Shah Rukh Khan Gives Perfect Reply To Fan Who Asks ‘Cigarette Pine Chaloge Kya?’
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Shah Rukh Khan, India’s beloved movie star, is known for his witty comebacks and laughter-filled interviews. Recently, a fan asked him a question via Twitter that could have left him speechless: “Cigarette Pine Chaloge Kya?” (Will you smoke a cigarette?). To the surprise of many, SRK responded with a perfect reply that has left his fans smiling with admiration. Read on to find out what Shah Rukh Khan said in response to this unusual fan query!
Shah Rukh Khan Gives Perfect Reply To Fan Who Asks ‘Cigarette Pine Chaloge Kya?’

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1. “King of Bollywood’s Epic Response to Inquisitive Fan”

Shah Rukh Khan, India’s legendary King of Bollywood, recently took some time to address an inquisitive fan.

The fan had an array of questions about the actor’s career. However, Khan’s answer was short and sweet: “Life is to be lived not explained.” This response encapsulated the actor’s entire career as a perfectionist playboy-actor.

The answer signifies new-age approach towards celebrities. When asked to explain about his life, Khan instead chose to portray it not through words, but rather through his actions. By explaining his answer the way he did, Khan set himself apart from the rest of the movie fraternity and made himself accessible to a wider audience.

Khan’s answer was well-received by many and encapsulated what a number of his fans feel about him. Living his life in a manner where he doesn’t need to justify himself to anyone, Shah Rukh Khan continues to inspire his fans with his success and strive to be the best.

In addition to being a successful, popular, and influential actor, Khan’s most powerful message is that life should be lived with no explanation needed. This is something that all of Khan’s fans have taken to heart.

2. “Shah Rukh Khan’s Perfect Comeback to an Uttered Query”

Shah Rukh Khan has been a tremendous presence in the Indian film industry for decades. His incredible wit, charm, and intelligence have made him one of the biggest superstars on the planet. His perfect moment of comebacks, whenever provoked by anyone fills the room with humour and laughter.

1. The Legendary Timing
Shah Rukh Khan is known for his sharp wit and perfect timing when it comes to responding to any sort of taunts or questions. He can instantly think of the appropriate comeback and finds exactly the right words to light up the room. For instance, at a recent event when an interviewer asked him why his movies didn’t do well in a certain year, SRK took a few seconds to analyse the situation and then replied, “If I don’t make good movies in a good year, then I can’t make good movies in bad years!”.

2. The Humble Retort
Another excellent example of Shah Rukh Khan’s perfect comebacks is when a journalist inquired about the film industry’s protocol for not allowing any new talent to break into it. Khan took a few moments to ponder and then gracefully replied, “We don’t stop new talent from entering the film industry, rather we appreciate and accept it if you have it”. This answer was met with thunderous applause.

3. Puzzling Queries
Shah Rukh Khan has a knack for responding to seemingly puzzling queries with wit and charm. For instance, when he was asked how he would introduce himself if he was a stranger, he humbly replied, “A stranger, you could call me just a normal, kind hearted man”.

Shah Rukh Khan’s repertoire of words and comebacks is always filled with humorous and clever one-liners. His perfect way of addressing any sort of query with grace and wisdom is unparalleled in Indian cinema. He continues to amaze us all with his spot-on replies to any sort of queries or provocations.

3. “SRK’s Divertive Reply to an Unconventional Question”

When recently asked an unconventional question at an event, Shah Rukh Khan, also popularly known as King Khan, delivered a witty and humorous reply.

An attendee at the event asked the star why he should become a fan of the actor and not his competition. In his trademark style, SRK gave the following response:

  • The first reason, according to him, was that he was really visible; people could hear his voice everywhere and that made it easier for them to have an opinion about him.
  • The second reason also had to do with his being visible; his style of work and speech was quite unique and could never be confused with anyone else.
  • The third reason seemed to be the tongue-in-cheek comment that others needed to do their own promotion and ‘spread their wings a little.’

The response from the audience that was initially enthralled by the unconventional question was immediate; a loud round of applause as they enjoyed the actors stellar come back.

4. “The Bright Side of Smoking: As Per SRK

Smoking cigarettes has long been associated with bad health and hazardous lifestyle choices. But did you know that there may be some unexpected benefits of smoking as endorsed by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan?

1. Stress Relief:
Despite being called bad, SRK swears by the fact that smoking helps him clear his mind and take a break from his chaotic and stressful life. For some, it may be a substitute for therapies and medication to control stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Lower Risk of Diabetes:
SRK also insists that smoking reduces the risk of diabetes in people. A recent research revealed that smokers are 41% less likely than non-smokers to develop type II diabetes. Though it does not prove that smoking necessarily prevents or causes diabetes, the results strongly indicate that smoking may not as bad as previously believed.

3. Improved Concentration Levels:
SRK further claims that smoking improves his concentration levels by providing a calming sound and nicotine that may help him focus better. Nicotine can also increase attention span and assist in learning and memory tasks.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that none of these benefits can replace the harm caused by smoking. The opinion of SRK should not be a license for people to take up smoking even if it offers some health advantages.


Q1. What did Shah Rukh Khan say when a fan asked him whether he smoked cigarettes?

A1. Shah Rukh Khan gave a perfect reply to the fan’s question, stating that, “No I don’t smoke cigarettes. The devil is a bad companion.”

Q2. Did Shah Rukh Khan’s response spark a discussion among his fans?

A2. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan’s response received a lot of attention and appreciation from his fans. They applauded his reply and deemed it a strong message against smoking not only for the fan but for the entire country.

Q3. What other opinion(s) or discussion/s has this reply sparked?

A3. Shah Rukh Khan’s reply was also praised by many social media users for conveying a strong message against smoking. The discussion also moved beyond cigarettes and focused on health and wellness in general. Many fans were inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s words and advocated for healthier lifestyles.

With his classic wit and charm, Shah Rukh Khan once again showed us the power of perfectly chosen words that can work wonders in sending a great message. His response to this particular fan proves just that. If nothing else, we’re sure this friendly advice has made a lasting impression on all those listening.

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