Wait, what are they saying? People name song lyrics they sang wrong for years
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If you’ve ever been singing along to a song on your way to work, only to realize halfway through that you’re not actually remembering the lyrics quite correctly, you’re certainly not alone! Throughout the years, it’s likely you, and countless others, have belted out the wrong — but still totally catchy — lyrics. Here are a few of the most memorable and hilarious lyrics people have been getting wrong for years.
Wait, what are they saying? People name song lyrics they sang wrong for years

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1. When Singers Strike a Wrong Note: The Misheard Lyrics That Make Us Laugh

No one is above singing bad lyrics. Even the most talented singers occasionally mix up words or lyrics that leave us laughing. Whether it is a case of mishearing the folk or pop song lyrics from our past, or a singer’s subtle mouth movements that confuse us, a wrong note is something that always brings a chuckle. Here are the misheard lyrics that make us laugh:

  • Robbie Williams’ Angels lyrics of “Spare a thought for a funny man” confusingly turn into “Spare a thought for a bunny man”.
  • Chico’s “It’s Chico Time” song is easily mistaken for “It’s chicken time”.

From the When Doves Cry lyrics to a variety of misheard lines from ’90s songs, chances are you know someone whose mishearing has tickled your funnybone. And when it comes to classic rock, Aerosmith’s Dream On lyrics are often mistaken as “Sing with me, sing for the years”.

Misheard or misread lyrics seem like a small thing, but they can often be very memorable and even provide a sort of comfort. Sure, the words weren’t what the singer originally intended, but in the minds of the fans, the wrong lyrics develop a beautiful significance that make the song all the more special and humorous.

1. When Singers Strike a Wrong Note: The Misheard Lyrics That Make Us Laugh

2. ‘When I Was a Young Lad, I Had But Two Goals’? Maybe Not

When I was a young lad, I often fantasized of having grand adventures and living far away from the tiny mountain town of my upbringing. That life seemed so thrilling with its risks, new experiences, and abundant possibilities. But two distinct ambitions stood out in my dreams.

The first was a more significant feat in my eyes – becoming a fighter pilot. I’d marveled at the aerial acrobatics of these masters of the sky since I was just a little boy, and nothing seemed more exciting than screaming through the clouds in my own airplane.

My second focus, conversely, was much simpler but still extremely important to me – owning a pet. I longed for the companionship of an animal, and I cherished the thought of being able to take care of something that needed me. I was determined to find an animal friend of my own as soon as I was able.

However, life quickly taught me that nothing ever follows the perfect path. For one reason or another, it never even felt like I had been close to seeing either of these dreams come true. But I’d like to think that the life I have today might still be rooted in the dreamer I was then.

3. The Kicker in the Shark-in’: How Common are Misheard Lyrics?

Do you ever catch yourself singing the wrong words to a song? You’d be surprised how many people have done that, leading to some pretty hilarious misconceptions. Misheard lyrics, also known as mondegreens, refers to words or phrases that have been misheard or misinterpreted by the average listener. Now, let’s take a look in a bit more detail.

For starters, misheard lyrics are surprisingly common. In fact, evidence shows that many of us might be singing different lyrics than the original! In the age of the Internet, a whole variety of mondegreens can circulate quickly from person to person, so no wonder they’ve become so popular.

Just take ‘The Kicker In the Shark-in’, for example. If you’re familiar with this song, you probably know that the actual line is ‘The picture in the cartoon’. Nevertheless, it’s not unheard of for people to sing ‘The kicker in the shark-in’, by accident!

Aside from accidental mondegreen, there are some creative ones that have come into play. For instance, some people substitute ‘Her name was Lola’ for ‘She had a banana’. It’s no wonder some of these funny and creative lines are staying put, even if they’re misguided.

In short, misheard lyrics (mondegreens) are fairly common, and they come around from a variety of different sources. Some of these are accidental, while others are comically creative. No matter what, they’re popular around the world and we’re definitely here for them.

4. Learning the Right Words: What We Can Do to Avoid Those Embarrassing Moments

Most of us have been in an embarrassing situation when we came across a word that we just could not pronounce right. It’s a bad feeling and can taint an otherwise joyful experience. That said, we don’t need to let those embarrassing moments tire us out. Here’s what we can do to avoid them in the future:

  • Know your limits:
    No language is learned overnight and forcing ourselves to learn more than we should can prove to be detrimental, as our minds can’t cope with the stress of learning too many words in a short period of time. Knowing our limits can thus come in handy.
  • Be consistent:
    While we are learning new words, it is important that we are consistent about it. Keeping up with what we learned and practicing them often can prove to be quite helpful in building expertize in the language.
  • Don’t be afraid to start conversations:
    One of the best ways to learn is by engaging in conversations with native speakers. Don’t worry if you fumble upon the pronunciation of a word, they will likely understand what you’re trying to say. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and have a good dialogue.

In conclusion, sourcing the right words can be tricky if you don’t know how to. But with the right methods and constant practice, it can get easier. Knowing our limits, being consistent and getting involved in conversations can help us avoid those embarrassing moments in the future.


Q: What inspired the article “Wait, What Are They Saying?”

A: The article was inspired by a revelation – that many of us may have been misinterpreting song lyrics for years! After seeing how many people were misquoting the lyrics of popular songs, it seemed to make sense to share the stories in an article.

Q: What type of songs are featured in the article?

A: The article features an array of popular songs from various genres – everything from ‘80s pop hits to modern-day rap anthems.

Q: What are some of the most surprising lyrics that readers are discovering?

A: It’s quite surprising to see just how easy it is to mishear a lyric. Popular songs like “American Pie” (by Don McLean) and “Life is a Highway” (by Tom Cochrane) have been misinterpreted by many people for years. In the article, readers are discovering that Don McLean is actually singing “Bye, bye Miss American Pie” and Tom Cochrane is singing “Life is like a caravan.”

Q: What do readers take away from the article?

A: The main takeaway from this article is that it’s incredibly easy to misinterpret lyrics – even in songs we’ve heard many times. The article is meant to remind readers to always double-check the lyrics of their favorite songs – you never know what new meaning you might find!


Sometimes all you can do is laugh when you think of the wrong lyrics you remember and sing along to. We hope this article opened your eyes to the funny discrepancies that can arise when it comes to singing your favorite songs. May all your future singing adventures be filled with hilariously wrong lyrics and good fun!

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