Sweet video shows a group of kids ‘saving’ Shaquille O’Neal from drowning in a pool
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It was a day none of the kids—or Shaquille O’Neal—will ever forget. On what started as a normal summer’s day, a group of children fulfilled their heroic destinies in a startling—and incredibly sweet—display of bravery. In a video that has since gone viral, the group of kids can be seen suddenly jumping into motion as they see an unlikely danger threatening the NBA champion: Shaquille O’Neal, helplessly sinking in a pool.
Sweet video shows a group of kids 'saving' Shaquille O’Neal from drowning in a pool

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Witnesses to Super Sized Heroics: Visiting Kids ‘Save’ Basketball Legend Shaquille O’Neal”

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most beloved basketball legends of our time, regularly seen doing good across the globe and bringing delight to those of all ages. Recently, an incredible story has emerged proving that it’s not just Shaquille doing the good deeds, as a group of school children visiting the filming of the series ‘Upload’ in Atlanta have quickly become local heroes.

The children were visiting the set of the forthcoming Amazon Prime Video show, when they spotted Shaquille under a tree. Drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle, Shaquille had clearly fallen asleep and the children quickly realised he was close to danger, as the production team were about to load equipment into the area.

  • Lillian Flores
  • Justin Romo, Jr.
  • Cole Proctor

Leading the charge, the quick-thinking Lillian Flores noticed that Shaquille was fast asleep and ran to stop the crew, shouting ‘Stop! That’s Shaq!’. She was joined quickly by Justin Romo, Jr. and Cole Proctor – three 13-year-olds who proceeded to race around the giant basketball star – and safely move him away from the incoming trucks. Word of their super-sized heroics quickly spread through the set, and the three children have become the latest in a long line of renowned fans to support Shaq.

Witnesses to Super Sized Heroics: Visiting Kids 'Save' Basketball Legend Shaquille O’Neal

1. Tremendous Courage on Display

Everyday, millions of people around the world are displaying tremendous courage in their own unique and personal ways. Whether it’s the mother who works double shifts to provide for her family, the student who pursues their academic goals in order to follow their heart, or the teacher who guides children on the path of knowledge, courage plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives.

From big gestures such as ending a toxic relationship, or standing up against discrimination – to small ones, such as getting out of one’s comfort zone – courage comes in different shapes and sizes. Taking opportunities to create a better life, work on self growth and improvement, and build strong relationships – those take courage.

  • Facing Danger – Firefighters, Service Men and Women, and Police Officers – these brave souls risk their lives in order to protect and defend ours.
  • Supporting Each Other – Career advisors, Counsellors, and friends who provide guidance and comfort when much is at stake.
  • Making Sacrifices – Parents who often make the impossible choices for their children, taking away the family’s financial security in an effort to ensure a better life.

No matter the circumstance, it takes tremendous courage to overcome personal fears and reach for what one yearns to be. Acknowledge and celebrate all the courage being displayed every day in a multitude of ways.

2. Hilarious Mishap Leads to Unexpected Outcome

It all began at a crowded restaurant. A clumsy waiter had tripped, taking his tray of drinks along with him. Cups and glasses tumbled out of the tray onto the floor. Amongst them was one unassuming glass bottle, still pregnant with its contents. From the corner of the room, some observant friends immediately recognized it for what it was – a vintage bottle of champagne!

  • A Rare Find– The bottle was special, not only because of its age, but also because of what it contained. It was filled with rare champagnes, produced with techniques no longer used in modern champagne-making.
  • The Reaction– As soon as the bottle was spotted, the restaurant was filled with a chorus of applause. Everyone around was filled with delight and admiration for the vintage celebrity, as if some celebrity had made an appearance!

And so, instead of being met with disappointment for the spilled drinks, a rare treat had been given to the guests! Such a hilarious mishap led to an unexpected outcome. A one-of-a-kind champagne experience that none in the restaurant had expected to be gifted to them that day.

3. A Moment of Legendary Goodwill

2-Pac’s magnanimous spirit is evident even after his tragic death. One of the greatest moments of his legendary goodwill was when he helped launch the career of an up and coming artist. During his Death Row Records days, 2-Pac frequently invited aspiring emcees into the studio and gave them the platform to develop their skills.

On one fateful day, an unsigned rapper named Big Syke stepped into the studio with a few lyrics in hand. 2-Pac was so impressed with his bars that he offered to feature him on the song “All Eyez on Me,” which then shot Big Syke to stardom.

2-Pac’s remarkable act of generosity has been praised by music fans for years. His ability to spot potential and provide an opportunity for young and upcoming artists was unparalleled. He showed an unparalleled level of goodwill and humanity that has all but gone unmatched in the hip hop industry.

4. Witnessing a Special Kind of Heroism

The Man with the Parcel on His Back

It’s incredible the acts of heroism that humans can do in times of need. Take for example the story of a small rural town in Central America. In the town, there was an outbreak of cholera and a decline in the medical supplies to treat the infected. To make matters worse, the town was devastated by unseasonably heavy rainfalls, leading to disastrous shortages of food and water.

Enter the man with a sack on his back. His name was Teo and he strode into the town with a delivery. The package he carried contained medicines to treat the cholera and enough food and water rations to last the entire town. Its origin was a mystery, neither Teo nor anyone else in the town could explain it. However, it was a powerful reminder that people can rise above their hardships and difficulties in times of communal crisis.

Teo was of limited means and could have easily taken any of the supplies for his own needs. Yet his selfless desire to share the supplies with the entire town endeared him to the townspeople. His actions were seen as a testament to the nobility of the human spirit and a special kind of heroism. He showed them that despite the storm, there was still light and proof that togetherness ignites a powerful compassion that can overcome any adversity.


Q: What video is this article referring to?
A: The article is referring to a sweet video of a group of kids “saving” former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal from drowning in a pool.

Q: How did the kids “save” Shaquille O’Neal?
A: The kids were seen in the video carrying Shaquille O’Neal, who was pretending to be unconscious, out of the pool with a look of relief on their faces.

Q: How did Shaquille O’Neal react to the rescue?
A: Shaquille O’Neal was seen thanking the kids for rescuing him and gave each of them a big hug afterwards.

Q: What was the purpose of Shaquille O’Neal pretending to drown in the pool?
A: Shaquille O’Neal was pretending to drown in the pool in order to show his appreciation for the kids’ selflessness, as part of a larger program promoting volunteerism and community outreach.


All in all, this video of a group of brave kids ‘saving’ Shaquille O’Neal put a huge smile on everyone’s face. It certainly showed the best of humanity, and was a reminder to us all to help those in need. To the kids, you have our admiration and to Shaq, we thank you for brightening our day.

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