Some moments from history are almost too funny to be true. People shared their favorites.
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Take a journey through history with us and discover some of the funniest moments you ever heard of! Even though not all of these episodes were intentional, they will make you chuckle. Prepare to fall down laughing as we review some of the most offbeat moments from the annals of time. Here is our collection of the funniest moments from history that you won’t believe actually happened!
Some moments from history are almost too funny to be true. People shared their favorites.

Table of Contents

1. Funny History: Tales From the Past

Humorous Historical Events

Have you heard of the case of Robert Treat Paine, a Massachusetts minister in the 1700s? In a state of inebriation, he got lost and was found sleeping in a pigpen by his parishioners. Another humorous event occurred in 1443 when a lightning bolt struck the tailor’s workshop near Florence, Italy, and turned colorful bolts of fabric into a giant jester’s costume. The townspeople celebrated by having a jester parade.

In the year 1656, Londoners were mystified by the “visionary dog of Great Queen Street” who pranced around with a premonition of a coming plague. There are countless tales of humorous historical events such as the Swedish government’s failed attempt to add an extra hour to the day by rolling back the hands of all the clocks in 1712 and the incident of a 900-pound whale taking a short swim through the city of Boston in 1849.

From some lofty festivals of old to jaunty episodes on the battlefields of Europe, humorous historical events have been around for centuries. Here are a few more tales that will leave you in splits:

  • In 1775, the British soldiers were surprised by the stench of the cheap tobacco used by America’s Revolutionary War Minutemen
  • During the reign of Emperor Maximillian in 1562, there was a mischievous proclamation that all public fountains be filled with beer
  • In 17th-century Ghana, a magical adept was banished from the royal court after he ran after a monarch with a broom to demonstrate his supernatural powers.

1. Funny History: Tales From the Past

2. See What Laughs Historical Moments Have Brought

History can be a great resource for finding some laughs, as there are plenty of events and moments which can give us a moment of respite in life.

Let us explore some of these ‘laughs historical moments’ that have left us smiling!

  • Queen Elizabeth I’s pet monkey getting arrested for robbery. This event sent waves of laughter through the Royal Court. The Queen quickly had the monkey released, and it is said that she was still laughing weeks later.
  • The Great Molasses Flood of 1919. The sticky mess caused by a broken molasses tank created a sticky disaster in the streets of Boston. Everyone made sure to stay away from the area for fear of getting stuck, and this strange event has provided many laughs and smiles since then.
  • The Great Moon Hoax of 1835. This infamous hoax involving the supposed discovery of life on the moon spread like wildfire across Europe. By the time the hoax was finally debunked, the news had already spread far and wide resulting in a wave of laughter in response to the total enormity of the scam.

These laughs historical moments have helped people appreciate the absurd comedy that can be found in the world around us, and shows that despite the long advances in history, human nature is still the same.

3. Join Us in Sobbing at These Sidesplitting Accounts

Sometimes you come across something so funny, you can’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. These amazing accounts bring that feeling one step further, because they are downright hilarious. From wacky memes to unexpected relatable tweets, let’s take a look at these incredibly funny accounts:

  • @j_mayhew – Taking living an everyday life to the next level. Follow them for a good laugh.
  • @mashupbase – The latest trends in music mashed up and combined to perfection. Both hilarious and impressive!
  • @cheese_all_over – Just as the name implies, a chance to be awestruck by ridiculous cheesy captions that make you wish you’d thought of them first.

If you’re looking for an amazing mix of good vibes, great puns, and other hilarity – these accounts should be more than enough to keep you entertained and send you into uncontrollable laughter at the same time. Follow these away and you’ll find yourself eager for the next funny tweet.

4. How Can These Moments in History Be So Irresistible?

It would be hard to deny the powerful draw we humans feel when exposed to moments in history that feel ancient or beloved. We can’t help but to remain captivated for hours, days, and sometimes lifetimes, spending moments that feel like hours as we admire the past from a distance. But what is it that makes these moments so irresistible?

Perhaps it’s the stories, the ancient tales and romantic legends that have been passed down for generations, giving these moments a sense of timelessness. As we hear how a small village housed a great hero or a small nation launched powerful revolutions, we can’t help but to be thankful for being part of a much larger story. Our hunger to know our yesteryears and appreciate just how far our predecessors have come is a major factor in why these moments are so captivating.

Besides the impressive tales, the design of these moments are often impossible to resist. From grand palaces to picturesque waterfronts, a moment in history often comes with incredible structures and awe-inspiring landscapes. We are mesmerized by the intricacies, the colors, the artwork, and the general beauty of these places, and often feel transported right to them, imagining what it must have been like to live there.


Q: What is the purpose of this article?
A: This article discusses how some moments from history can be humorous and shared how people shared their favorite funny moments from the past.

Q: What is an example of a funny moment in history?
A: One example of a funny moment from the past is Napoleon Bonaparte’s attempt to practice fishing to show his power. He wanted to demonstrate his authority by catching the most fish in the fastest time. Unfortunately, his failed attempt became a light-hearted joke for many.

Q: Where can I find more funny moments from history?
A: To find more funny moments from history, we recommend looking through sources such as magazines, books, and websites. Additionally, you can talk to historians and history enthusiasts who can share their knowledge of humorous moments from the past.

Who knows how many other unknown moments from the past are waiting to be discovered and bring some cheer and good humor back to our lives? History is full of unexpected surprises, that if we take the time to appreciate them, can make us smile and enjoy our time here on Earth.

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