Tagir Khalilov loving the atmosphere at Tiger Muay Thai: “These guys are eager to help me”
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Tagir Khalilov is an MMA fighter who has quickly risen up the ranks in the world of combat sports. But it’s not just his physical prowess that puts him in a class of his own: it’s the warm and welcoming atmosphere he finds at Tiger Muay Thai that makes the experience of learning and training at the camp so enjoyable. With friendly instructors and a helpful team of assistants, Tagir truly feels like part of a family at Tiger Muay Thai, and says that everyone is always eager to help him get the most out of his time there. In this article, we explore Tagir’s unique experience at the camp and why it’s become such an important part of his success as a martial artist.

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1. Experiencing the Active Community at Tiger Muay Thai

Whether you’re a beginner or already an experienced fighter, Tiger Muay Thai offers unique and outstanding Muay Thai programs for everyone. Here’s what makes this active community so special:

  • Professional Trainers: A team of dedicated Muay Thai trainers with years of experience under their belts make learning Muay Thai easy and enjoyable.
  • Global Community: It is truly a global destination for martial arts enthusiasts from different corners of the world. You can make meaningful connections with like-minded people.
  • Facilities: Tiger Muay Thai offers modernized training facilities, which include an octagon, top-notch equipment, and fitness centers.

Not only does Tiger Muay Thai give you an unparalleled experience in martial arts, but it also provides you with opportunities to enjoy local cuisine, visit the nearby beach, and take part in activities with the local community.

At Tiger Muay Thai, you’ll learn the best moves and techniques of Muay Thai, make mental and physical progress, and realize the power that comes from being part of an active and empowering community.

2. Tagir Khalilov’s Delighted With the Instructors

Tagir Khalilov is truly delighted with his assignment instructors; they are skilled and ensure that everyone learns the various nuances of the language with great ease. His instructors come from various countries and have multiple expertise in the language that they teach.

In the lesson, they employ multiple methods to make it simpler for Tagir and other students to understand. They use stories, real-life examples, and provide several insights on the topics. Moreover, the instructors provide additional help to everyone who finds certain topics or concepts difficult to grasp. By providing these, the instructors help the students learn better.

The instructors are also quite friendly and the environment in the class is comfortable. The classes are lively and it’s always fun, with lots of laughter and engagement. Tagir is looking forward to learning more from his instructors!

3. Exploring Thailand Through the Lens of Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”, is the national sport of Thailand, deeply entrenched in the culture and revered by the people. It is the perfect way to understand and immerse yourself in the local way of life, while exploring this beautiful country.

Embrace Local Culture
Muay Thai is a fundamental part of Thai culture, used to celebrate and honor the legendary kings of olden-day Thailand. Here you can witness and be part of traditional religious ceremonies known as Wai Kru, where fighters express gratitude and respect to their teachers.

Feel the Excitement
Thailand is home to some of the most renowned Muay Thai stadiums, hosting an array of exciting local and international fights. Here you can explore the hustle and bustle of a local fight night, as well as enjoy the infectious enthusiasm of the crowd, all from the comfort of your seat.

Discover Untold Opportunities
From street corners to stadiums, makeshift gyms to professional venues, Muay Thai can be found in various forms across Thailand. Using Muay Thai as your barometer for exploration grants travellers access to secret beaches, waterfalls, hidden markets, unknown restaurants, and much more. You will be constantly surprised and delighted by the hidden gems on offer.

4. Learning More Than Just Martial Arts: Taking Away Life Lessons From Tiger Muay Thai

At Tiger Muay Thai, martial arts training is much more than just physical exercise. This Chao Samui, Thailand based gym seeks to give students more than the physical discipline and conditioning of martial arts. Through in-depth, traditional Thai training, the gym seeks to give students a wider range of life lessons to take away too.

  • Discipline Over Complacency: Your instructors at Tiger Muay Thai will push you to push your limits and reach your goals. Students learn to develop discipline for self-improvement and growth.
  • Cultivating Your Passion: Passion is essential in any endeavor, especially martial arts. At Tiger Muay Thai, instructors concentrate on cultivating the student’s passion while providing wise and essential direction so that passion could not be wasted.
  • Respecting Your Instructors: Full respect should be given to your instructor while in the gym. The mastered knowledge and skills of the instructors are there to be utilized, not to be challenged or degraded. Respect in Muay Thai will always be returned with respect.

The gym is leading the way and revolutionizing the universal messages that students receive while training and attending classes. Not only is Tiger Muay Thai focused on creating a strong, skilled body, but


Q: What is Tagir Khalilov’s experience at Tiger Muay Thai?
A: Tagir Khalilov loves the atmosphere at Tiger Muay Thai and finds everyone eager to help him achieve his goals. He loves the positive energy and motivated training staff that make his experience great.

Q: What has Tagir gained by training at Tiger Muay Thai?
A: Tagir has achieved a new level of confidence, improved his Muay Thai techniques, and forged new relationships with the coaches and other athletes. He feels that Tiger Muay Thai is helping him to become a better martial artist.

Q: What does Tagir think sets Tiger Muay Thai apart from other Muay Thai schools?
A: Tagir believes the atmosphere at Tiger Muay Thai is one of the things that sets it apart from other schools. He loves the positive energy of his fellow martial artists and coaches, as well as the motivated atmosphere that helps him stay focused on reaching his goals.


Tagir Khalilov’s experience at Tiger Muay Thai is a story of dreams coming true. A veteran combat sports athlete, Tagir has found a second home at Tiger Muay Thai. He has experienced nothing but kindness and a willingness to help from the owners and staff, something that is truly special. It is clear that despite his extensive experience, Tagir is still learning and growing and Tiger Muay Thai will be the perfect place for him to make that growth happen. Together with the staff and trainers, Tagir is sure to become an even better martial artist, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible.

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