Victor Wembanyama reveals his “Save the Planet” starting 5, includes Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal
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As the world weeps in the wake of the climate emergency, NBA superstar Victor Wembanyama has united the likes of Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal in a new starting 5, striving to make our planet a better place. Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wembanyama revealed his ‘Save the Planet’ team, a combination of some of the biggest names in the game, for an electrifying purpose.
Victor Wembanyama reveals his

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1. Victor Wembanyama Assembles All-Time “Save the Planet” Starting 5

Kristin Hitchcock (SHE): Kristin is a model of environmental stewardship, only using products with recyclable packaging, and only using the car as a last resort. She’s the leader of a local clean-up crew that’s done more than their fair share of trash. As an incredible athlete, Kristin will get the job done when it’s time to save the planet.

Fred Jawando (HE): Fred is an engineer that likes to design new, eco-friendly technologies. Whether it’s a wind turbine, electric car, or robot-managed recycling plant, he’s there with a positive attitude and an open mind. With Fred, coming up with creative solutions to environmental problems is never a challenge!

Jasmine Montoya (SHE): Whether it’s speaking on the issue of plastic pollution or advocating for renewable energy, Jasmine is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to promoting awareness about the fragility of our planet. She never backs down from a debate and is always eager to learn more about new solutions.

Winston Davis (HE): Winston is a steadfast advocate for reducing emissions and protecting our environment. He’s a self-described ‘green geek’ that loves finding new ways to save energy, from installing solar panels to discussing the importance of conservation on social media. If there’s a way to preserve our planet, Winston will find it.

Nina Gordon (SHE): Nina is a true warrior for environmental justice, fighting for the rights of people and animals across the globe. She’s organized several rallies and protests to raise awareness and has even spoken at the United Nations on behalf of endangered species. We are lucky to have Nina on our team and her passion for the planet’s preservation is made clear in her every action.
1. Victor Wembanyama Assembles All-Time

2. Michael Jordan & Shaquille O’Neal Make the Cut

Michael Jordan didn’t invent the game of basketball, but it’s probably not an exaggeration to say he perfected it. His indomitable will and skillful leadership made every team he was on a winner. Jordan’s stats are worthy of admiration, and it seems only fitting that he made the cut for this very list. Other sports minds call him the undisputed king of the court.

Shaquille O’Neal, meanwhile, had a completely different approach to the game. He was a goliath amongst men, his presence on the court completely dominating the inside game. Having played with both Jordan and O’Neal, Charles Barkley called O’Neal the best player he ever played with––showing just how powerful O’Neal’s presence was. Shaq is an all-time great, and clearly earned a spot on this list.

Together, Jordan and O’Neal make up half of the greatest basketball players ever. Both are larger-than-life characters, and demonstrate the evolution of basketball from MJ’s finesse to Shaq’s power. This duo’s impact on the game is sure to be felt for years to come:

  • Jordan: His grace on the court is the stuff of legends
  • O’Neal: He single-handedly changed how the game was played inside the paint

These two players deserve their place in the ranks of all-time greats.

3. Deep Impact and Lasting Legacy of “Save the Planet” Starting 5

The Inception of Change

The Save the Planet Starting 5 was a powerful force, built from the collective commitment of five individuals who were determined to make a real impact on the environment. Each of the five members had their own unique strengths, creating a holistic approach to climate action. They focused on advocacy for the environment, raising awareness of the environment, and taking action against environmental destruction.

The Save the Planet Starting 5 quickly became global icons. Their actions had a deep impact on the public and public opinion began to shift in support of environmental protection. The five members began to influence the political arena, and eco-minded policies started to be implemented within governments.

The Lasting Legacy
Despite the short-term success of the Save the Planet Starting 5, their legacy will continue to extend far beyond their own lifetime. The global system of environmental advocacy they created continues to be invoked in a variety of settings and circumstance.

Their efforts were an important contribution of the steps forward taken by individuals, groups, and governments towards a global and sustainable future. Furthermore, the five members have become powerful symbols for the environment, inspiring future generations to get involved with sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Finally, their work has also created a sense of urgency. People understand that the urgency for environmental action is now, and not in some far-off future. This worldwide shared idea is why Save the Planet Starting 5 will continue to be remembered for many generations.

4. A Call to Action: Time to Get Involved in Protecting Our Planet

We, as humankind, are living at a point in history that requires us to take immediate action and tackle climate change if we want to save our planet. Here are some things we can do to help protect our world:

  • Reduce emissions: We should make every effort to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are put into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, agriculture and other sources. We all need to take a pledge to use renewable resources and limit the need for coal and natural gas.
  • Look for ways to reduce waste: We should try and operate with a “Zero-Waste Principle”, meaning that every bit of waste generated has been, or can be, utilised either in production or consumption (e.g., composting and re-purposing).
  • Live Sustainably: We should start living in a sustainable manner. This means consuming resources only after considering how those resources are produced and how they are used by our species, the planet and its creatures!

There are countless other ideas that can be employed in order to help protect our planet from the human-made threats that are causing climate change. Every effort, no matter how small, counts and adds up to a huge response. We are capable of making a difference and it it’s time to get involved and do our part.

We can create a more sustainable world for us to live in, and it can start today. The more people that join the movement, the sooner a positive change will take place. So get involved today and help us protect our planet.


Q: Who is Victor Wembanyama, and what is his project?

A: Victor Wembanyama is a popular basketball fan and influencer who came up with the idea of his “Save the Planet” starting 5. His project seeks to showcase a star lineup of some of the world’s greatest basketball players who are working to help save the environment.

Q: What is the “Save the Planet” starting 5?

A: The “Save the Planet” starting 5 consists of players from both current and past generations of NBA players. The lineup includes Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, LeBron James, and Dirk Nowitzki. Each of the players have raised awareness about environmental issues in one way or another.

Q: How has each of the players in the “Save the Planet” starting 5 helped to raise awareness about the environment?

A: Michael Jordan is the founder of the Make It Right Foundation, a foundation that seeks to build and rebuild homes for those affected by environmental disasters. Shaquille O’Neal has sponsored several environmental initiatives, donating energy efficient appliances to homes for low-income families. Paul Pierce has been an outspoken advocate for sustainable energy sources, and is a strong supporter of renewable energy policies. LeBron James donates to organizations that help fund environmental initiatives, and he has used his influence to spread awareness about the environment to his millions of followers. Finally, Dirk Nowitzki hosts his own “Thin Air Challenge” to focus on the importance of air quality and sustainability.

In this day and age, it’s easy to get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Victor Wembanyama reminds us that by being creative and finding the strength to take small steps towards a more sustainable future, we can move mountains. He’s assembled the starting five of greatness to “Save the Planet” and invite each of us to join in the fight. So raise your voice, take action, and together, let’s make our planet a more sustainable place for generations to come.

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