‘SNL’ cast can’t keep it together during a sketch where Ego Nwodim battles her steak dinner
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When it comes to award-winning comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live, audiences have come to expect the unexpected. And the recent sketch starring Ego Nwodim – where she faced off against a stubborn steak dinner – turned out to be no exception. With its trademark blend of mayhem, high-energy performances, and wry wit, the ensuing chaos had viewers in stitches. But what had the cast – and the production crew – up to?
'SNL' cast can't keep it together during a sketch where Ego Nwodim battles her steak dinner

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1. Ego Nwodim Takes on Her Steak Dinner in “SNL” Skit

Saturday Night Live cast member Ego Nwodim took on a steak dinner in her latest hilarious skit. In the skit, Ego’s character finds herself in a posh steak restaurant and is determined to take time to savor the many dishes that come her way. The waiter, played by Pete Davidson, starts to serve her up the classic steak dinner plate and she quickly chooses to take her time.

One by one, Ego pulls out all of the details of the meal, explaining in detail why the steak deserves the fanaticism she’s bringing to the dish. She breaks it down by remarking on everything from the juicy texture, the buttery flavor, and the mash-up of spices that are included. Each piece of the plate draws out much of her enthusiasm, leaving everyone in the sketch mesmerized.

Still, as one of the few people of color included in the skit, Ego has an even more revolutionary view of the dinner than simply downing it as another meal. To her, it’s more than just a savory dinner, but an embodiment of the traditions, culture and background from which she came. And, as a sign of her appreciation for the craftsmanship and skill to make a seemingly technically simple dish, she decides to clap for the meal.

1. Ego Nwodim Takes on Her Steak Dinner in

2. Cast Struggles to Keep Straight Faces During Hilarious Scene

The hilarious scene unfolding before the cast of the latest comedy hit was like a kind of torture. While there was no denying how funny the dialogue was, it was torturous for the cast to try and keep from bursting into laughter before the director yelled cut. As the scene went on, more and more actors were finding it difficult to keep a straight face.

It was like an intense battle of wills among the cast. Some managed to prevail and maintain their composure through sheer force of will. Others not so much, as when their eyes fell upon a fellow actor’s face as they cracked into laughter, they too were unable to fight level of hilarity.

Towards the end of the scene, the entire cast began outright guffawing, unable to fight off the laughter that was bubbling up inside them. Even the strictest members of the cast were unable to hold back anymore. The director gave an exasperated sigh, but couldn’t help but laugh along with the rest of them.

3. Nwodim Hilariously Battles Her Meat-Filled Meal

Funnywoman Ego Nwodim had a tough stint working on her delicious but meat-filled dinner. The Saturday Night Live star went into battle as she decided to make a meal that was a bit more filling than anticipated.

After prepping the lengthy grocery list, Nwodim got to work in the kitchen. She cooked up a mix of her favorite foods but the task ahead turned out to be a bit more daunting than initially thought. She expertly stirred, diced, and seasoned her meal only to realize that the giant serving of meat was far too much.

Once plated, Nwodim hilariously found herself in an epic battle of wills with her dinner. In a series of Instagram stories, she jokingly flipped her plate over to reveal the massive hunk of meat. In one post she wrote, “I’m just out here tryin”, followed by a gif of her heroically taking a bite from the huge piece.

  • Nwodim faced a challenging meal to tackle.
  • She prepped the ingredients and found the serving too big.
  • Nwodim hilariously shared her plight on Instagram.

4. Audience Gathers in Stitches as Skit Progresses

The audience was absolutely enthralled with the skit in progress. Funny quips were being tossed around as the actors danced around the stage, everyone withtheir eyes fixated on the show they were witnessing.

Suddenly, the comic relief hit an all-time high as a pratfall was performed. Loud laughter and cheers erupted from the crowd, as everyone was in stitches.

The skit continued to develop with each actor contributing their unique style of comedic timing, until finally the crew presented the climactic scene of the night. Applause roared as the credits rolled in, everyone in the audience feeling incredibly satisfied with what they just saw.

  • Funny quips were exchanged
  • Pratfall produced a loud laughter
  • Unique comedic timing contributed to success


Q: What happened during the sketch on “SNL” featuring Ego Nwodim?
A: The sketch highlighted Ego Nwodim’s battle against her steak dinner. As she struggled to consume her meal, the other “SNL” cast members couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Q: How was the sketch received?
A: It was clear the audience loved it. The hysterical reactions shown by the other cast members added to the humor, making the sketch even funnier for viewers.

Q: What made the sketch so funny?
A: The sketch was comical as Ego Nwodim consistently challenged her steak dinner in unique and interesting ways. Additionally, her delivery was on point and hilarious which made it worth watching.


With a spectacularly hilarious guest appearance by Ego Nwodim, this classic “SNL” sketch was a light-hearted reminder that laughter and joy can come even in the most unexpected and unpredictable of scenarios. As always, the “SNL” cast delivers us nothing but side-splitting hilarity, keeping us engaged and in stitches. It’s a moment we can all remember and look back on, still laughing even days later.

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