“There shouldn’t be any question marks over Ravindra Jadeja in T20Is” – Aakash Chopra reckons all-rounder has been rested for WI tour
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Ravindra Jadeja’s exclusion from the Indian squad for the upcoming West Indies tour has been raising a few eyebrows. Fans all over are asking why the talented all-rounder from Saurashtra has been given the rest. However, renowned cricket expert Aakash Chopra recently commented that there shouldn’t be any question marks over Jadeja’s exclusion and that the move should be applauded. Read on to find out why this decision is being praised and how it could benefit Indian cricket in the long run.

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1. Aakash Chopra clears the air: Ravindra Jadeja Should Not Face Doubt

Former cricketer, Aakash Chopra has come out in support of Ravindra Jadeja and taken the eminent step of clearing the air regarding the off-spinner’s perceived ‘inconsistent’ performance. According to Chopra, Ravindra Jadeja should not face any doubt and instead be seen as a strong asset for team India. He highlights the following as reasons for his opinion:

  • Confidence – Chopra believes that Ravindra Jadeja has all the confidence to perform and take the team forward.
  • Experience – He is an invaluable asset due to his experience and know how of the game.
  • Versatility – Chopra lauds Jadeja’s ability to bowl all kinds of variations and spin an impressive 10 overs.

Chopra went on to state that the all-rounder should not be judged on his performance in one or two matches. He advised the team to give Jadeja more opportunities while relying on him lead them out of tight corners. He emphatically stated that more matches will lead Jadeja to back to his best form.

While everyone had started writing off Jadeja, it seems, thanks to Aakash Chopra, the focus is shifting back to where it should have been, full trust and faith in the off spinner’s ability. After all, Ravindra Jadeja holds the record for India’s highest wicket-taker in Test matches in the last two years.

1. Aakash Chopra clears the air: Ravindra Jadeja Should Not Face Doubt

2. All-round Jadeja Rested for Upcoming West Indies Tour

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has been rested for the upcoming Test tour of West Indies, BCCI announced. The selectors opted to provide him some much-needed time to recoup from injuries and that also ensures he is available for India’s future matches.

The decision to rest Jadeja was mulled since quite a while now and it has been confirmed that the star all-rounder will not make it for this tour. His omission is seen as an opening to explore young players and a chance to give them the opportunity to prove their mettle at the international level.

The selectors have taken into account Jadeja’s injuries, workload and the number of matches being played this season, and proposed that he be given some rest so he can peak at India’s competitive international fixtures. Given his prowess with both bat and ball, Jadeja will be a major loss for Team India. However, fans can be rest assured that the future brings a bright prospect with the team now having a bevy of matches to find their next gem.

3. Aakash Chopra’s Assurance: No Questions over Ravindra Jadeja’s T20I Status

With the ongoing debate over Ravindra Jadeja’s T20I status, former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has come out and brought an assurance that there are no questions over the all-rounder’s presence in the team. Speaking in a recent interview he said:

  • “Ravindra Jadeja has been a consistent performer for India when it comes to T20I cricket. He hasn’t faltered in any way and his prowess is well acknowledged. There is no question as to his position in the team”.

Chopra further highlighted the importance of Jadeja’s batting, bowling and fielding roles in the squad and said that the team was not at a loss due to the absence of Hardik Pandya ahead of the series.

  • “We have seen a very balanced team in the Australian T20I and the absence of Hardik Pandya, even in the series prior to this, has not been much of an issue. This is mainly due to the fact that Jadeja has stepped in to take over the spot.”

Chopra added that looking ahead as well there are no questions over Jadeja’s T20I status and the team would continue to rely on him in the future.

  • “Jadeja is here to stay and his contributions will be valued for the upcoming series where the Indian team will be looking to reclaim their No.1 spot in T20I”

4. Analyzing Aakash Chopra’s Intelligent Take on India’s T20I Allrounder

Aakash Chopra has always been the go-to expert for cricketing wisdom and his take on India’s T20I allrounders is no exception. His intelligent viewpoint is invaluable and worth analyzing in detail.

All Round Ability

  • Aakash believes India currently have four allrounders across the three formats, namely, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Vijay Shankar and Krunal Pandya.
  • He has specifically stressed on the importance of having allrounders in the format, as their utility goes beyond just batting or bowling and become essential with their extra skills set.
  • Furthermore, he believes that Ravindra Jadeja and Krunal Pandya are not just handy with the bat but more so with the ball, even though their batting skills are commendable.

The Future

  • Aakash also feels that the future of T20I cricket in India lies in the development of real allrounders, which currently the Indian team lacks.
  • He stated that despite the surplus of spinning options such as Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, India still don’t have five real allrounders to choose from.
  • In his opinion, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja still aren’t the finished product and need to develop more in order to become genuine allrounders.


Q: Why does Aakash Chopra think that there shouldn’t be any questions marks about Ravindra Jadeja’s place in the T20I squad?

A: According to Aakash Chopra, Ravindra Jadeja has done enough to prove his place on the Indian T20I squad, and any doubts were laid to rest after his performances in the IPL and in international matches. He contends that the all-rounder has been rested for the West Indies tour rather than excluded from the team.

Q: What makes Ravindra Jadeja such a valuable player, in Aakash Chopra’s eyes?

A: Aakash Chopra believes that Ravindra Jadeja’s contributions, both with the bat and ball, make him a valuable asset to the Indian team. His ability to take wickets and score big runs makes him a great option in the middle order. His accurate throwing from the boundary, as well as his renowned fielding skills, also add to his overall value to the team.

Q: What other qualities does Aakash Chopra believe make Ravindra Jadeja a reliable member of the Indian team?

A: Aakash Chopra believes that Ravindra Jadeja’s immense experience and skill set makes him a dependable member of the Indian team. He is confident in his technique and is able to construct his innings and perform various bowling variations, which he has perfected over the course of his career. He also adds a coolness to the team, helping them to stay focused and in control during pressure situations.


Ravindra Jadeja’s exclusion has definitely raised a few eyebrows, but with Aakash Chopra’s opinion, the debate should finally close. After all, with his stellar career, Jadeja has been an inspiration for many aspiring cricketers. But with the injection of fresh faces into the T20 squad, Indian cricket is certain to bring new and exciting results in the Windies series. Who knows, this could be the start of something bigger.

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