the World Heavyweight title has left the wrestling world buzzing. Fans can only hope that a dream match between two of the biggest names in the sport will come to fruition, so stay tuned for more details. With such a tantalizing and historic potential matchup on the cards, it’s clear that the stakes are high and the only way to find out how this story ends is to watch it unfold.

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