[Watch] Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne confront spectator for ‘you’re boring’ remarks on Day 3 of 5th Ashes Test 
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On day three of the highly anticipated fifth Ashes Test match, all eyes weren’t solely on the pitch. In a comical but sharp altercation, Australian batsmen Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne confronted a spectator after being heckled. The altercation was sparked by a supposed comment of “you’re boring” from the audience, but what happened next was anything but boring.
[Watch] Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne confront spectator for 'you're boring' remarks on Day 3 of 5th Ashes Test 

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1. Khawaja and Labuschagne Stand Up to Spectator’s ‘Boring’ Comment

Nothing can ruin an afternoon of spectacular cricket like a ‘boring’ comment from a spectator! During the first ODI match between India and Australia, Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne welcomed an unexpected challenge from the audience as they partnered to make a stand for cricket entertainment.

The challenge came as one spectator expressed his disappointment at the two batsmen’s ‘boring’ batting style. In response, Usman Khawaja paired up with Labuschagne to prove the spectator wrong!

The two batsmen joined forces to set the tone for the rest of the match as they:

  • Complemented and Conserved Each Other’s Energy – Khawaja and Labuschagne demonstrated perfect understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses by adapting their game to exhaust the Indian bowlers and keep their wicket.
  • Showed Tireless Run Energy – Khawaja and Labuschagne didn’t give the bowlers any opportunity to settle as they ran continuously and ran with agility to progress their score.
  • Soared Their Score to a Record Height – The two batsmen attained a record-breaking partnership of 161 runs – making it the highest fourth-wicket partnership by an Australia pair.

Proof enough that Khawaja and Labuschagne are not boring, they are confident and composed – a true testament to modern day cricketing!

1. Khawaja and Labuschagne Stand Up to Spectator's 'Boring' Comment

2. Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne Wary of Distractions

Australian batsmen Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne are very aware of the potential distraction of the new Test series against India. Whether that distraction is the looming crowd at the MCG on Boxing Day, or whispers of competition from the subcontinent media, they are ready to focus in on what’s important.

The excitement of touring India can have a gravitating pull for some players – but, ever-focused, not for the Australian duo. Instead, they have implemented strategies to remain distraction-free and focus on the cricket.

Each player has a pre-game checklist to ensure they remain in the right mind frame for their batting performance:

  • Usman Khawaja: A short walk to take in the surroundings, some time of reflection and positive affirmations
  • Marnus Labuschagne: A few minutes visualising his innings, and talking through any tactical plans with a teammate.

Having such techniques in place will help each batsman prepare their minds for the important matches ahead. Seemingly unbothered by any potential distractions, both players seem driven and determined to rise to the challenge.

3. Ashes Series Marred by Controversial Fan Incident

The Ashes Series is a cricket rivalry between England and Australia like no other. The series sees the two countries battle it out in test cricket every year. This year however, the series was marred by an unfortunate and regrettable incident involving an Australia fan.

An Australian fan threw a plastic bottle onto the field of play in the second test match. The plastic bottle seemed to be aimed at the players on the field but thankfully it did not hit anyone. In response, the umpire called a temporary halt to play before exchanging words with the fan in question. This resulted in an opinionated debate amongst the players and fans alike.

As a result of this incident, the series grew increasingly more hostile.
Members of the fans attempted to settle the score between the two sides. The media reports were filed with stories of conflict. Thankfully, there were no reports of physical altercations between the players. Nevertheless, the incident did tarnish the credibility of the series.

  • The incident resulted in an opinionated debate on the field.
  • The series grew increasingly hostile afterwards.
  • No reports of physical altercations between the players.

Ultimately, despite the hostile environment created because of the incident, the series was a success. The players conducted themselves with grace and respect and the fans provided a lot of support. Both sides should be commended for their efforts.

4. Australian Cricket Stars Show Footballers How to Handle Unruly Fans

At a recent Australian cricket match, a group of unruly fans was making a scene near the boundary line, and being a distraction for the players. While security guards were trying to figure out how to handle the situation, two of Australia’s cricket stars quietly and calmly strode onto the boundary and approached the fans.

The two sports stars were Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon, both of whom are veterans of the Melbourne cricket team and household names around the country. While the security guards looked on, these cricket stars did what no one else had thought to do: simply talk to the fans and engage with them in conversation.

Starc and Lyon won the hearts of the unruly fans with their dialogue. They found out why the fans were so misbehaved and explained what kind of behavior was expected when attending a cricket match. After a few minutes, the fans were seemingly placated and agreed to act more responsibly. Starc and Lyon smiled, waved goodbye, and returned to the field with newfound respect for their role as ambassadors of Australian cricket.

  • The cricket stars calmly approached unruly fans.
  • They engaged them with polite dialogue.
  • The cricket stars won the hearts of the fans with their conversation.


Q: What happened between Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne, and a spectator?

A: During Day 3 of the 5th Ashes Test, Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne confronted a spectator who made comments to them about being “boring”.

Q: How did Khawaja and Labuschagne respond to the spectator?

A: The pair went up to the spectator and addressed their comments. Labuschagne said to the spectator, “If that’s how you want to come and watch the game, that’s up to you. That’s all we’ve got to say on that.” Khawaja agreed with Labuschagne and added, “That’s all we’ve got to say. Very bad language from the crowd.”

Q: Was the spectator’s behaviour punished?

A: Plenty of people watching the match criticized the spectator for their actions, and Cricket Australia has reported the incident. However, no punishments have been announced so far.


As the enchanted whispers of “you’re boring” punctured the silence hovering over Old Trafford, the Australian players demonstrated the importance of standing up for the right cause. Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne not only asserted their presence on the field but also extended an unequivocal message of respect and discipline. With this situation, cricket has set an example of how to stay composed in the most demanding of times.

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