SMITE ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7: Full Patch Notes Listed
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Smite had sirens blaring to announce the long-awaited release of ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7. Players can now experience a more thrilling and immersive gaming experience with the addition of new characters, game modes, and improvements. Read on to find out the full patch notes for this special update. All it takes is one voyage and you will be captivated by its alluring appeal.
SMITE ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7: Full Patch Notes Listed

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1. Reap Your Rewards with SMITE’s “The Ferryman” Update

SMITE’s new update offering with the release of The Ferryman is one of its greatest features of the moment. The Ferryman is the result of a patch to the SMITE game which includes new avatars, rewards, and more! Here’s what The Ferryman has to offer:

  • Awesome new avatar skins enhanced with vibrant and stylish colors
  • New emotes to customize your chat room
  • Unique voice packs for your in-game character
  • Brand new loot cases offering a myriad of goodies that will blow you away

If you’re looking to take your SMITE game a step further then The Ferryman update has got you covered. As a reward for reinforcing your commitment to your game, simply sign in and you’ll be gifted with exclusive packs which guarantee you top-tier rewards.

Whether you’ve been a SMITE veteran or are looking to be introduced to the game, The Ferryman update adds a level of vibrancy and customization which will blow you away. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, then dive into the rewards that The Ferryman offers.

1. Reap Your Rewards with SMITE's

2. Cruising Towards Legendary Loot in Patch 10.7

Patch 10.7 has brought to the game super-jacked loot that will send you sailing towards legendary rewards! Now, it’s simpler and easier than ever to unlock some of the most coveted booty in the game.

First things first, you’ll need to launch the patch for it to work its magic. Once you’ve done that, you can start reaping the irrefutable benefits. Here’s what the patch has in store:

  • Jitters: Receive instant rewards as soon as you launch the patch. Now, you can get an unbeatable loot drop in just a few minutes!
  • Atom Drops: Collect more atom drops that give you access to bigger loot rewards for all your endeavours! Unlock better items in no time!
  • Lower Prices: Enjoy improved prices and offers on a wide variety of items, from powerful weapons to hardy armour.

Patch 10.7’s legendary loot is just a few short steps away. Follow the directions and you’ll be tripping in no time on your way to legendary rewards.

3. Farewell to the Old, Welcome the New

As we turn over a new page in the story of our careers and lives, it is time to bid adieu to the past and its memories and welcome the future with an open yet cautious heart. But how does one part with the old while embracing a new era?

  • Acknowledge the past: Recognize the achievements of your past self, reaching this milestone of starting something new. Remember that your unique experience can help you in the future and guide you. Celebrate the pivotal accomplishments you made that have shaped you and that will come in handy for future endeavours.
  • Let go of what didn’t work: Acknowledge the regrets and setbacks which teach us that sometimes not everything goes according to plan. Consider if there are any learnings from your past that can inform your present and lift you up for the future.
  • Empower yourself: Trust in your abilities and that the future has something remarkable to offer. Challenge yourself to take risks and remain open to new experiences. Acknowledge that change isn’t always easy, but don’t underestimate yourself – what matters is the effort that you are putting in.

As the winds of change are blowing, it can be difficult to know what comes next. But know that you are not alone in this journey – take the time to find a community of people who understand your journey and can lend a helping hand in times of need. Above all, be proud of yourself for tackling this transition and have confidence that you will come out on the other side — a better version of you.

4. Detailed Descriptions of SMITE’s “The Ferryman” Update 10.7

One of the recent updates, The Ferryman, is set to totally overhaul the way SMITE is played. Not only does it bring with it a vast range of new ways to experience the game, but it also introduces several unique features that are sure to take the experience to the next level. Let’s dive in and take a look at what The Ferryman has to offer:

For starters, the Habilis, a disruptive and persistent opponent, will be joining the roster. This pirate is sure to take SMITE gaming to a new level due to their ability to teleport and unleash powerful skills. The Habilis can be found in multiple parts of the game, coming in 3 separate difficulty categories that suit the level of the player.

The Thorn has also been introduced as a new lane minion. They will be used to taunt and harass other players, adding further diversity to the game. Additionally, treasure chests have been scattered throughout the game. They come in three different varieties, each containing its own set of rewards. Lastly, there have been several changes to characters, in particular gods and items, allowing for more creative and exciting strategies.


Q: What is the new SMITE ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7?
A: SMITE ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7 is a major update to the game, which includes a new god — The Ferryman — alongside major changes in gameplay, character roles, artistic features, and game stability.

Q: What changes to the gameplay does this update bring?
A: This update brings significant changes to the gameplay, such as balance changes on Conquest, Arena, and Adventure mode. Character roles have also been changed, introducing “solo laners” who can play more independently, and “support mages” who specialize in healing and crowd control.

Q: What new art features does this update bring?
A: SMITE ‘The Ferryman’ Update 10.7 brings new map features, such as the Forsaken River and the temples of Olympus, as well as the long awaited Visual Upgrade to all characters. There are also new animations for divine creatures, abilities, and rewards.

Q: How will this update improve the game’s stability?
A: This update includes fixes to gameplay bugs, such as “monster exodus” and “Magma Trident” recipes, and will also improve the overall stability and performance of the game. As an added bonus, the patch will also reduce the download size of SMITE.

SMITE’s new “The Ferryman” update comes with an abundance of exciting new enhancements. With this latest update, SMITE’s gaming platform is rapidly improving and opening up improved quests and missions. Whether you are a seasoned SMITE veteran or just discovering the online game, this update provides an enjoyable experience for players of all levels. As always, happy gaming and may the gods of SMITE be ever in your favor.

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