Star Trek: The Obsidian Order, Explained
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The film and TV franchise Star Trek is often regarded as an exploration of what makes us human. But what’s less spoken about is the shadowy ‘The Obsidian Order’, which rarely appears in the show. This top-secret division of the Star Trek universe has intrigued and confounded viewers for years. So what is The Obsidian Order? We’ve decided to go on a quest to explore and explain the mysterious organisation.
Star Trek: The Obsidian Order, Explained

Table of Contents

1. Unraveling the Mysteries of The Obsidian Order

The Obsidian Order is an ancient and powerful secret society known for being above all else mysterious and enigmatic in its ways and practices. To some it is a cult of the occult, to others a place of power and influence, but one thing is for certain – it remains a mystery to most.

The Order has been known to have many members, some say in the thousands, but just who are they? From cryptic symbols carved on stone monuments to recordings of secretive chants, the secrets of the Order have been carefully kept over the centuries, leaving many to speculate their true purpose.

To further complicate matters, the Order is said to be based in a hidden location – a place some say exists in the shadows between realms. This makes the Order even more mysterious and the source of many unanswered questions. For now, the Order remains shrouded in mystery and one can only speculate what secrets, power and influence lies within.

  • Ancient and powerful
  • Meticulously kept secrets
  • Shrouded in mystery

1. Unraveling the Mysteries of The Obsidian Order

2. Unlocking the Potential of a Legendary Faction

The legendary factions are a powerful force in the realm. With the right leadership and resources they can unlock a wealth of potential in their specialties. But they need more than just funds and facilities to unlock their true potential.

These powerful factions are unique and need the right kind of support to draw out their hidden strengths. Here’s a few tips to help you unlock the potential of your legendary faction:

  • Forge strong bonds with other great factions and draw on their pooled knowledge to expand your own.
  • Maximize the use of resources from home and abroad to ensure you’re making the most of your available resources.
  • Recruit the brightest minds possible and give them the freedom to explore their unique abilities.
  • Make sure to celebrate, recognize, and reward success to keep your iconic faction motivated.

By taking these steps, you can ensure your legendary faction thrives. With the right combination of creativity and ambition, you can unlock the potential of your iconic faction and make your mark on the realm!

3. Examining the History and Impact of The Obsidian Order

The Obsidian Order is one of the most important and influential groups in the history of the Star Trek universe. Founded in the early 2360s, the Order was responsible for the security and protection of the Bajoran people, and its members were known for being highly trained and resourceful agents. Here, we take a look at how the Order emerged, and the imprint it has left on the Star Trek universe.

  • Origins and Role:

The Order was originally formed by the Cardassian Union when they invaded the Bajoran homeworld in the mid 2350s. It was comprised of high-ranking Cardassian officers who had extensive knowledge of Bajoran culture and politics. Their primary role was to find and eliminate any threats to the Cardassian Union, but they also took on the responsibility of protecting Bajorans from criminal activity. It wasn’t until later in the series that their mission had a more political purpose: to protect the Bajoran people and help them rebuild their world.

  • Training and Technology:

The Obsidian Order’s members were known as Obsidian Commandos, and they received an intense and specialized training program. They were taught the most advanced techniques in espionage, infiltration, and combat. Moreover, the Order had access to some of the most advanced technology available– such as high-grade cloaking devices, and weapons with variable destructive power. This gave the Order an edge over its rivals, and provided them with a level of protection that other groups simply couldn’t match.

  • Legacy and Legacy:

The Obsidian Order was one of the most powerful and influential forces in the post-occupation Bajoran culture. Its members were known to be some of the best operatives in the Star Trek universe, and their contributions to the affairs of Bajor have been invaluable. The order could have been seen as a symbol of Cardassian dominance over Bajor, but its legacy has come to signify something much different: a group of true professionals who protected the people of Bajor from criminal activity, and helped them rebuild their world.

4. Gaining Insight into the Legacy of Star Trek’s Foremost Secret Organization

The legacy of Star Trek’s foremost secret organization is born from a remarkable concept. The agency was designed to keep a watchful eye on interstellar advancements, maintaining order and exploratory progress as one. It was also created to protect the Federation against the most powerful foes they could imagine.

In many ways, the organization has achieved its mission. From troubling manipulations to thwarting open conflict, the agency is a formidable force in Starfleet’s arsenal of defense. For those who have a deeper understanding of the agency’s history, one is granted extraordinary insight.

The most stunning revelation about the secret organization lies in its inner workings. Few ever get a chance to observe, but those who do are exposed to:

  • Access to classified information: Agents are granted access to the most sensitive information in Starfleet.
  • Extremely advanced technology: The organization’s tech is well ahead of that available to the general public.
  • Highly trained personnel: Agents must undergo a rigorous training program to become a member.

This advanced and secretive network deserves our utmost respect and admiration. It is a gateway to understanding the way the organization works, and how it’s been a driving force of the growth and exploration that Starfleet has come to embrace.


Q: What is The Obsidian Order?
A: The Obsidian Order is a fictional security and intelligence agency featured in the Star Trek franchise. This shadowy organization appears mainly in the Dominion War storyline of Deep Space Nine.

Q: Who leads The Obsidian Order?
A: In the series, the Obsidian Order is led by an individual known as the “Enabran Tain,” who is described as being highly intelligent and ruthless in his methods.

Q: Where is The Obsidian Order based?
A: The Obsidian Order is based in the Gamma Quadrant, in the planet of Cardassia Prime. Their main headquarters is known as the Central Command, which is an immense underground fortress.

Q: What are The Obsidian Order’s goals?
A: The Obsidian Order’s main goal is to protect the Cardassian Union, the ruling government of the Cardassians, from outside threats. This includes aggressive actions against hostile forces in the Dominion War. Additionally, the Order also works to maintain secrecy of various political and military operations.

This ancient and mysterious group known as The Obsidian Order has been around for centuries, shrouded in secrecy and intrigue. Yet with modern technology and science, its mysteries can be unveiled and revealed. Now that you understand the origins and motivations behind this mysterious organization, you can join in the adventure and explore the science-fiction world of Star Trek with even more excitement!

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