Watch this baby deliver a perfect 39-second lesson on the power of perseverance
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At just two years old, this adorable tot is already proving to have an incredible insight on the power of never giving up. As if recorded from the pages of an inspiring self-help book, watch as this toddler shares a precious lesson in perseverance – in under a minute!
Watch this baby deliver a perfect 39-second lesson on the power of perseverance

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1. Unstoppable Determination: A Baby’s Inspirational Journey

When only a few days old, little baby Alexa’s journey began. Already, she had an undeniable strength, a power within her that refused to let defeat consume her. She was determined to not let the unthinkable hold her down.

Since birth, Alexa was unable to walk. At first, it seemed like a small problem, but doctors soon realized it was something more – the little girl suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy which caused her muscles to deteriorate.

Despite her diagnosis, Alexa did not give up. She worked hard, tirelessly, going through physical therapy and using a wheelchair to help her get around. Her unstoppable determination pushed her farther and farther, inspiring many who heard her story.

With her family supporting her and her countless hours of dedication, Alexa achieved what seemed impossible. At the age of four, she took her first steps without the help of a wheelchair. She had officially become a symbol of hope, encouraging others to never give up on their dreams.
1. Unstoppable Determination: A Baby's Inspirational Journey

2. Witnessing the Strengths of Perseverance

We live in a world filled with individuals striving for their goals. The strengths of perseverance are abundantly visible in people around us. It follows us everywhere, in every story of success and every tale of courage. Here are a few examples of this strength:

  • Every morning, a single mother of two wakes up early to send her children to school, work a job, and come home late – all in the name of providing for her family.
  • A young entrepreneur spends months without income building a startup business, and despite the difficulty, never wavers from their dream.
  • A group of students deprived of the right to education, come together to master a new skill and pursue their career paths.

These stories remind us of the indomitable human spirit, resilient and determined to continue with its goals regardless of the challenge. Human beings possess an incredible capacity for hard work, and it is this that allows us to witness glimpses of the strengths of perseverance that pass us by.

We can find a little bit of that perseverance inside each and every one of us, and if we keep that flame ignited, we can create a world full of positive stories.

3. An Unforgettable 39-Second Lesson

They say life is a cruel teacher. 39 seconds of one particular life was enough to shape a whole life. His name was Pieter Willem Botha, famously known as ‘The Great Man’.

He was 17, staring at the horizon of his own life, ready to make his own decisions, when the unpredictable struck. On that chilly morning of November 8, 1929, Pieter Willem Botha was driving his motorcycle on Colynshof bridge when a horse cart suddenly appeared in front of him. In a matter of seconds, his life changed forever.

The bridge was slippery from the rain and his brake failed him. In that crucial moment only fate knew what the outcome would be. Pieter Willem Botha lost the battle but he learnt a lifetime’s lesson in those fleeting 39 seconds. He learned to never take anything or anyone for granted and that life can change in a blink of an eye. His family and loved ones were his greatest motivators, and he held on to that lesson for years to come.

  • The accident shaped much of his life
  • It took just 39 seconds to realise the value of life
  • Fate played an unpredictable role

4. The Remarkable Power of Never Giving Up

We have all heard stories of how success came only after a long string of rejections. There is indeed an amazing power to never give up. Through perseverance, the seemingly impossible can end up becoming achievable.

Encountering obstacles is inevitable in the pursuit of any goal. Challenges don’t disappear or become any less arduous when giving up. Rather, giving up prolongs one’s struggle.

The Benefits of Never Giving Up

  • Consistently striving towards a goal creates clarity and focus
  • Maintaining momentum breeds success and makes you an unstoppable force
  • Persistence and determination often reward us with exciting opportunities

The capacity to continue despite difficulty is the sign of a strong character. An individual’s will should not be underestimated, as it is capable of conquering any roadblock. Never give up; you never know what can be achieved once you stick to the course.


Q. What is this article about?
A. This article is about a heartwarming video of a baby demonstrating incredible perseverance, as they take 39 seconds to complete a challenge involving crawling up an inclined board.

Q. How old is the baby in the video?
A. The baby is around one year old.

Q. What does the baby do to show perseverance?
A. In the video, the baby makes several attempts to crawl from the bottom of the board to the top. Through hard work and concentration, the baby eventually succeeds in reaching the top.

Q. What message does the video convey?
A. The video is a powerful reminder of the value of perseverance, and of the determination and dedication it takes to achieve goals. It serves as an inspiring example of what we can accomplish if we stay focused and never give up.

No matter your age, it’s never too late or too early to learn the incredible power of perseverance. Seeing this little one in action is reminder enough that if you stay devoted, determined, and consistent, you can come out on top of any situation. Congratulations to the proud parents on their 39-second masterpiece!

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