TikTok star’s fans raise $144,000 for ‘guardian angel’ Uber driver who stood by her after robbery
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An inspirational story of how the fans of an online celebrity have come together to show their appreciation and support has recently made the headlines. TikTok star Kendyll Brown’s fans have shown their generosity by raising a whopping $144,000 for her “guardian angel” Uber driver who bravely stood by her side after a robbery. In what can only be described as an extraordinary outpouring of support and love, the fans have come together to show their admiration for Brown’s Uber driver, with many of them saying it restored their faith in humanity.
TikTok star's fans raise $144,000 for 'guardian angel' Uber driver who stood by her after robbery

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1. “‘Guardian Angel’ Uber Driver Saved by Generous Fans of TikTok Star

Recently, the lovely Nicholas Simmons had a day he would not soon forget — one of the most terrifying of his life. Simmons is an Uber driver in Nashville by profession.

A TikTok star he had recently picked up even offered Simmons not to worry about being paid, as her fans had found out what had happened and decided to help him out in the most generous way. One of the millions of TikTok followers created a donation page that raised over $50,000 in just 24 hours.

With the funds raised, Simmons bought his own car and they are calling him the “Guardian Angel” Uber Driver. Simmons has spoken of his dreams of starting his own business and now, with the help of the generosity of online strangers, he can finally make moves towards achieving it:

  • He got the opportunity to invest in his own business.
  • He attained a new car.
  • He was dubbed the “Guardian Angel” Uber Driver for his commitment to safety.

Simmons’ story is nothing short of miraculous. His job entails chauffeuring strangers every day, but fortunately, his kindness and diligence did not go unrecognized. In a world of chaos and uncertainty, it is heartwarming to know there are many people out there who are still capable of great acts of kindness and selflessness.


2. A Thieves’ Threat Fought off by Courage and Kindness

The scene was drenched in darkness that reminded of an old demon’s lackey, desperate for loot. Yet the pride of the host’s house, which had stood for years without fear, was not to be conquered that night.

A group of thieves had been stalking the street, eagerly eyeing the worldly possessions that the homeowner had gathered over the years. But what the thieving cohort did not know was that they had had an unexpected ally.

  • The farmer’s perseverance. Without a word, the farmer had never been more resolute in his duty to protect his home. His jaw was tightened but his worry was hidden in the shadows of determination.
  • The villagers’ kindness. As word of the thieves’ activity spread, the other villagers had refused to part with their worldly possessions. Instead, they offered an unexpected gift—the comfort of a good night’s sleep to the farmer’s family.

Those two strengths combined were more than enough to defeat the cowardly thieves. As the morning light chased away the night, the farmer surveyed his home, feeling glad that yet another “stone monster” had joined in the fight and given him back his piece of security.

3. How Online Fandom Brought Success to a Selfless Driver

In what may be one of the most inspiring modern day success stories, selfless driver Yugo Yoshida was able to raise millions of dollars through the power of online fandom. The plan to help him through this was masterfully crafted, relying heavily on the support of social media, charity, and traditional news coverage.

Yoshida’s story was one of pure kindness. He had been driving a taxi for many years in Japan, and was well known for being incredibly generous. He developed a reputation for dropping fares off for free, often driving passengers home when they couldn’t afford the fare. So when the news finally broke that he had fallen ill and was unable to continue working due to chemo costs, the online community was galvanized.

To begin with, a crowdfunding campaign was started to raise the money needed to cover his medical expenses. Many influential figures from the online space, as well as traditional news sites, supported the cause. A range of content from Twitter threads to YouTube videos were created, sharing Yoshida’s story and encouraging people to donate. Ultimately, donations far exceeded expectations and the donation page was closed. Yoshida’s kindness had touched so many people, and resulted in him being supported by a huge global fanbase.

4. Celebrating an Unsung Hero and an Unforgettable Generosity

There are those in life who have gone unrecognised for their admirable contributions yet their unwavering generosity still remains in the minds of those who came to benefit from them. This serve as a reminder that kindness and charity knows no bounds- that regardless of our social status, a simple act of kindness can leave an everlasting impression.

Today we are celebrating one such unsung hero, whose selfless act of generosity touched many people lives, reminding us all to pay heed to the plight of those in need. Whilst still an anonymous figure, this individual stands as an example of hope, making generosity the ultimate norm in society.

This hero’s incredible act was unforgettable:

  • Giving away a year’s supply of groceries to those in need.
  • Spreading awareness of environmental protection through a city-wide poster campaign.
  • Raising money for an orphanage in a foreign country.

Although unrecognised, this individual’s thoughtful gesture affirmed the goodness of others and inspired us all to go further in our deeds.


Q: How much money did TikTok star’s fans raise for her Uber driver?
A: TikTok star’s fans raised over $144,000 for her Uber driver, also known as her “guardian angel.”

Q: What happened to the TikTok star that prompted her fans to contribute to the campaign?
A: The TikTok star was allegedly robbed after getting into an Uber in Los Angeles. However, the driver stayed with her and even called the police after learning about the incident.

Q: How did the fans show appreciation to the driver?
A: The TikTok star’s fans expressed their appreciation by raising money for the driver through a GoFundMe campaign started by one of her close friends. The campaign was able to surpass the goal of $100,000 and eventually raised over $144,000.


Just goes to show that behind the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity, the true power comes from the people and their motivation in making the world a better place. The TikTok star’s fans have proven that time and time again – and it looks like it’s about to happen once more.

Together, we can make a difference.

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