“This isn’t a walk in the park” – Former UFC heavyweight predicts an “awful night” for Mexican fans at UFC 290
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Mexico is set for a much-anticipated Sunday night of MMA action as UFC 290 comes to the country. Local fans of the sport are eager to see the fighters in their homeland — but for one former UFC heavyweight, the night ahead may not be enjoyable. Tim Sylvia has predicted an “awful night” for Mexican fans, as he warns that the night may not be a walk in the park. With Sylvia’s intriguing insight, what can fans of the sport look forward to at UFC 290?

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1. “This Isn’t a Walk in the Park” – A Dire Warning Ahead of UFC 290

UFC 290 is quickly approaching, and fans are expecting a thrilling fight between the champion and the contender. But before you delve into the action, read these dire warnings about what to look forward to.

This year’s event promises to be an absolute slugfest from the opening bell, but don’t be fooled by the expected fireworks. The fighters will be tested in ways they may not have anticipated and this could be far from a walk in the park. Here’s what you can expect:

  • More physical endurance than usual
  • Risky and dangerous moves
  • An all-out battle to the finish line

It’s critical that fans know the level of intensity that both men will bring to this fight. Both fighters are well aware that a victory will be the best look for the fans, and they’re ready to do what it takes to get the job done. Expect plenty of heart-stopping action, as well as some of the most vicious strikes we’ve ever seen in the octagon.


2. Predicting an “Awful Night” for Mexican Fans at UFC 290

Mexican fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship have been dealt a tough blow ahead of UFC 290. In a night filled with hopes of glory, it looks set to be a difficult evening for those pulling for the land of tequila and tacos.

Fighters Out of Favor with the Crowd

With both the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions being represented, there will be no shortage of wrestling and ground work on show. However, the matchups pit two Mexican-born fighters against non-Mexicans, effectively thwarting the presence of the passionate Mexican supporters. Both fights had the potential to be feel-good affairs with the Mexican fans firmly behind the home countries fighter. But, instead, anticipation has been replaced with disappointment.

  • Mayra Bueno Silva vs Hannah Cifers
  • Humberto Bandenay vs Grant Dawson

The Heavyweight Disadvantage

Adding to the dismay of the Mexican faithful, the heavyweight fight between Augusto Sakai and Blagoy Ivanov carries its own unfortunate dynamic. Sakai hails from Brazil, a country with fiercely competing rivalries and allegiances in the sport. The clash of cultures thrusts two groups of fans into a head to head battle, with the Mexican faction virtually forgotten in the mix.

  • Augusto Sakai vs Blagoy Ivanov

From Celebration to Flatness

In what seemed destined be a night of celebration for the Mexican faithful has instead become yet another night of adversity. For a few short moments, Mexican fans dared to dream of glory, of triumph and of magical moments. The thought of both breathtaking knockouts and submissions – two things the Mexicans are known for – had the excitement mounted, only to succumb to the cold, hard facts of the scheduled matchups.

3. The Heightened Tension of a High Stakes UFC Matchup

Nothing beats the tension of a high stakes UFC match-up. As soon as the fighters are introduced, a tingle of anticipation and excitement crackles through the air. Every detail is heightened, and it’s almost easy to forget to breathe throughout the house as the fight progresses.

Be it for the championship belt, a winner-takes-all prize, or simply a bragging right, when two fighters face each other in an important matchup, the stakes are raised and the atmosphere in the arena peaks. Every punch, kick and submission move is cheered, gasped and booed with particular vigour.

There’s something unbearable about the feeling of suspense and anticipation as the fight reaches its final stages. It’s an almost spiritual experience as the tension builds until the referee declares the victor. It’s difficult to capture the strange coil of emotions that accompany a high stakes prise fight:

  • Joy at the victorious fighter achieving glory
  • Remorse at the tragic loss of the other
  • Pride for being able to witness such a showcase of skills
  • Disbelief at the sheer energy, quickness and strength of the contestants

Whether you’re in the arena or simply watching the battle unfold on screen, a good high stakes UFC match is an experience like no other.

4. Examining the Potential Impact of a Mexican Loss at UFC 290

The potential impact of a Mexican loss at UFC 290 is an issue that has caused considerable churn among mixed martial arts (MMA) fans. Should Mexico’s pride and joy, the UFC champion Fabricio Werdum, be outmatched in the octagon, the ramifications would be far-reaching. Let us examine a few of these here:

  • The Mexican MMA fighter community would be hit hard. These men and women have worked hard to uphold the reputation of their country within the discipline, and a loss would be devastating for their morale.
  • MMA promotion in Mexico would be adversely affected. The fans of Fabricio Werdum have made UFC a popular domestic sport and the loss of their hero could cause a noticeable decrease in attendance.
  • At a global level, Fabricio’s loss would lead to a decrease of Mexico’s international MMA presence. Werdum’s victory gave Mexico the status of a legitimate MMA power and a defeat would tarnish that reputation.

These are just a few of the effects that a Mexican loss at UFC 290 would induce. The aftermath of such an event would be perturbing on both a personal and a national level; supporters of the sport the world over must prepare for the potential repercussions, should Fabricio Werdum not emerge from the octagon triumphant.


Q: Why does former UFC heavyweight Chuck Liddell think UFC 290 will be an “awful night” for Mexican fans?

A: Chuck Liddell believes fans will be in for a tough night at UFC 290 because the heavyweight fight between Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum is unlikely to end via knockout or submission. With both men being extremely skilled and experienced, Liddell believes it could be an extended battle to the judges’ decision.

Q: What other factors does Liddell think will contribute to an “awful night” for Mexican fans?

A: Other than the fight likely going to a decision, Liddell also believes the two fighters’ styles may not be entirely exciting for Mexican fans. Velasquez is known for his relentless pressure and ground work, while Werdum is an expert in the grappling arts. Therefore, this could make for a less flashy display than some fans would prefer.


They say there’s no such thing as an easy win, and Fabricio Werdum is living proof of that. With both fighters coming into the octagon with long win streaks, this is set to be a violent battle between two of the best heavyweights on the UFC roster. Whatever the night ends up looking like, it is sure to be an exhilarating ride into the possibilities within the heavyweight division.

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