Voices Behind Bigg Boss: Atul Kapoor And Vijay Vikram Singh, And The Amount They Earn Per Season
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the curtains in the popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss? Who are the voices behind this splendiferous show? Introducing Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh, the two powerful voices behind the screen whose effortless style of commentating puts each season of Bigg Boss into the limelight. All these details and more about the behind-the-scenes crew and the amount they earn per season are just a read away!
Voices Behind Bigg Boss: Atul Kapoor And Vijay Vikram Singh, And The Amount They Earn Per Season

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1. Dissecting the Behind the Scenes Power of Bigg Boss: Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh

Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh are two of the major powerhouses behind the scenes of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. With Atul Kapoor as the Managing Director and Vijay Vikram Singh as the executive director, the duo has been credited for making the show a raging success over the years.

Atul Kapoor is an inspirational media professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and marketing experience to the show. He is the one responsible for formulating strategies to draw millions of viewers to the show and is hailed as an expert in brand promotion. He monitors the overall functioning of the show and is known to bring in innovative marketing tactics to strengthen the Bigg Boss brand.

On the other hand, Vijay Vikram Singh serves as the driving force of Bigg Boss. He is credited for providing the show its significance in the world of entertainment. With his expertise and leadership, the show has become one of the most-viewed Hindi reality television programs.

  • Atul Kapoor – Managing Director
  • Vijay Vikram Singh – Executive Director

1. Dissecting the Behind the Scenes Power of Bigg Boss: Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh

2. Examining the Influence of Voice-Overs in Reality Game Shows

Reality game shows are all the rage these days- not confined to any single genre or format, they are widely watched and often loved by audiences. But the presence of the unseen voice-over is an integral part of these shows, driving home the storylines and also providing a lighthearted change of mood when necessary. It’s interesting to examine the many ways in which the voice-over is used in reality game shows:

  • To introduce contestants and make them seem more personable to the audience.
  • To fill in details about a competition or task.
  • To emphasize suspense with “ticking clocks” at the end of a challenge.
  • To comment humorously on a contestant’s actions.

This audible guide helps to keep viewers connected to the action, as well as allowing them to share in the highs and lows of the contestants’ journeys. Voice-overs can also be used in more serious reality game shows to add a sense of gravitas, or to explain difficult topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

Ultimately, the voice-over injects a little bit of mystery into each show, adding an extra layer of intrigue that keeps viewers captivated all the way through. A good voice-over artist can create an immersive world for the contestants and their viewers that won’t easily be forgotten.

3. How Much Are India’s Leading Voice-Actors Making from Bigg Boss?

When it comes to TV shows in India, the ones that garner the most attention are Bigg Boss and other similar programs. Millions of viewers tune in every week, and it’s no wonder then that some of India’s leading voice-actors are making a killing from Bigg Boss show!

Top-Ranking Voice-Actors: Salim-Sulaiman and Kailash Kher are cashing in big time, as their voice-overs during the intros and climax scenes of the show attract droves of dedicated viewers.

  • For example, Salim-Sulaiman’s introduction piece for Bigg Boss 13 stands to make them anywhere between 1 to 5 crore rupees.
  • Kailash Kher’s rendition of the show’s theme song also nets him huge paychecks with it’s airplay and the money for licensing rights in the background.

Other voices: Not just these two industry greats, there are many other voice-actors who contribute heavily to some of the most heartbreaking, high-tension and emotional moments in the show. Their part in bringing the show’s narrative to life earns them anywhere from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs for each project.

4. Exploring the Profitable Ways of Working Behind the Scenes in the Entertainment Business

From the Oscar-winning movie executive producers to the authors of best-selling books, working behind the scenes in the entertainment business can be lucrative and exciting. But it takes more than just passion for creating entertainment to make it in this highly competitive industry.

Fortunately, there are many ways to explore the profitable paths of excelling in this field. From getting the right education and attending networking events, to interning and leveraging your skills there is plenty of room for making real money.

  • Get the Right Education: Whether you want to be a filmmaker, writer, actor, manager, or editor, it’s important that you understand the basics of the craft and have a foundation in the industry. Taking classes and obtaining a degree in many fields related to entertainment can be a great way to get ahead.
  • Build Connections: Networking with the right people is essential for getting ahead in the entertainment business. Attend industry events, join professional associations, and never be afraid to share your projects with the right people who can help you succeed.
  • Intern: Taking on an internship is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the entertainment business. While these gigs are often unpaid, it’s a cost of getting invaluable real-world experience that could prove invaluable.
  • Leverage Your Skills: Every person brings something to the table, and those skills can come in handy when working in the entertainment business. Whether it’s understanding the technical aspects of filming movies, or the details of event planning, being an expert in one area or another can open up the doors to numerous opportunities.


Q: Who are the two voices behind Bigg Boss?
A: Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh are the two popular voices behind the Bigg Boss show.

Q: How long have they been associated with the show?
A: Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh have been associated with the show for over a decade now since its inception in 2020.

Q: What kind of role do they play in the show?
A: Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh’s primary roles involve conjuring the atmosphere of the show with their articulate, yet powerful voices. They have an envious knack of bringing even mundane tasks alive with their unique style of narration.

Q: How much do they earn per season?
A: It is believed that the two are paid an estimated amount of Rs. 25 lakhs per season.


With Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh taking the headsets home as hosts of Bigg Boss season 3, we have a perfect insight into how much the two eminent personalities bag for their stint in reality shows. As we prepare to wait for the season to begin, let us take a moment to appreciate the efforts of Atul and Vijay and give them a virtual round of applause for making Bigg Boss such an entertaining and beloved show.

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