Toronto Maple Leafs rumors: Latest updates on new Austin Matthews deal, William Nylander’s extension disagreement
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As the Toronto Maple Leafs enter the upcoming season, fans are buzzing with excitement and the anticipation of what’s in store. In particular, conversations are filled with the latest rumors about the team’s two biggest stars, Austin Matthews and William Nylander. Read on to learn more about the latest news and updates on Toronto Maple Leafs’ biggest stars!
Toronto Maple Leafs rumors: Latest updates on new Austin Matthews deal, William Nylander's extension disagreement

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1. Maple Leafs Make Momentous Moves: Bold Rumors of a New Austin Matthews Deal

As the Toronto Maple Leafs make a series of bold moves this summer to reboot their roster, the biggest rumor yet has just arrived: a new deal for superstar forward Austin Matthews. With newfound cap space and resources, the Leafs are in a unique position to attract top talent and blaze a new path this offseason. Here are the most prominent details of the exciting rumor:

  • A generous multi-year contract – Reports indicate the Leafs are offering Matthews a long-term extension worth upwards of $11M a year.
  • Unparalleled commitment – The Maple Leafs haven’t been shy about making Matthews their cornerstone player, rewarding his immense talent and loyalty with meaningful investment and long-term security near the top of the pay grade.
  • More to come – With this potential deal on the way, the Leafs seem to be just getting started. It could be the beginning of a remarkable summer for the team as they look to reload and make their way back to the playoffs.

It remains to be seen if the rumor will prove true. But if it does, it will surely send shockwaves across the NHL’s Eastern Conference, and give the Maple Leafs one of their most legendary players in their history. As the league awaits confirmation, one thing is certain: change is in the air for the blue and white.

1. Maple Leafs Make Momentous Moves: Bold Rumors of a New Austin Matthews Deal

2. Ins and Outs of William Nylander’s Extension Disagreement

The Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander have been locked in an extension disagreement for months, unable to come to an agreement on the former first-round pick’s long-term future in the city.

One thing is for certain: Toronto will be Nylander’s home for the 2018/19 season, as the two sides have come to terms on a one-year contract. But when it comes to the long-term, the questions remain. How long is the extension? What’s the money involved? Will this be a bridge deal?

Behind the Disagreement

  • Toronto is unwilling to commit to a long-term deal without seeing further development in Nylander’s game.
  • Nylander is looking for a big payday worthy of a talented, 44-point scorer.
  • The Leafs don’t want to overpay in an effort to hold on to Nylander when they have other expensive contracts approaching.

The standoff may drag on throughout the season, as reigning NHL goal leader Auston Matthews and dynamic winger Mitch Marner become eligible for extensions next summer. It will be interesting to see who blinks first in this high stakes game of chicken.

3. Taking Stock of the Leafs’ Steep Upcoming Challenges

The Toronto Maple Leafs are faced with some stiff competition in the upcoming months. With a balanced and competitive Atlantic Division, the jump to the playoffs will be anything but easy. The Leafs have to dig deep if they’re going to get the job done.

The Leafs need to take stock of the difficult tasks they’re up against:

  • High Quality Competition: The Atlantic Division features three teams that were among the Top 4 in the Eastern Conference last season. The Leafs need to take the time to understand the strengths of each team in order to best match up against them.
  • Injuries: With a starting lineup that already isn’t deep, any missing players due to injury are likely to deliver a big blow to the team’s chances. The team needs to take this into consideration when setting their game plan.
  • Confidence: It’s essential the Leafs remain strong on the ice and play with confidence if they want to succeed. A unified team that sticks together, regardless of any obstacles they face, can be an effective tool in getting results.

Battling against the best that the Eastern Conference has to offer will be a test. Taking stock of these challenges and tackling them head-on is the only way the Leafs will make it back to the playoffs.

4. Is Toronto Ready for a Franchise-Shaking Summer?

As the Toronto Raptors head towards another championship run, the team already has one eye on the future. There’s no doubt that the Raptors are looking to make a few big moves this summer to keep their momentum going.

Raptors fans should prepare themselves for a franchise-shaking summer. This might involve a blockbuster trade or full-scale rebuild. There are many directions the Raptors can take and it will be interesting to see which path the team takes.

Here are some possibilities this team has to consider:

  • The Raptors could decide to stick with their championship winning core, but could bring in a few high-profile free agents to bolster the lineup.
  • The team may also look to re-sign some of its key players, or even go out and acquire a top-tier talent to form a superteam.
  • Looking in the opposite direction, the Raptors could opt to tear down the roster and start a complete overhaul. This could involve trading veterans for younger pieces and attempting to build through the draft.

Whatever decisions the Raptors make this summer, it’s sure to set the tone of the franchise for years to come. So buckle up Raptors fans, for this might just be the most exciting summer of basketball in Toronto Raptors history.


Q: What is the latest update on the new Austin Matthews deal?

A: Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs recently agreed to a new five-year contract extension, worth $58.17 million. The deal will keep Matthews in Toronto for the foreseeable future, and will keep him among the highest-paid players in the NHL.

Q: What is the status of William Nylander’s extension disagreement?

A: Nylander and the Maple Leafs have been in a stalemate concerning an extension to his contract. Nylander has been a restricted free agent since July 1st, and negotiations between the two sides have been rocky. However, recent reports suggest that both sides are eager to reach an agreement, and a deal may be announced soon.

As the NHL season continues, the Toronto Maple Leafs are sure to keep up their competitive energy. Only time will tell what will come out of the recently-rumored deals, and how they will affect the Maple Leafs moving forward. With great players like Austin Matthews and William Nylander leading the way, the future of the Maple Leafs looks bright. For updates on the latest news in the Maple Leafs universe, stay tuned for all the latest news and rumors.

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