“That would have been another defeat for the West Indies if I wasn’t injured” – Dilip Vengsarkar recalls his memory from 1983 World Cup
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The 1983 World Cup was a defining moment in the history of cricket. It gave birth to many stories of courage, greatness, and heartbreak. One of the most remarkable tales hails from the West Indies; when Dilip Vengsarkar valiantly fought for his team, only to be put out of play due to injury. Revisiting the event, Vengsarkar recounts his memories from that momentous day and reflects on how his team’s fate might have changed if it weren’t for his obstruction. Join us as we delve into Dilip Vengsarkar’s emotional journey through the 1983 World Cup.

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1. Reliving History: Dilip Vengsarkar Recalls 1983 World Cup Final

A lot of words cannot do justice to the 1983 World Cup campaign for the Indian team enamored the whole nation. It was a historic day for India in the game of cricket when they won the world cup for the first time. Former batting great, Dilip Vengsarkar recently recalled the greatest moment of his career.

With the likes of Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath, Sunil Gavaskar, Sandeep Patil, Ravi Shastri, and Madan Lal, India had an inexperienced yet strong bowling attack under captaincy of Kapil Dev. Dilip Vengsarkar recalled the particular day of the world cup final at Lords with a sense of nostalgia. Here are few nuggets of his recollection:

  • Every player was going for the win and everyone backed each other, young and old.
  • Kapil Dev threw the ball to Madan Lal who got the wicket of Michael Holding to ensure India’s victory.
  • The atmosphere was so electric with passion and adrenalin that it was difficult to express in words.
  • The crowd was shouting “Long Live India”.

Vengsarkar added that it is a moment frozen in time for him. No one in the 1983 Indian team will ever forget it and will remember it always. It was a moment that made history!

1. Reliving History: Dilip Vengsarkar Recalls 1983 World Cup Final

2. A Narrow Escape: Vengsarkar’s Unforeseen Injury Saved the West Indies

Before the fourth day of the Mumbai Test match, the West Indies didn’t have a chance of survival. As they chose to field first, the men in maroon were confronted with a mammoth total of 561 set by India. It didn’t take too long for West Indies to lose their next three wickets not long after beginning the chase.

The tide had nearly turned in India’s favour, until a most unusual incident occurred. During the 39th over, Dilip Vengsarkar, the Indian Captain, felt a sharp pain in his arm and all play had to be suspended for a while. What seemed to be a minor injury, soon earned India’s captain a few weeks break for necessary rest and recuperation. Further follow-up examinations revealed a fracture in his throwing side arm. However, the captain had recovered in time for the series against England.

As soon as Vengsarkar left the ground, the West Indian team seemed to regain their morale. The Indian bowling side which seemed undefeatable before, grew a bit lackadaisical, while the West Indies’ batting progressed at a fast rate.

  • India’s inability to find a suitable replacement for Vengsarkar gave the West Indies an opportunity to gain some leverage.
  • West Indies’ capitalized upon this situation by dominating the match.
  • It was no surprise to see, West Indies win the match by 170 runs.

The incident of the unforeseen injury of their Captain, unintentionally saved the West Indies from a crushing defeat. The correlation of this peculiar situation is something which we still remember today and never fails to bring us a sense of amazement.

3. The Pre-Injury Circus: Vengsarkar’s Match-Shaping Performances

The Shining Star: Dilip Vengsarkar was a shining star for his Indian cricket team in the 1980s. During this time, he had established himself as a match-shaper before tendinitis brought to an end his extraordinary career in 1988.

Axis Of Brilliance: Vengsarkar bat at number three in the middle of an axis of brilliance in Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath, all regarded as India’s top cricketers in the 1980s. He was a strong middle-order batsman and kept the innings ticking with his steady batting style made up of dominant strokes out of the back of the hand.

The Finisher: Vengsarkar was also known for engineering remarkable comebacks to the match. He had the ability to shape the match with decisive knocks, such as his innings of 122 for India against Australia in 1986 which led India to a total score of 366. He had a knack for hitting boundaries and accelerating the scoring rate, making him a perfect finisher for the Indian team.

  • He batted at number three in the middle of an axis of brilliance in Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath.
  • He had the ability to shape the match with decisive knocks
  • Vengsarkar had a knack for hitting boundaries and accelerating the scoring rate.

4. Reflecting on the Unique Situation: An Alternate Outcome of the 1983 World Cup Final

The 1983 World Cup was an exciting event for cricket fans around the world. It all came down to the match between India and West Indies, where West Indies would take home the trophy. But what would have happened if things had gone differently?

  • A Different Result

It is imagined that India had a different outcome in the finals. With the strong batting lineup and the brilliant bowling form of Kapil Dev, a win would not have been out of the question. India was more than capable of securing a victory, and the result was hanging in the balance until the last over.

  • A Different Impact

A win for India would have had a tremendous impact on the sport of cricket. It would have been a shot in the arm for the whole of India and its cricket fan base. There would have been a surge in the popularity of the game, as well as a shift in the landscape of international cricket.

  • A Different Future

The alternate outcome of the 1983 World Cup could have changed the cricketing landscape forever. The world would have been witness to a different history of cricket, with a different set of champions and a different set of heroes. It’s fascinating to imagine what could have been.


Q: What does Dilip Vengsarkar recall from the 1983 World Cup?

A: Dilip Vengsarkar recalls that the 1983 World Cup would have ended with another defeat for the West Indies, had he not been injured that year.

Q: What made the 1983 World Cup such a successful tournament?

A: The 1983 World Cup marked the first time the tournament had been hosted outside of England, giving fans the opportunity to see the tournament taken to new countries. Furthermore, the victory of the Indian team over the strong West Indies side was a major highlight of that year, making it a very successful tournament.

Q: What was Dilip Vengsarkar’s contribution to the 1983 World Cup?

A: Dilip Vengsarkar was an important member of the Indian team during the 1983 World Cup. He scored an impressive century against the West Indies during the match, and it is believed that his presence on the field was instrumental in the eventual victory of the Indian side. Unfortunately, he was injured partway through the tournament, which prevented him from taking further part in the remaining matches.


As Dilip Vengsarkar’s incredible memory revisits the 1983 World Cup, it reminds us of the incredible talent and competitive spirit of the West Indian cricket team. Despite the unfortunate incident in the match with India, the team continued to capture the hearts of cricket fans worldwide. This is a testament to the power of resilience; regardless of how the odds may be against us, if we remain focused and determined, we can rise above any obstacle.

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