Two iconic 90 Day couples just joined the 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1 cast
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It’s been a wild ride for fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and it just keeps getting better! Two of the most iconic couples in the franchise’s history have just joined the cast of 90 Day: The Last Resort, the newest spin-off series of the expansive franchise. Prepare to be reunited with two of your favorite 90 Day couples, as the explosive drama of last season is brought to new heights. Who will be able to successfully overcome their obstacles and last the season? Get ready to find out!
Two iconic 90 Day couples just joined the 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1 cast

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1. Celebrating Love: 90 Day Fiancé Adds Beloved Couples to Latest Series

90 Day Fiancé’s latest series is full of beloved couples that celebrate love in a unique way. After a whirlwind proposal, couples face the ultimate test of their relationship: the K-1 visa interview. With a 90-day timeline looming and all eyes on them, viewers witness the struggle these couples go through to make it work.

The unique journey to happily ever after is even more special when the couple is an international pair. As the United States has travel restrictions due to COVID-19, some of the cast are still waiting to make it to America to be reunited with their fiancés. Luckily, the stars on the show are able to find ways to nurture their relationship from afar.

Season 8 will bring the return of fan favorites like Jorge and Anfisa, Tim and Melyza, Deavan and Jihoon, and Tarik and his brother Dean. But viewers can also look forward to meeting the newest couples – just some of the usual array of characters whose stories are bound to captivate. Here are 3 things to love about the series:

  • It’s a real-life reality show, full of drama, surprise, and excitement.
  • The couples bring a newfound optimism to the show, epitomizing the idea that true love can conquer all obstacles.
  • You can witness couples from different cultures, countries and backgrounds come together as one.

As 90 Day Fiancé celebrates love between spouses from all different walks of life, it’s time to look forward to the newest season.

1. Celebrating Love: 90 Day Fiancé Adds Beloved Couples to Latest Series

2. Making Magic: Introducing Two Iconic 90 Day Couples in Season 1 of ’90 Day: The Last Resort’

The first season of ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ is full of magic as it introduces some of the most iconic couples in the series. Here’s a look at two memorable couples that have changed the show forever.

  • Jorge and Anfisa. This couple had a turbulent but passionate relationship. Despite their differences, they found love and compassion in each other. Their honest and open conversations in the show made them the fan favorite couple of season 1.
  • Nicole and Azan. This couple was a major highlight of the show. They had a complicated relationship due to differences in culture and lifestyle. Nicole and Azan’s communication with each other bluntly showed the audience the struggles and joys of intercultural relationships.

These two couples opened the doors to other couples on the show, making the season 1 of ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ even more remarkable. Whether you loved or hated Jorge and Anfisa, or Nicole and Azan, both couples made sure the audience felt invested in their journey.

3. Bringing Romance Back: Revisiting the Love Stories of 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1

Tony and Chelsea’s Fairytale Romance

The first season of 90 Day: The Last Resort introduced viewers to the budding love between Tony and Chelsea. Both had made the journey to try and save their failing marriages, but instead discovered each other. From their very first date, both Tony and Chelsea felt something special between them. As their romance blossomed, they began to realize how strong the connection between them was. Though things were never easy for them, the couple was ultimately determined to make their love work, and their journey was undeniably inspiring.

Eli and Jackie: A Redemption Story

The Love story between Eli and Jackie was one New Zealand viewers were really invested in. After both suffered deeply and painfully in their marriages, they had decided to give the other a second chance. It was a bumpy and uncertain journey for them as they continued to heal and learn to trust and move forward. But with patience and hard-work, their love was eventually rewarded, as they declared their commitment to each other publicly.

Jasmine and Michael: Rekindling an Old Flame

Season one viewers also fondly remember Jasmine and Michael’s romantic story. This couple had known each other since they were teenagers, but had gone in their separate ways for several years. Until the fateful night they both found themselves on the same retreat looking to save their marriages. When an old flame is rekindled, it brings a different kind of joy. And for Michael and Jasmine, they found strength in their shared history to keep their love burning brightly.

Returning Favorites

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is filled with captivating stories and unique couples, and the upcoming season is full of excitement. Fans will be delighted to catch up with two of their favorite duos from previous seasons: Chantel and Pedro and Colt and Larissa.

Chantel and Pedro first arrived on our tv screens in the fourth season. Since then, they have regularly featured in the show’s spinoffs such as The Family Chantel. During that time, we’ve watched their story progress from an unconventional romance to a well-developed connection.

The same can be said for Colt and Larissa, who have also made regular appearances on our show. Fans eagerly await to see the progress of their relationship, from Colt’s mother disapproving of Larissa to the couple’s fight against the US government for Larissa’s visa.

If you want to catch up on what has happened so far, both couples have active YouTube channels that offer more than a glimpse into their lives.

  • Chantel and Pedro
  • Colt and Larissa

These two beloved couples are set to add a new twist to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Now, viewers will be able to track the progress of these well-known couples and find out how their relationships develop further.

If you are as excited as we are, make sure to tune in on the premiere date and follow Chantel and Pedro and Colt and Larissa throughout the course of the season. It promises to be full of drama, love, and of course, controversial moments. It is time to get ready for the rise of these two romantic duos and the journeys that await!


Q: What is the show 90 Day: The Last Resort all about?
A: 90 Day: The Last Resort is a new spinoff of the hit TLC series 90 Day Fiancé. It follows six couples who are on the brink of either ending their relationships or taking them to the next level. The show will follow them as they spend the titular 90 days at a tropical vacation resort to try and decide their fate.

Q: Who are the two iconic 90 Day Fiance’ couples joining the cast?
A: The two iconic couples joining the cast are Paola and Russ from season one of 90 Day Fiancé, and Loren and Alexei from season four. Both couples have had a tumultuous, yet memorable time together on the show and they’re sure to bring a lot of drama to the new season of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

Q: What kind of activities will the couples be doing on the show?
A: The couples will be engaging in a variety of activities from group challenges to soloventures as they try to work through the issues in their relationships. They’ll also get to visit various scenic locations in the area, and take part in interactive events and workshops to help them come to new understandings and agreements.

Q: When will 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1 air?
A: The first season of 90 Day: The Last Resort will air on TLC in early 2021.

For fans of 90 Day: The Last Resort, this news couldn’t come any better – two of the favorite 90 Day Fiance couples just joined the cast, and viewers can expect incredible things. Don’t miss the premiere and catch up with these two amazing couples.

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