The Argument For and Against Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Get The Black and White Treatment
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As Pokémon fans, we know all too well the excitement and anticipation that comes with any new Pokémon game announcement. However, arguments have arisen on the subject of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s eligibility for the Black and White treatment. Many players have a strong opinion on both sides of the argument, and these heated discussions have become a popular topic among the community. In this article, we will delve into the reasons for and against Pokémon Scarlet and Violet receiving the Black and White treatment.
The Argument For and Against Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Get The Black and White Treatment

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1. Unpacking the Excitement Surrounding a Potential Red and Blue Makeover

Comic books have always been a world of excitement, one that pulls people into a web of mysterious surroundings and super-powered circumstances. But with the potential red and blue makeover of the iconic superhero character, the possibilities of an even greater thrill is already gripping fanbases.

Of course, first come the speculations as to why and how the titular hero has made this unorthodox change. Some believers in its plausibility argue that the makeover stands to revitalize the character in a way that will bring strength and inspiration, while others still are skeptical as to how this transition will play out.

That being said, there certainly are perks to the idea of a red and blue makeover. From the fans’ perspective, the upgrade can bring:

  • A New Look – True to its namesake, the new costume design will be eye-catching, boasting the official colors of the superhero – a vision that fans of the character have never seen before.
  • A Better Story – With an all-new wardrobe comes a potential for new storylines and improved character development; to help quell some of those skeptics out there.
  • More Imagination – With the current design, superhero fans are, and will continue to be, able to express their creativity through the remixed take of the new outfit.

1. Unpacking the Excitement Surrounding a Potential Red and Blue Makeover

2. Pros and Cons of a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Revamp

A revamp of the previous Pokemon Scarlet and Violet titles could be a great idea, but it may not be for everyone. Below are the pros and the cons of such a revamp for anyone considering whether to move forward.


  • Updated graphics and gameplay
  • New features and content
  • An experience more faithful to the original Pokemon games

The world of Pokemon is a beloved one that’s been enjoyed by generation after generation. As technology progresses, gamers now expect a higher standard from the games they play. A revamp of the two classic games could update the graphics, bring back beloved characters, and add new content and features, allowing players to take in the original games in a more fresh way.


  • Unexpected technical issues
  • Loss of the original games charm
  • An unclear reception from fans

On the flipside, there is the potential for the revamp to encounter technical issues. It is possible that the new graphics and refreshed feature set from the revamp may take away from some of the original charm of the game. In addition, it remains to be seen how fans will receive the revamp, whether they will embrace the updated experience or feel nostalgic for the original.

3. Examining the Impact of a Black and White Version

Leading the trend for a classic aesthetic, black and white versions of photos can be striking. Whether for promotional materials or personal projects, taking a color version of a photo and transforming it to a monochrome can be a fun and creative process. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the possible impact of such a choice.

Choosing which elements to lighten or darken is a powerful tool. For instance, for portraits, you might lighten the skin, particularly to reflect traditional standards of beauty. However, this carries with it its own moral and ethical considerations. On the other hand, small adjustments like this may be used to bring out subtle details that can slightly alter the viewer’s perception of an image.

Perhaps one of the bigger impacts of black and white versions is that they can distract from the original color palette. Taking out the colors of a photo can influence what viewers focus on. This can also allow them to appreciate a snapshot in a more abstract way, as if it’s a piece of art. Additionally, looking at the image without the colors can give the photographer the opportunity to adjust elements like contrast, brightness, and grain.

  • Impact of a black and white version:
    • Altering traditional beauty standards
    • Bringing out subtle details
    • Distracting from the original color palette
    • Allowing adjustment of contrast, brightness, and grain

4. Is it Time For Pokemon Red and Blue to Change?

It’s been nearly 25 years since the original release of Red and Blue Pokémon games, and in that time, the series has evolved significantly. From the massive 3d polygonal leaps in Gen 3 and 4, to the immersive—even if it was slightly monotonous—Johto adventure of Gen 2, the franchise has certainly gone through changes. But with the franchise continuing to be popular, is it really time for Pokémon Red and Blue to up their game?

The Pros:

  • The original Red and Blue games are iconic and timeless; they’re the foundation of the beloved franchise as it stands today.
  • The classic, turn-based battle system has become as familiar as the characters themselves, beloved by generations.
  • It’s still undeniably unchallenging and unfailingly satisfying click-through grinding for items and level-grinding for moves.

The original games have an undeniable charm to them which could be lost with a makeover. The nostalgia of a game we can pick up and keep playing without having to learn new moves and strategies—instantly pick up and recall—can’t be beat.

The Cons:

  • Graphics and sound have come a long way since 1996—and Gen 1 Pokémon haven’t kept up with the times.
  • The Pokédex could use an upgrade; it’s far too limited in its current form.
  • Let’s not forget about the outdated battle system; the game mechanic was groundbreaking when it was released, but competitive players may be put off by it nowadays.

With the ever-changing Pokémon landscape, it’s understandable to wonder if the definitive original Pokémon games should remain the same or change with the times. While there are some advantages to updating the graphics and expanding the roster, some fear that the core experience that made the original games so popular would be lost. Ultimately, it’s up to the fans whether they want to see a graphical overhaul of the original games, or if they prefer to keep the charm of the originals intact.


Q: What is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

A: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are two titles in the very popular Pokemon series of video games. They were released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS system and feature the iconic gameplay of the series with some additional elements.

Q: What is the argument for getting the Black and White treatment?

A: It’s argued that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should get the Black and White treatment because they have a unique visual style and setting. The argument is that if the games were given a graphical update and some new features, it would be much more enjoyable for fans and draw in a whole new audience.

Q: What is the argument against getting the Black and White treatment?

A: The argument against getting the Black and White treatment is that the games are already popular and don’t need an update to make them more successful. Some argue that changing the visuals and adding new features won’t really improve the game, and could even make it worse for fans who love the classic version.

In the end, the debate between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet receiving the Black and White treatment will continue, and the decision remains up to the developers at Game Freak. However, it has become clear that with these games, new players are going to get a unique, nostalgic, and immersive experience the world of Pokemon has to offer. It might not be the same as its predecessors, but it holds a special place in our digital hearts.

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