WATCH: Terence Crawford beats Errol Spence Jr. in ceremonial coin toss conducted by Mike Tyson
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In a unique showdown prior to Saturday’s bout between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford, it was Mike Tyson of all people who stepped in to deliver an unexpected surprise: an epic ceremonial coin toss. The boxing-legend-turned-referee took it upon himself to determine which of the two jaws-locking welterweights would start the fight through the age-old tradition, and ultimately, it was Crawford who emerged victorious.
WATCH: Terence Crawford beats Errol Spence Jr. in ceremonial coin toss conducted by Mike Tyson

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1. “Mike Tyson Hosts Ceremonial Coin Toss for Spence vs. Crawford Fight”

Mike Tyson knows about head-to-head combat; he was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after all. That’s why boxing fans were overjoyed when he agreed to step into the ring of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday night to host the coin toss for the welterweight title bout between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford.

The fight had already caught the attention of the sporting world due to its thrilling press conferences and rigorous training regimes as both boxers had set out to prove that they were the undisputed king of the welterweight division.

As he was welcomed into the ring, Tyson was met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the thousands of people in attendance and from the millions of fans watching on the internet. The atmosphere of the fight was electric, and Tyson added a touch of flair to the proceedings, spinning the coin with a showman-like finesse.

  • Tyson Will Be Remembered For More Than Just His Coin Toss
  • Tyson’s Presence Upped the Anticipation For the Fight
  • The Fans Paid Tribute to Tyson’s Legacy as a Fighter


2. “Terence Crawford Triumphs in Pre-Fight Tradition”

Before taking the ring for the biggest fight of his career against Kell Brook, Terence Crawford took part in an important pre-fight tradition. He received advice and joined in the intense atmosphere alongside his entourage in the locker room, all the way up until the referee called out, “Let’s go!”.

If a fight isn’t properly prepared for, then a warrior’s performance could suffer. Crawford knew this, taking the time to get to know his own strengths and pinpointing exactly what he needed to do to gain an advantage over his opponent in the ring. He was looking to make a favorable impression in the main event and this could only be achieved through diligence and a willingness to study every aspect of the sport.

Crawford never wavered, displaying exemplary preparation to achieve victory. Highlights of his attention to detail included:

  • Watching and analyzing previous Brook fights.
  • Tightening up his diet and nutrition in the lead-up to the fight.
  • Developing a full-body strength and conditioning regimen.
  • Working with a sparring partner for proper training.

In the end, the hard work paid off for Crawford as he emerged victorious against Brook. The promotion of Terence Crawford’s stellar career continued as a result of his diligent pre-fight tradition.

3. “Errol Spence Jr. Loses in Battle of Luck”

The welterweight boxing champion, Errol Spence Jr., recently encountered his greatest test of luck yet. After a long and hard fought battle, Spence Jr. was eventually knocked out of first place by his opponent.

The fight had all the characteristics of a compelling sporting event. Both fighters launched explosive combinations, making it difficult for one to gain an advantage. Spence Jr. was particularly impressive, managing to evade punches with his quick feet. Through the course of the battle, it seemed as if luck had finally sided with the reigning champion.

Unfortunately, luck was not on Errol Spence Jr.’s side this time. Heedlessly, his opponent landed a devastating jab that sent Spence Jr. to the floor. The audience was left in awe as the referee directly scored the point in the opposing fighter’s favor.
Consequently, Spence Jr. had suffered his first career loss due to the unexpected fortune of his adversary.

  • This match showed us the importance of luck in any form of combat.
  • The audience could feel the dramatic atmosphere when the jab was thrown.
  • Despite performing with skill and agility, Spence Jr. was ultimately defeated due to his opponent’s quick-thinking.

4. “Crawford and Spence Ready for Championship Showdown

As the championship showdown draws closer, sensation John Crawford and the unstoppable Simon Spence are doing their best to get ready for the big day. Both have been training non-stop for weeks and the four-time champion Spence looks hungry to become the five-time champion and make history.

Crawford, on the other hand, isn’t as experienced as his opponent. A rookie in the world of competitive running, he has however gained a lot of confidence ever since his surprise victory against international medalist Tonio Juncker. He has since then become a fan favorite with his raw determination and relentless spirit. He fully intends to make his mark in the world of competitive running and what better way to do that than beating a four-time champion?

Both of these competitors have one thing in common – their will to win. The championship showdown will not be one to miss as both of them will bring out every ounce of their energy and power to the starting line. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • A strong physical presence from both sides
  • An aggressive approach from Spence
  • Endurance running from Crawford
  • Unpredictable tactics and strategies

Can Crawford spring another surprise against the heavyweight of the running world? Or will Spence cement his name as the all-time champion? Tune in to find out!


Q: What happened at the ceremonial coin toss conducted by Mike Tyson?
A: Mike Tyson conducted a ceremonial coin toss between boxers Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. in anticipation of their upcoming boxing match. Terence Crawford ended up winning the toss.

Q: How did the two fighters prepare for the coin toss?
A: The two fighters approached the coin toss with respect and seriousness. They both had fists raised towards the coin, anticipating which one it would land on.

Q: Who attended the event?
A: The coin toss event was attended by both Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr., as well as a throng of excited boxing fans and Mike Tyson himself.

Q: What did Mike Tyson have to say about the event?
A: Mike Tyson was quoted as saying, “The coin toss is a great way to start off the anticipation for a fight. This was a nice way for these two fighters to show their respect for one another before the fight.”

Every outing is bound to be memorable when the ceremonial coin toss is conducted by boxing legend Mike Tyson, and the first of many hits of 2021 was none other than the spectacular match between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. In the end, Terence Crawford made sure he got to draw first blood as he emerged victorious from the coin toss, demonstrating the bravery and commitment of his fighting spirit.

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