VALORANT: Artista cria versão masculina de Jett
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The competitive shooter game VALORANT is quickly making headway in the gaming community, and it’s not just for the action. Featuring vibrant scene-setting and character designs, it’s no surprise that one artist was inspired by the game’s heroine Jett, and created a male version of the character. Here’s a closer look at this new creation, made from the same strong material as Jett herself.
VALORANT: Artista cria versão masculina de Jett

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1. Unleashing the Male Version of Jett in VALORANT

Dedicated male fans of Jett in VALORANT have been waiting for the gender-swap update since day one, and now it’s finally here. Say hello to the male version of Jett, called Jett Prime!

Coming with the update are a few creative goodies, helping fans to better express how they play the game. Firstly, each Agent in the game has a special Weapon Skin which is unlocked when hitting a certain level. With the male version of Jett, players will be able to get the Jett Prime Weapon Skin. This is a fusion of the two versions, with a completely new design and colorway, giving players a sleek black look.

Alongside the Weapon Skin, fans of the male version of Jett are also getting a set of cosmetic alternate looks. There are six new classic looks, and they each have a unique story behind them. Each of these looks unlocks a unique story which helps players to understand why Jett is the way he is in the world of VALORANT. With the male version of Jett, players are really getting to the heart of the character and understand his place and story in the game.

1. Unleashing the Male Version of Jett in VALORANT

2. Putting a Male Spin On a Classic Female Character

Creating a male version of a classic female character can be challenging, but with the right approach, it can also be surprisingly rewarding. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when trying to give a unique spin to a well-known character:

  • Rethink gender roles: Don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional expectations of gender roles. For centuries, aspects like strength, heroism, and autonomy have often been deemed as being masculine traits, and those should not be restricted to male characters only. Consider having a male character exhibit traditionally feminine traits, or play the role of a nurturing or emotional figure.
  • Subvert stereotypes: Traditional gender stereotypes should not limit creativity when re-inventing male versions of female characters. Rather than relying on cliches, think of ways to go beyond the expected norms and add depth and complexity to the re-imagined character. This could include finding subtle ways to play with gender expectations, breaking down preconceived notions of what a male character should be like, and introducing new, unexpected elements into the character’s story.
  • Start from scratch: Take a step back from the source material and treat the process as an entirely new character development. Consider the core traits of the original character and begin to think about how to reinterpret them for the male version. Use the ideas and inspiration gathered from the original to create something distinctive and genuinely unique.

At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to rethinking a female character into a male one. By following the tips outlined above and allowing creativity to drive the process, you will be sure to produce something truly original and authentic. So, take the plunge and explore new possibilities for your classic characters!

3. Exploring the Male Jett: A New Look at an Old Favourite

The classic Male Jett has been beloved among gamers for generations, and for good reason. Its unique blend of power and agility make it an iconic part of gaming history and culture. But with the recent surge in popularity of Male Jetts, the challenge to find a new look has been met with enthusiasm.

Fortunately, the massive number of custom designs for Male Jetts has left players spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for something aesthetic or for an edge in the arena, there’s surely something for you. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Fire-Breathing: An old-school classic with a fiery spin. Transform your Male Jett into a rolling inferno of destruction.
  • Stealth Mode: Turn your Male Jett into a silent assassin by upgrading it with dark shades and a matte finish.
  • Galactic Warrior: Usher in a new age of gaming with your own cosmic-inspired Male Jett. Get creative with custom starry designs.

No matter what kind of custom Male Jett you go for, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. Have fun exploring all the possibilities and show off your new look to your friends!

4. Breaking the Boundaries of an Established Character

Broadening the scope of a character can be liberating and inspiring. Breaking through the limits of a persona can be a thrilling challenge, especially if it leaves some surprises in its wake!

What’s the secret to breaking free from the boundaries of an established character? By exploring their depths. When you dig deep, you discover uncharted waters, uncover hidden desires, and gain an insight into unexplored aspects. Consider your character’s:

  • Dreams
  • Ambitions
  • Regrets
  • Passions

How do they seek fulfillment? What are their secret longings and hidden fears?

The crux of the matter is that even characters perceived as immutable have the power to surprise. There may come a situation where your character faces a dilemma, and in the effort to meet their goals, they must take a path that threatens to redefine their identity. Will they avoid it, hoping to stay on track? Or will they take the plunge into a world uncharted and brave the storm of transformation?


Q: What is VALORANT?
A: VALORANT is a 5v5, character-based, competitive shooter game developed by Riot Games.

Q: Who created the male version of Jett from VALORANT?
A: The male version of Jett from VALORANT was created by the Brazilian artist Matheus ‘Zanoah’ Silva.

Q: How was the male version of Jett created?
A: Matheus ‘Zanoah’ Silva used a combination of 3D modeling and digital drawing to create the male version of Jett from VALORANT.

Q: What is unique about the male version of Jett from VALORANT?
A: The male version of Jett is unique because it features a distinct style of design which was created through a blend of video game and “Street Art” culture.

Are you excited to see what else developers have in store for the new male version of Jett? We know we are! From new maps to characters, VALORANT continues to provide us with plenty of exciting features that keep us coming back for more. Don’t miss out on the latest news and check back soon for all the latest updates!

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