Superlek targets finish of ‘strong and persistent’ Tagir Khalilov at ONE Fight Night 12
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You can’t keep a good man down, and Tagir Khalilov is certainly living up to this adage as he readies himself for the upcoming ONE Fight Night 12 bout in Singapore. The decorated Muay Thai athlete has endured a tumultuous journey since joining the ONE Championship roster, yet his determination to succeed has never wavered. Now, he is determined to prove his worth to the world as he takes on the formidable Superlek Kiatmoo9. This could be one of the most memorable fights of the evening, as two tough competitors go toe to toe in hopes of securing a resounding victory.

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1. Superlek’s Inspiring Quest

It all started with a dream so grand it seemed to have come from a realm beyond this world. Superlek had always been the kind of person with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and this dream quickly turned into an inspiring quest. A dream that would lead her to questions she had never dreamed of asking and answers she couldn’t even have imagined.

Her first steps on this quest were full of uncertainties but no fear. With her unique know-how and an even more unique determination, Superlek ventured into the unknown. Against all odds, she pushed forward with every answer she uncovered, finding new paths she had never thought were possible.

Time and time again, Superlek surprised even herself with her own findings and accomplishments. With every breakthrough, her love for knowledge grew even more and the challenging tasks she set for herself became even more daring. Through her inspiring quest, Superlek showed us that the only limits are ones we set for ourselves.

2. Tagir Khalilov: A Strong and Persistent Challenger

Tagir Khalilov has been one of the strongest challengers to the world chess champion since 2017. Despite his numerous attempts to take the title, he has yet to reach the pinnacle of the game. But his relentless passion and perseverance have earned him a special place in the world of chess.

Starting out as a grandmaster in 2018, Tagir has only climbed higher. He has consistently placed well in international tournaments, and competed in the Candidate’s Tournament for the World Championship in 2020. Defeating the reigning world champion in a few games and earning a spot in the Master’s League attest to his remarkable skill. Even considering all this, his drive has yet to falter.

Tagir Khalilov’s contributions to the game of chess are immense; he has been called an “iconic” figure. An innovative thinker, he often brings a new approach to the board and devises strategies instead of following established openings. Such practices have earned him the respect and admiration of many. Even though he has yet to win the prestigious World Championship title, we can be sure that when he does, it will be hard earned.

3. ONE Fight Night 12: A Showcase for Rising Talent

ONE Fight Night 12 will showcase some of the very best up-and-coming talent in the world of martial arts. From the combatants to the coaches and fans, everyone will be present for a night that simply celebrates the spectacular art of combat sports.

Kicking things off, we’ll see a rising flyweight contender face off against a worthy adversary in the co-main event. Fists flying, one of these fighters will prove to be the clear victor on the night – bagging a win that will only add to their already undeniable credentials.

Not to mention, the night will be full of top-upcoming talent, such as:

  • Bantamweight Champion: Think blazing speed, precise technique, and hyperactive aggression – the perfect mix for an impressive fight night.
  • Middleweight Challenge: Two hungry challengers square up to decide who owns the rankings. This clash promises to be a night to remember.
  • Heavyweight Mayhem: An intense fight that could be decided with the mere flick of a wrist. Catch the action and witness this monumental match.

One Fight Night 12 packs all the heat of a championship bout into one night of wild anticipation – don’t miss out!

4. The Pursuit of Greatness: Superlek’s Road to Victory

Superlek had no idea what an incredible journey lay ahead of him when he decided to become the best muay thai practitioner in the country. He followed his passion and worked tirelessly to reach his ultimate goal. The people of his small village could tell this young man was destined for greatness.

Spurred on by his desire to succeed, Superlek trained day and night, hammering away at his technique until his skills were sharpened to perfection. He never let failure keep him down, and his dedication to mastering the ancient art of muay thai was unparalleled. Superlek was determined to stand out from the pack.

After gruelling preparations, the moment of truth arrived for Superlek. His opponents were no match for him; he unleashed a combination of relentless strikes and powerful kicks to take the match and become the undisputed champion. His sensational victory sent shockwaves through the community and cemented his place in muay thai history.

  • Determination: Superlek never let failure keep him down, and his dedication to mastering the ancient art of muay thai was unparalleled.
  • Mastery of the Art: His opponents were no match for him; he unleashed a combination of relentless strikes and powerful kicks to take the match.
  • Unstoppable Legacy: His sensational victory sent shockwaves through the community and cemented his place in muay thai history.


Q: What is ONE Fight Night 12?
SuperA: ONE Fight Night 12 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event set to take place in Bangkok on 17th April, 2021.

Q: Who will be competing at this event?
A: Superlek Kiatmoo9 will take on Tagir Khalilov in the main event.

Q: What can we expect from Superlek’s performance?
A: Superlek is looking to make a statement in this bout, and is expected to put in a strong and persistent performance against Tagir Khalilov. He has been training specifically for this matchup, and is hoping to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Q: How do the fighters match up?
A: Both Superlek and Tagir are experienced martial artists and have similar fighting styles. Tagir is known for his aggressiveness in the ring, while Superlek is known for his technical prowess. It should make for an exciting matchup.

Q: What is at stake for the fighters?
A: Both fighters are looking to make a statement in this bout and will be looking to establish themselves as a highly ranked fighter in the featherweight division. With this fight, they will both be looking to move closer to a shot at the ONE featherweight title.

Undoubtedly, Superlek will do whatever it takes to secure his third victory in ONE Championship and put an end to Tagir Khalilov’s strong and persistent performance at ONE Fight Night 12. There is no doubt that fans of the sport will be in for a thrilling, breathtaking showdown when these two warriors take to the cage. This is a battle you won’t want to miss!

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