“Walmart Oliveira” – Dan Hooker’s UFC 290 weigh-in triggers savage online backlash amidst dramatic transformation
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The unprecedented transformation of Dan Hooker for his upcoming UFC 290 weigh-in had an unexpected effect on the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). What had been advertised as an exciting change in his style became a massive controversy due to the online backlash received as a result of his newly presented image, “Walmart Oliveira”. Nevertheless, the fight continues, and only time will tell how the challengers of the octagon will respond to the dramatic arrival of the New Zealand native’s surprise transformation.
“Walmart Oliveira” - Dan Hooker's UFC 290 weigh-in triggers savage online backlash amidst dramatic transformation

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1. Walmart Oliveira: Dan Hooker Triggering a Savage Online Backlash

The latest Walmart store in Oliveira is becoming a magnet for controversy, and it’s all thanks to the home’s star CEO. Dan Hooker has been in the public eye for a number of days for all the wrong reasons, and his reputation only seems to be getting worse.

It all started when Dan made an internationally broadcasted statement about the new Wal-Mart store. His remarks sparked an immediate and widespread reaction from an online audience that is eager to criticize his words – and now, the internet seems to be divided.

The issue at hand has generated plenty of attention. Here are some of the reactions to Dan’s comments:

  • Positive: Supporters have applauded Dan’s willingness to stand up for Walmart, even in the face of fierce opposition.
  • Neutral: There are those who consider the issue as a mere disagreement between two parties – Walmart and its detractors.
  • Negative: Naysayers have gone as far as to call Dan’s comments “inflammatory” and accused the CEO of wanting “confrontation.”

The jury is still out as to how Dan’s comments will affect the status of the Walmart Oliveira, but with the internet buzzing about them, it’s sure to have implications both good and bad.
1. Walmart Oliveira: Dan Hooker Triggering a Savage Online Backlash

2. Dan Hooker’s Dramatic Transformation and UFC 290 Weigh-In

Dan Hooker is having an amazing year in the UFC. The New Zealand native, usually known for his long and lean frame, has shed some of the weight and packed on muscle to become an absolute savage. Hooker’s transformation left people wondering just how serious he was about taking the next step in the lightweight division.

The UFC 290 weigh-in was the final test of Hooker’s transition. He confidently stepped into the room and slammed the scale down to the 155-lbs weight limit. His stomach was visibly ripped and the signature wraparound tattoos gave Hooker a whole new look.

But headlines alone don’t tell the full story. Hooker wanted to prove that he was capable of becoming one of the physical specimens of UFC lightweight class. To do that, he adopted a rigorous diet, specialized nutrition plan, and an advanced exercise regimen, all of which paid off on stage that day.

  • No longer the string bean of the group: Hooker has gone from a slim fighter to a beastly athlete, proving the skeptics wrong.
  • Transformation grind: It wasn’t easy to put on the type of muscle mass and definition that Hooker now sports. He had to stay laser-focused and dedicate himself to a strict diet and workout plan.
  • UFC 290: The world will wait and see what Dan Hooker has in store in his next fight when he locks horns with Michael Chiesa at UFC 290.

3. Social Media Reactions to Dan Hooker Becoming ‘Walmart Oliveira’

When Dan Hooker stepped in as a last-minute replacement for the lightweight bout between Oliveira and Griffin at UFC Fight Night 174, few expected much from him. Known as the ‘Walmart Oliveira’ due to his somewhat unknown status, Dan Hooker proved the world wrong by scoring a unanimous decision win over his much-fancied opponent.

As soon as Hooker’s hand was raised in victory, social media erupted with admiration for the man. #TeamHooker began trending world-wide, and fans of the sport were quick to express their praise for his performance.

  • Twitter lit up with people sharing their surprise at Hooker’s win, with some claiming it to be the best performance of his career.
  • Reddit was awash with people proclaiming ‘Walmart Oliveira’ a talent to watch out for, claiming that the rest of the division should keep an eye on him.
  • Facebook also saw its fair share of fan engagement in relation to the fight, with users commenting on his ground game, stand-up, and even his promotion of his sponsors.

At the end of the night, all that mattered was that Dan Hooker had proved the world wrong, and that he had made a name for himself in the mind of the fans.

4. Reflection and Analysis on the Controversy of ‘Walmart Oliveira

The Argument for Walmart

Walmart Oliveira has made its debut in the Brazilian shopping scene, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Supporters of the store argue that it will bring much needed jobs and economic growth to the area, while giving consumers access to a wider range of goods from around the world. The store has been praised for having a strong focus on sustainability, and for employing a number of local workers. The wide array of discounts and promotions offered by the store have also been well received, helping to make prices competitive for consumers on a budget.

Controversy and Debate

However, the presence of Walmart Oliveira has caused controversy in some quarters, with opponents of the store citing concerns over the impact on small businesses and traditional Brazilian producers. In addition, some have argued that the presence of such a large retailer could lead to increased levels of consumerism, and damage Brazil’s environment. While these concerns are often taken into consideration in debates on the issue, they have yet to be definitively resolved.

Analysis of the Situation

Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Walmart Oliveira serves to highlight the tensions between globalisation and local production. On the one hand, the store provides an opportunity for lower prices, greater choice and job opportunities for the local population. On the other hand, it could lead to an erosion of local cultural identities and a neglect of traditional Brazilian producers. As such, it is important that it is seen in the context of wider globalisation debates and any decisions that are made should consider the long-term implications for the local population.


Q: What is “Walmart Oliveira”?

A: “Walmart Oliveira” is the nickname given to UFC fighter Dan Hooker after making a dramatic transformation for his UFC 290 weigh-in. The transformation sparked a savage online backlash, with some fans accusing him of trying to look like former Middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Q: What was different about Dan Hooker’s look for the UFC 290 weigh-in?

A: Dan Hooker showed up for his UFC 290 weigh-in with a bald head and an olive-hued skin tone — a dramatic departure from his usual look. Fans were quick to notice and started dubbing him “Walmart Oliveira”, a reference to Anderson Silva’s nickname of “The Spider” due to his olive complexion.

Q: What kind of reaction has Dan Hooker received as a result of the transformation?

A: Dan Hooker has received a mixed reaction to his transformation. While some fans praised him for his commitment to being in top physical shape, others criticized him for the perceived change in his appearance. This controversy has become a hot-button issue among fans of the sport.


The tale of “Walmart Oliveira” has certainly been a notable and outrageous moment for UFC 290 weigh-ins, making its digital mark across the breadth of social media. In a matter of minutes, the public had gone from praising Dan Hooker’s dramatic transformation, to critiquing the misguided comments of those they perceived to be wrongfully judgmental. It’s clear that, whether they agree or not, the sport of MMA has forced its observers to think before they tweet.

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