Utah mom paid her daughter $500 for 100 dates and TikTok approves 
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When it comes to motherly advice, one Utah mom had an unconventional yet effective approach for teaching her daughter about dating. After offering her precocious daughter $500 to go on 100 different dates, this approach gained the approval of internet users on TikTok.
Utah mom paid her daughter $500 for 100 dates and TikTok approves 

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1. Rewarding Romance: A Utah Mother’s Act of Generosity

In the age of Zoom meetings and social distancing, it can be hard to make a romantic gesture stand out. That’s why a Utah mother decided to pull out all the stops to reward her daughter’s long-distance relationship with a truly unique and generous gift.

The daughter, a student at BYU, had been dating her long-distance partner for two years. With their college campuses thousands of miles apart, it was hard for them to find time to be together. The mother wanted to do something special to demonstrate her support of their relationship.

Her act of generosity? To pay for her daughter’s partner to fly out and join her in Utah for a few days. This kindhearted gesture is one that many other families can appreciate — after all, the cost of airfare is not insignificant. But for this mother, it was a small price to pay to see her daughter happy and to celebrate the love that was blossoming between two young people.

1. Rewarding Romance: A Utah Mother's Act of Generosity

2. Dating Their Way to $500: A Bold Parental Experiment

When it comes to teaching kids about money, one couple took a brave step. Rather than just telling their kids the importance of saving money, this daring pair decided to turn their instruction into a real-world experiment.

In case you missed it, we’re talking about something that happened in April 2020, when Dylan Allred and his wife Kaelyn Wallen planned a dating game for their two daughters—one aged 8 and the other 14—that, when completed, would fetch them $500 each as reward.

  • The game focused on the concept of opportunity cost and the relationship between risk and reward.
  • Every task was monitored and judged by the parents.
  • The daughters had to develop their own strategies to complete the tasks.

The challenge required 10 dates that each daughter had to independently buy, plan, and execute over 10 weeks. Every date had to either be low cost or free, include a creative activity and, most importantly, an educational opportunity—something both parents fervently support. After every completed date, the daughters would receive an envelope with money, adding up to $500 at the end—a much-desired pair of sneakers—all lovingly part of this unorthodox exercise.

3. TikTok Upholding Impactful Parenting: The Surprisingly Progressive Moment

Parenting these days is quite the challenge for many families. With the constantly changing landscape of child-rearing and all the nuances it requires, it can be a hard slog to make sure you’re doing the best job possible. Luckily, TikTok is here to offer up an inventive and progressive way to tackle parenting.

TikToks School of Parenting
TikTok homes in on the complexities of parenting by offering up an online school of sorts. Here, viewers can explore videos from parents around the world with different parenting styles. It doesn’t just stop there. TikTok allows for users to step up and offer advice to help other parents establish the best course of action. Also, users can find information and tutorials from parenting experts to help navigate parenthood.

Upholding Values
Not only does the app provide necessary information, but it also keeps ideals in check. When users post videos, the comments are heavily moderated by the app to ensure no offensive language is used. This is especially important when it comes to topics related to sensitivity. Second, the app also puts a focus on celebrating multiculturalism and diversity, which gives viewers a well-rounded look into parenting.

  • TikTok allows parents to explore different parenting styles
  • Videos offer advice and tutorials from parenting experts
  • Comments are moderated to keep ideals in check
  • Celebrating multiculturalism and diversity

TikTok is helping bridge the gap between parents and finding the best path to parenting. This app is proving to be surprisingly progressive in the realm of parenting, especially in its willingness to listen and act on feedback that supports meaningful parenting Moments.

4. Is Dating Now Being Paid in Cash? Exploring the Implications of this Controversial Act

In today’s world, the concept of paying cash for a date has increasingly grown in popularity. With the swift advent of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, a growing number of individuals are questioning the implications of this move. What, if anything, does such a transaction signify for our society?

To start, this concept may appear to reek of gender bias and objectification. Economic transaction for a date could easily be seen as a sign of desperation amongst those searching for companionship. Despite this, some proponents argue that cash payments provide an ‘acceptable’ way for relations between two people to take place with minimal risk. This could be due to the fact that with both parties explicitly aware of the purchase, the opportunity of a misunderstanding occurring is greatly diminished.

Furthermore, it ought not to be forgotten that this movement is steps away from the traditional concept of trade and barter. In some cases, it could be seen as a powerful way of reclaiming suppressed agency. Negotiation and agreement play a large part in such arrangements, and under certain conditions, individuals may believe they are empowered to negotiate for whatever terms they deem necessary. Ultimately, only those who undertake such a course of action can advise upon the ride of each journey.

  • Pros
    • Reduces misunderstanding due to consensual agreement
    • Opportunity for individuals to reclaim their agency
  • Cons
    • Can be seen as a sign of desperation
    • Potential objectification and gender bias


Q: What did the Utah mom do?
A: The Utah mom paid her daughter $500 for setting up 100 dates.

Q: How did the daughter feel about this idea?
A: The daughter was excited to participate in the experiment and found the opportunity to be fun and rewarding.

Q:Why did the Utah mom decide to make the payment?
A: The Utah mom wanted to help her daughter become more confident in the dating world and thought this experiment could provide valuable experience and insight.

Q: How did TikTok respond to the news?
A: TikTok was very supportive of the Utah mom and daughter, praised the idea as an innovative way to help kids become more independent and confident in their dating skills.


The experiment conducted by the Utah mom is an example of her unique approach to life and parenting. She provides an interesting take on the values and experiences we should be teaching our children. Though this experiment stirred up controversy across social media, it also prompted discussions about the importance of teaching our children the value of time, discovering a sense of adventure, and learning healthy relationships.

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