VALORANT: Atualização 7.01 traz Etapa Ignição do Premier
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Riot is back with yet another exciting update to VALORANT. After weeks of hype building on social media, the highly-awaited 7.01 update is finally here! Get ready as it introduces the Ignition stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour – Premier. Get ready to be mesmerized by the nonstop competitive action that awaits as the world’s best VALORANT gamers show why they are the cream of the crop!
VALORANT: Atualização 7.01 traz Etapa Ignição do Premier

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1. Valve Launches Premier Ignition Event with VALORANT 7.01 Update

Valve has launched its inaugural Ignition Series event for its new tactical shooter, VALORANT, with a thrilling 7.01 update! Millions of eager gamers are raring to jump into the fray of VALORANT’s tactical chaos.

Here’s what the event offers:

  • Multi-region competitions hosted by renowned international organizations
  • Prize pools with up to $100,000
  • Riot’s new Compete platform

The Ignition Series features an array of impressive lineups and format variations. Each event offers up a competitive setting that brings players of all levels together to battle for a chance at the grand prize. Players of any skill level are welcomed, from entry-level gamers to veteran esports pros.

Organized and administered using Riot’s Compete platform, you can expect a live and real-time system of brackets and tournaments. During this weekend’s 7.01 update, players will be able to join the competitive experience by visiting the relevant tournament pages and sign up.
1. Valve Launches Premier Ignition Event with VALORANT 7.01 Update

2. What’s New in the VALORANT 7.01 Update?

With the latest update, Riot Games has brought some excellent new features players who enjoy a challenging and dynamic battlefield. The changes to the game are quite extensive and show a dedication to balance and improvement for the players. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in VALORANT’s 7.01 update.

  • Observer Mode: This feature allows coaches to watch matches and make strategic changes with the help of additional information. Coaches can bring up stats, analyze locations, and watch previous combat encounters of all the agents involved.
  • Map Pool Expansion: In this patch there have been three new maps included into the game that put players in complex and varied firing positions. The new maps are Breeze, Icebox, and Split. Each of these maps feature exciting new spots and angles for attacking and defending players.
  • Attackers Getting a Boost: Attackers have been given an extra boost with this patch, with abilities being improved to give them more tools to say the least. Phantom, Omen, and Brimstone’s abilities have been altered and improved to make a major impact on the attackers.

On top of the changes in the game, a new battle pass has been introduced which will reward players with rewards for gaining XP. This pass, along with some adjustments to agents’ abilities and the new maps, will create an exciting and dynamic experience for all VALORANT players.

3. Ignition Event: Qualifying and Playing for Premium Rewards

Nothing beats the thrill of qualifying and playing for premium rewards. That’s why more and more aspiring card collectors and gaming professionals alike are looking for ways to get an edge in the competitive world of card collecting and gaming. Here’s what to expect:

  • Qualifying Round: To get in the game, hopefuls must enter a qualifying round and hopefully come out on top. Depending on the game, that could involve proving your skills with puzzles, mastering intense trivia challenges, or honing your strategic capabilities in a game of skill.
  • The Final Showdown: After successfully making it through the qualifying round, contenders must get ready for the final battle. Whether participating from the comfort of home or jetting to a far off battle-ground, these tournaments are no joke. Serious winners can take home major cash prizes and rare, sought-after cards.

But the only way to claim these top rewards is by leveling-up and staying focused on the goal: to come out on top. With the right preparation, attitude, and luck, the possibilities are endless and the rewards can be truly rewarding.

4. Let the Ignition Begin: Enjoy the Ultimate VALORANT Experience!

The glorious moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. It’s time to step up and enjoy the VALORANT experience. Buckle up, because it’s sure to be an exhilarating ride.

Before commencing your journey, take a moment to become acquainted with the powerful arsenal of weapons at your disposal. With intense accuracy, devastating firepower, and ample capacity for destruction, these weapons will give you the edge in any clash. Choose wisely – success in VALORANT combat will depend on the strategy you devise.

With all the necessary bearings in check, it’s time to jump into the fray. Embark on a voyage of finesse and conquer your enemies with skill and finesse. Unlock numerous surprises and bask in the glory of victory. Enjoy these and other features as you experience the true essence of VALORANT: quick-thinking, strategy, and intense action.

  • Unlock riveting rewards
  • Clash in fierce battles against the best players
  • Test your skills in intense combat scenarios


Q: What is VALORANT?

A: VALORANT is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter video game released in June of 2020 and developed and published by Riot Games.

Q: What is the “Ignite Premier” update?

A: The Ignite Premier update is a new step in VALORANT’s Esport ecosystem. Having started with the Ignition Series tournaments, this update introduces the first fully Riot Games supported Premier and Masters tournaments.

Q: What are the main features of the “Ignite Premier” update?

A: The main features of the Ignite Premier update include a new tournament structure, more chances to win prizes, and free skins with every tournament win. In addition to this, there are new customization options for team jerseys, special in-game emotes, unlocks, cash prizes, and special finisher animations.

Q: What are the rewards available for tournament winners?

A: Tournament winners are rewarded with team jersey customization options, exclusive in-game emotes, unlocks, cash prizes, and special finisher animations. Also, each tournament winner will receive a free skin, and any team in the top four will get the MVP jersey.

Prepare yourself to join IGN’s Premier Launch and be one of the first to be able to use the newest VALORANT 7.01 update. Take advantage of the new features that come with the update and get ready to level up your gameplay. As IGN has said, with each new update the game will only get better and more exciting, so be sure to stay tuned and keep on top of each new release.

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