“Smells like AI to me”: Natti Natasha viral audio photo controversy explained as singer deletes all Instagram posts 
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When Natti Natasha’s edgy audio photo recently stirred up a heated controversy, it prompted many to ask the same questions: What exactly is going on? What does the audio photo mean? In an effort to clear the air and explain the sudden uproar surrounding the singer, we investigate the “Smells like AI to me” controversy that recently became a viral sensation throughout the internet.

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1. Unpacking the “Smells like AI” Controversy: Natti Natasha at Center

The “Smells like AI” controversy has taken Latin America by storm. Spearheaded by Dominican singer Natti Natasha, the issue has become the mark of a heated discussion between opposing views of a decidedly futuristic-leaning music genre.

The controversy hinges on a cloud of questions: Is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music production just another shortcut, a modern tool or something else? Does it make unnatural music and inevitably diminish its artistic value? Or is it just a natural evolution towards a world where computers are only used to enhance the experience?

  • For some, artificial intelligence has no role in creating music and the power of AI is only used to emulate or replicate real-life instruments, not to replace them. Artists should take responsibility for their own creations and create music within the traditional confines of production.
  • On the other hand, others believe AI has a part to play in art. They maintain that this new technology helps to create music in ways previously considered impossible, laying the foundation for a genuinely unique genre of music.

It is up to the rest of the world to decide which opinion is correct. Although one might lean in favor of one view or the other, it is ultimately a truth that will only unfold in the future. Ultimately, Natti Natasha’s voice is the one that can contribute to ending this controversy for good.

1. Unpacking the

2. The Details behind the Viral Audio Photo of Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha is One of the Most Followed Urban Latin Singers

Natti Natasha is one of the most renowned urban Latin singers, having landed world-wide recognition with her hit singles ‘Dutty Love,’ ‘Criminal’, and ‘Sin Pijama.’ Her creative expression is a reflection of her own experiences and her home country of The Dominican Republic.

Viral Image Accompanies Her Release of New Single ‘Pa’ Mala Yo’

The popularity of Natti Natasha skyrocketed with the release of her new single ‘Pa’ Mala Yo.’ The song was accompanied by a viral audio photo of Natti Natasha, appearing in an almost dream-like environment of vibrant green vegetation and the beautiful blue sky.

Designing an Artistic and Meaningful Image

The team behind the image wanted to create something that represented both the feeling of the song and the life of Natti Natasha. To do that, they used photo and video editing to integrate Natti Natasha with the background, as well as making sure the colors of the image amplified what the song was trying to express. Combining a message of strength and self-love, the viral photo was able to capture the attention of many of Natti Natasha’s fans.
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3. Netizens Confused Following Natti Natasha’s Instagram Post Delete

Over the weekend, Netizens were left confused when Dominican singer and songwriter Natti Natasha deleted an Instagram post without explanation.

It was a photo of Natti standing in a pool of water with the caption “Que te Baile el Agua…” She included the hashtags “crazy weekend” and “in love with life” to give a few clues regarding her emotions in the photo.

The masses immediately responded, creating a wave of speculation as to why the post was deleted. Was she playing a secret game? Did she offend her fans with the caption? Was there a hidden message in the post? But what was even more puzzling was that her other posts remained, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact issue.

  • Netizens disagreed on their interpretations
  • Massive speculation regarding the meaning of the post
  • Questions arose as to why some posts remain

Of course, Netizens had their theories. Some speculated it was related to the Dominican Republic’s congressional election taking place in 2020, but the majority of people ultimately had no real answers.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances in scope, so too does the landscape of potential controversies related to its use. From privacy concerns to its potential to replace human labor, a multitude of questions must be considered and addressed not just from the perspective of those who would benefit from its use but also that of those affected by it.

In the interests of fairness, potential biases or ethical considerations also must be closely examined. For instance, AI has the potential to perpetuate gender or racial biases if taught using underlying frameworks that contain deeply ingrained cultural ideas. Therefore, it is important to investigate the nuances in the ways AI can be applied and ensure that its use never serves to intentionally or inadvertently discriminate.

At the same time, concerns about the security of data should be a priority and procedures put in place to ensure that privacy and intellectual property rights are respected. In addition, governments should work with industry experts to formulate regulations, introduce certifications and data audits to provide additional protection for users, and guarantee accountability.


Q: What happened in the “Smells like AI to me” controversy?

A: Back in May 2021, famed singer Natti Natasha sparked a viral online debate when she posted an audio photo of herself humming on her Instagram. Many people accused her of using artificial intelligence to create the musical sound, prompting Natti Natasha to delete all her posts from Instagram. The incident sparked a lot of debate online as to whether the audio photo was real or created with AI.

Q: What were people’s reactions to the controversy?

A: People were split down the middle. Some of her fans stood by her and praised her for her creativity, while other people ridiculed her for allegedly using technology to create art instead of doing it herself. It reignited an old debate about where to draw the line between human and machine-made art.

Q: Why did Natti Natasha delete all her posts from Instagram?

A: Initially, Natti Natasha tried to defend herself against the accusations by stating that the audio photo was recorded live with the help of her producer. However, when the controversy intensified, she deleted all her posts from Instagram in an attempt to distance herself from the drama.


The discussion over Natti Natasha’s viral audio-photo has come to an end with the artist deleting all her Instagram posts. While it’s hard to know for certain, her mysterious posting behavior makes one think that she may have been taken aback by the public’s reaction. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that this incident won’t soon be forgotten. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be conscious of the implications and potential consequences of social media posts, regardless of how innocent they might seem.

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