Stamp Fairtex breaks down ‘game of wits’ between Superlek and Tagir Khalilov
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Stamp Fairtex gets her name from the stamp her mother placed in her passport, a wish for a bright and shining future. Now a world champion Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA fighter, she has proven to be a game-changer in the fighting world. Recently, Stamp Fairtex faced an intriguing challenge, breaking down the fascinating “game of wits” between Superlek and Tagir Khalilov at ONE championships. In this article, we will explore Stamp Fairtex’s unique insights and approach.
Stamp Fairtex breaks down ‘game of wits’ between Superlek and Tagir Khalilov

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1) How Stamp Fairtex’s Quick Thinking Won the Day

Stamp Fairtex is no stranger to daring moves. In a nail-biting match with her opponent, Stamp’s quick thinking emerged and saw her out the victor. Here, we’ll explore the three key moments when her resourceful thinking won the day.

1)Tactical Reversal of Fortune It all began when Pallomah took control of the bout and had the undefeated Champ on the back foot. Stamp herself stated that she had ‘no idea’ what to do, knowing that one wrong move at this crucial juncture could end the fight. Opting for a risky manoeuvre, she spun around to counter-attack the attack, only to be sent tumbling to the mat. Rather than succumb to defeat, Stamp sprang back up and used her smarts to turn the tables back in her favor.

2) Unflinching Resolve With the tide now beginning to turn, Stamp’s infectious energy helped her to power through the physical sparring. Every time Pallomah would seem to get the upper hand with one of her strikes, Stamp’s resilient attitude would come through to remain firmly in the driving seat. In the end, it was her unrelenting conviction that pushed her past the finishing post, solidifying her status as the undisputed champion.

3) Calculated Risk With the fight’s heat rising, both fighters trading heavy shots, Stamp seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Taking a calculated risk, Stamp used her footwork to close the distance, trapping her opponent from behind with a slick grapple. She then transitioned into a pinpoint arm bar, leaving her adversary no option but to tap out. It was this unexpected judo move that left the two-time world champion Pallomah stunned – not to mention the roaring crowd.

The result? An intriguing display of skilled technique and quick thinking that left everyone in awe of Stamp Fairtex’s victorious performance.
1) How Stamp Fairtex's Quick Thinking Won the Day

2) Outsmarting Tagir Khalilov: Stamp Fairtex’s Cunning Tactics

At ONE Championship: A NEW BREED 3, Stamp Fairtex faced off against the most experienced and accomplished Mongolian warrior in the promotion, Tagir Khalilov. Little did he know Stamp was determined to find a way to outsmart the grappling veteran. In what was her second fight inside the ONE Championship Circle and only the second time stepping into the Muay Thai ring, the former atomweight Muay Thai World Champion made sure that she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Stamp’s strategy became quickly apparent: outwork Tagir, moving forward, attacking him with hard and fast strikes from a variety of angles and distances. She avoided exchanges on the mat by nimbly sidestepping or ducking out of his takedown attempts, while continuing the pressure on her opponent through her constant switching of stances. Stamp’s fast hands and feet provided an effective defense against multiple throws from Tagir and kept him frustrated.

It was Stamp’s well studied distance control that really made a difference in the fight’s outcome. Whenever Tagir got within his preferred grabbing range, Stamp would flit out of range, ensuring that his match-winning skill set was nullified. Her movement didn’t stop there. She worked extensively on her head movement to remain calm and collected – even when under pressure – making it difficult for the Mongolian to have any success with his strikes.

By the end of the fight it was clear who had outwitted their opponent – Stamp outmaneuvered Tagir at every turn and pulled off a huge upset, winning her second career victory in the ONE Circle.

3) Witnessing a Masterful Match between Superlek and Khalilov

The night was dark, and two battled for glory in a deserted stadium. The two fighters were Superlek and Khalilov, two of the best Muay Thai martial artists in the world.

The match started off with both fighters trading jabs and kicks. It was a fast-paced match, with neither fighter backing down. You could tell from looking at them that this was going to be a fight to remember.

  • Superlek showed amazing skill in the clinch as he kept Khalilov at bay.
  • Khalilov had lightning-fast reflexes and was able to counter each of Superlek’s moves.
  • The audience shrieked with excitement as the two fighters fought it out, and the cheers got louder as the fight continued.

At the end, neither fighter left unscathed, but it was an incredibly close fight and one that will live on in the memories of those who witnessed it. This was a masterful match between Superlek and Khalilov, and it showed why they both are considered to be among the best martial artists in the world.

4) Behind the Scenes of What Really Happened in the ‘Game of Wits

The battle of wits between the two masters of intrigue in the epic story, Game of Thrones, had been going on since the war had begun. Both Cersei Lannister and Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish had been playing the game for years, trying to get the upper hand and gaining control of the Iron Throne. The cunning backstabbing that had been occurring behind the scenes was never seen until the climax of the show.

The game began when Cersei conspired to have the High Sparrow imprisoned in a tower beneath the Sept of Baelor. This move was to ensure her total control over the kingdom, but what followed afterward was a flurry of betrayals and countermeasures. Littlefinger used his cunning to outmaneuver Cersei’s strategies, even going as far as to betray Sansa Stark, whom he had promised to protect. He also made a strategic alliance with the Knights of the Vale, which allowed him to overthrow the High Sparrow and retake power.

Though in the end it was Cersei who won the battle of wits between the two of them, it was Littlefinger’s cunning that really made the difference. From the manipulation of alliances to the betrayal of close allies, Littlefinger was always one step ahead of Cersei. He was a master of deception who knew how to turn a situation to his advantage and to outwit his opponents.

  • Forged Strategic Alliances
  • Manipulated Political Schemes
  • Betrayed Close Allies


Q: Who is Stamp Fairtex?

A: Stamp Fairtex is a 23-year-old professional kickboxer, Muay Thai world champion, and mixed martial artist from Thailand. She currently competes for ONE Championship.

Q: What happened at the ‘game of wits’?

A: Superlek Kiatmookao and Tagir Khalilov faced off in a ‘game of wits’ at ONE: A NEW TOMORROW, where Superlek was declared the winner. Stamp Fairtex was the referee who oversaw the match and declared a winner.

Q:What went down in the match?

A: Superlek and Tagir exchanged blows and quick footwork for three full rounds of striking action. Ultimately, Stamp Fairtex declared Superlek the winner for his superior striking skills and techniques.

Q: What impact did the bout have?

A: The bout was an exciting one, making an impact felt in the stadium as the fans cheered on both fighters. It was a showcase of Muay Thai techniques, with Stamp Fairtex’s accurate decision making making it a contest of sheer skill and wits.

With all her intelligence and wit, Stamp Fairtex was able to break down the games of wits between Superlek and Tagir Khalilov. Her analysis is an amazing display of her ability to read her opponents and decipher the tactics they are trying to use against her. Her sharp mind and tactical prowess allow her to stay one step ahead of her opponents in the ring. One thing is for certain – Stamp Fairtex is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Muay Thai.

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