Tears of the Kingdom: All Bargainer Statue Locations in TotK
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The Tears of the Kingdom are one of the wonders of the ancient world, a remarkable set of statues scattered throughout a hidden kingdom. As one of the greatest mysteries of the kingdom, the location of these statues has been sought out by adventurers, explorers, and scholars alike. Now, this article will reveal all the bargainer statue locations in Tears of the Kingdom, so that anyone can experience the beauty of these tremendous sculptures for themselves.
Tears of the Kingdom: All Bargainer Statue Locations in TotK

Table of Contents

1. Explore the Tears of the Kingdom: A Guide to All Bargainer Statue Locations

Gathering all the Tears of the Kingdom is no easy feat! In this comprehensive guide, you’ll have all the tools to uncover the hidden locations of the eight obelisk Bargainer statues scattered across the kingdom. These ancient statues house the Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s up to you to uncover them and restore balance to the land.

Required Items

  • Thinking Cap – Used to decipher the cryptic clues that point to the Bargainer Statue locations.
  • Map of the Kingdom – Helps you track down each statue’s exact coordinates.
  • Traveller’s Coin – Pay the price of entry to gain access to the Bargainer Statue.

The kingdom is a vast, mysterious place, filled with unexpected turns and unpredictable dangers. To gather all eight Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to be prepared for an adventure like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice explorer, this guide will show you everything you need to know to find the Bargainer Statues and the Tears of the Kingdom.

1. Explore the Tears of the Kingdom: A Guide to All Bargainer Statue Locations

2. Discovering the Secrets of the Kingdom: Locating the Hidden Bargainer Statues

Since the dawn of time, the legendary Bargainer statues have been a source of fascination among world travelers. It was believed that these hidden statues held the power to grant any wish, as long as one found them. To uncover the secret of the Bargainer statues, adventurers across the globe embarked on a quest to unfold their hidden locations.

The key to finding the Bargainer statues lied in a mysterious map that was passed on from generation to generation. It is said that the map contained clues to the whereabouts of the statues. As adventurers dug into the depths of the murky map, they were led on an ever deepening journey.

Of course, there were some challenges that needed to be overcome. Some of the clues were so difficult that only the most creative adventurers could make any sense of them. But it was worth the effort in the end: those who followed the clues correctly, unlocked the hidden pieces to the puzzle and revealed the secrets of the kingdom, which included locating the Bargainer statues.

3. The Search for the Bargainer Statues: Where to Look in TotK

Finding the Bargainer Statues hidden throughout TOTK can be a tricky task. Luckily, we are well equipped with the whereabouts of these legendary artifacts!

For starters, many of the statues are located in locations you might least expect. Those familiar with the ins and outs of TOTK will recognize the secret points of entry. Such places can include:

  • Far-off basements
  • Notoriously tricky tombs
  • Mushroom patches in unlikely places such as old barns

Keep an eye out for the well-known Hollow Tree Ruins, and never forget to check the Ship’s Deck. In each of these places, you have a chance to get your hands on the legendary statues. When on the hunt, remember to always be aware of your surroundings, and have a few good tools handy; they can often make the difference between finding the treasure and missing out on it!

4. Unveiling the Kingdom’s History: Uncovering the Location of Each Statue

Eager to uncover the secrets of the Kingdom’s ancient past? Here’s your chance! There is a hidden network of statues located throughout the country – and it’s up to you to find them. To begin your journey, you’ll need to identify the locations of each statue.

Start by exploring the master map. It provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire Kingdom, with each statue marked with a red pin. The pins indicate the most likely spots to find the elusive statues – all you need to do next is venture out and make the discoveries!

Once you’ve found the locations of the statues, the real adventure begins. Visit each site and gaze upon the statues – they’re not only stunning figures, but they also provide insight into the Kingdom’s history. Take your time discovering the sights they have to offer and uncover their stories. Make sure to observe the following safety and etiquette guidelines:

  • Stay respectful and remain silent.
  • Do not touch the statues.
  • Remain alert for any on-site dangers.

By following these precautions, you can safely explore and uncover the secrets of the Kingdom’s history. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your journey!


Q: What is the Tears of the Kingdom collaboration?
A: The Tears of the Kingdom collaboration is a unique event in the game TotK that allows gamers to embark on a search for eight elusive Bargainer Statues hidden throughout the Kingdom. The more statues successfully collected, the greater the rewards!

Q: Where can I find the Bargainer Statues?
A: Bargainer Statues can be found in all manner of hidden places around the Kingdom. Some are hidden beneath piles of rubble, some lie hidden in the depths of dense forests, some even found underwater!

Q: What rewards can I expect from finding all the Bargainer Statues?
A: As a reward for successfully collecting all eight Bargainer Statues, gamers will be gifted a unique item from the Tears of the Kingdom collection – a powerful weapon to add to their arsenal. However, the rewards don’t end there. Players will also gain access to a special dungeon to test their strength and agility!

Q: Is the Tears of the Kingdom collaboration difficult to complete?
A: The Tears of the Kingdom collaboration is a fun exploration-based event that gives gamers a reason to explore the depths of the game. The challenge is finding the Bargainer Statues, but it is ultimately up to you the player to decide how challenging the journey will be.


If you’ve been pumping hours into Tears of the Kingdom and are looking for a new challenge, then traveling to find all the Bargainer Statues is a great way to test your skills. Remember that the challenge lies in the journey, so happy exploring!

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