Vladimir Tarasenko Contract: How much will NHL veteran earn with Senators in 2023?
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Vladimir Tarasenko is a name that many hockey fans are familiar with. An infamous NHL veteran, Tarasenko has been spending his off-seasons getting ready for the next big signing. Now, with a new contract with the Ottawa Senators, Tarasenko is looking forward to lacing up his skates once more and doing what he does best: excelling at hockey. The question is, how much will Tarasenko earn with the Senators in 2023? Let’s dive into the details of his extraordinary venture with the Ottawa franchise.
Vladimir Tarasenko Contract: How much will NHL veteran earn with Senators in 2023?

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1. Unstoppable Tarasenko: Breaking Down the NHL Veteran’s Contract with the Senators

After 8 years of tantalizing us with his pure skill, it’s finally arrived—Vladimir Tarasenko has been signed to the Ottawa Senators. Celebrations have been ongoing since the news broke. But despite the excitement, many people are still in the dark about exactly what the contract entails and what it means for the Senators. Let’s break it down.

In a stunning five-year deal, Tarasenko will be joining the Senators on a $12.5 million-dollar-a-year salary. This marks a huge leap in his career, promising the unstoppable force of the former goaltender around the league:

  • He’ll be taking home his highest salary yet
  • His career high in goals has already been broken
  • He’ll bring experience-backed leadership to the team

Tarasenko’s versatility is precisely why the Senators have invested such a huge contract. He’s an established scorer and playmaker, but is also an effective penalty killer. Going forward, Tarasenko will bring a much needed boost to the Ottawa Senators, especially in their quest to make it deep into the playoffs. With this massive contract in the bag, these players can now start to turn things around for themselves.

1. Unstoppable Tarasenko: Breaking Down the NHL Veteran's Contract with the Senators

2. Analyzing the Impacts of the Tarasenko Contract on the NHL

Vladimir Tarasenko’s multi-year contract has had massive implications in the NHL. He’s now one of the highest paid forwards in the league and has a salary just over 13 million dollars. For St. Louis Blues the Tarasenko signing was a major investment in their team and the future success of the franchise.

While the Blues can look forward to the skill set that Tarasenko brings to the lineup, there are a few other aspects of the contract that have greater impacts on the NHL as a whole. Here are a few of the most prominent effects:

  • It has given every team a standard for high-end players. Tarasenko’s contract showed that if you have a star player you can pay them accordingly. This has set an expectation for big name players.
  • It has taken salary cap space from teams. Since Tarasenko is now one of the highest earners he’s taken up a large slice of the salary cap for St. Louis, leaving them with less cap space for the rest of their roster.
  • It has altered the dynamic between restricted free agents (RFAs). Before the signing of the Tarasenko contract RFAs did not make upwards of 13 million. Now, teams are more likely to offer more to RFAs, even if it cuts into the salary cap.

Although Tarasenko’s contract has certainly had a major impact, it is nothing compared to what his talent will bring to the Blues, and the NHL. His contributions to the team, as well as his newfound influence on salary standards will last for many seasons to come.

3. Peeking into the Future: What We Can Expect from Tarasenko in 2023

Vladimir Tarasenko has already accomplished so much in a relatively short career, and the coming years promise to host even greater feats of sportmanship and featrt. As we anxiously await the 2023 season, let’s speculate on just what we’ll see from the 28-year-old Russian phenom.

Emerging Leadership
Now that Tarasenko is in his late-20’s, he’s in prime position to become a strong team leader. His dynamic skill set combined with a sound hockey IQ places him in the perfect situation to lead the Blues in victory. With age and experience, Tarasenko’s presence will be entirely multiplied.

Statistical Increase
What can we expect from Tarasenko in 2023 when it comes to number? His stats have increased each season as he gains confidence in his own abilities and adapts to the league, so it’s almost certain we’ll be seeing Tarasenko reach career highs in goals, assists, and points. He’s shown a proclivity for power play goals, too, and he’s fully capable of compiling an impressive total of those in 2023, as well:

  • Goals: 43
  • Assists: 33
  • Power Play Goals: 15

Personal Accolades
Of course, it isn’t just about statistics when it comes to Tarasenko. 2023 could certainly be the year we finally see the hockey phenom win some of hockey’s biggest awards. He’s worthy of Norris, Selke, and Hart consideration, and next season could be the breakthrough moment for Tarasenko in award tier. 2023 could be the start of a season long celebration of Tarasenko’s career.

4. Appreciating the Benefits the Tarasenko Contract Brings to the Senators

The signing of Vadim Tarasenko to the Ottawa Senators’ lineup is a great step towards achieving greater success. His presence can bring many benefits to the team that shouldn’t be overlooked.

To begin with, Tarasenko’s veteran experience in the NHL will add to the team’s ability to remain competitive and successful on the ice. His skills as a forward will add agility and depth to the team’s forward line. With him now in the mix, more goal scoring opportunities are available, as well as greater ability to win battles for the puck.

His veteran presence is also helpful in the locker room. The Senators have a largely inexperienced lineup, many of whom are rookies. Tarasenko’s seasoned wisdom and presence can give them a much needed mentor and leader to turn to for guidance. Not only could this prevent locker room drama, but his influence may rub off on other players, encouraging and helping them to reach their full potential.

  • Veteran experience in NHL: adds competitiveness and depth to forward line
  • Veteran presence: can mentor and lead inexperienced players
  • Goal scoring opportunities: creates more chances to win battles for puck


Q: How long is the Vladimir Tarasenko contract with the Ottawa Senators?
A: The contract is eight years in length, running from the 2021-22 season through the 2028-29 season.

Q: What is the value of Vladimir Tarasenko’s contract with the Senators?
A: The total value of the contract is $60 million, including an annual average value (AAV) cap hit of $7.5 million per season.

Q: What bonus structure does Tarasenko’s contract have?
A: Tarasenko’s contract includes an entry-level bonus, which is a lump sum that is spread out over the first two years of the deal. He is also eligible for performance-based bonuses for each season.

Q: How much will Tarasenko make in the 2023 season with the Senators?
A: Tarasenko will make $8 million for the 2023 season. This includes his base salary of $7.5 million plus any incentives or bonuses he might earn.


The future of Vladimir Tarasenko’s career and financial success with the Senators is unclear, but with his unique talents and growing reputation, anything is possible. Tarasenko’s contract is sure to be watched closely in 2023 and beyond, as he has set himself up nicely to make a huge impact with the Senators.

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