“We have a better team than Real Madrid” – Barcelona president Joan Laporta makes bold claim ahead of La Liga season
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As the La Liga season looms, the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is intensifying once again. The presidents of both clubs have recently exchanged claims about the quality of their respective teams, with Barcelona president Joan Laporta daring to make a bold statement – that his police have a better team than Real Madrid. Could this be a wild exaggeration? Or perhaps Laporta simply has faith in Barcelona’s abilities? Either way, it makes for interesting pre-season talk ahead of an exciting La Liga season.

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1. Barcelona President Boosts Club’s Confidence Ahead of La Liga

Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, has sought to boost fans’ morale ahead of the upcoming La Liga title race.

In a statement released following the club’s victory against Liverpool in the Champions League, Laporta expressed his confidence and enthusiasm for the club’s chances in La Liga this season. He highlighted the impact of the collective effort by the players and staff, claiming that it could be enough for the club to achieve their ambitions.

Laporta reminded supporters of the team’s quality, noting that Barca have consistently finished in the top two spots in Spain’s top flight over the past few years. He also highlighted the arrival of some exciting young players this summer, noting that they have made an immediate impact and could be the difference in the title race:

  • The presence of experienced players: Laporta praised the presence of experienced players such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets in the side.
  • The new additions: Laporta stated that the signings of Antoine Griezmann, Frenkie de Jong, and Junior Firpo have signified a new era of potential for the club.
  • The determination of the manager: Laporta also highlighted the work of manager Quique Setien, claiming that his commitment and drive had unified the team ahead of the new campaign.

Consequently, supporters of FC Barcelona can take comfort in the knowledge that the club is well-placed to contend for the La Liga title this season.

1. Barcelona President Boosts Club's Confidence Ahead of La Liga

2. Laporta’s Bold Assertion: We’re Better than Real Madrid

After securing a historic fourth Champions League crown with a 4-1 aggregate victory against Manchester City, FC Barcelona’s president Josép María Bartomeu faced some intense criticism for the club’s declining performance.

He responded to those questioning the Blaugrana’s ambition and capability by boldly claiming that Barcelona are better than the reigning La Liga champions Real Madrid.

Barcelona made their mark on the world stage with some of the best players of all time, such as legendary forwards Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Barcelona holds a record of five Champions League titles, two more than Madrid, and seven La Liga titles in the last 12 years. Diego Maradona is another great player who will always remain in the hearts of Barca fans for his exceptional performance when he led the team to two triumphs in the League in 1988 and 1990.

The Catalan team have also won the UEFA Super Cup five times, the FIFA Club World Cup three times, and the domestic Super Cup eleven times, confirming Bartomeu’s loud observations. On paper, FC Barcelona have an undeniable superiority over their El Clasico rivals.

However, despite all of these impressive statistics and facts, the true measure of superiority remains with the fans and their continued success on the field in the toughest competitions. Choosing Barcelona means remaining faithful, dedicated and consistent in the toughest challenges and, most importantly, winning.

3. Prepping for Success: Analyzing Barcelona’s Prospects for the La Liga Season

How Barcelona Can Take La Liga By Storm:

The world-famous Barcelona football team is known for setting the standard in La Liga play, dominating opponents with their explosive offense and brimming confidence. Now their current season is just around the corner and they have their sights set on recapturing their previous success. To achieve this, there are a few key areas they must focus on.

The first is to build a roster with the right mix of experience and youth. Barcelona must ensure that the core players have the necessary know-how to guide the team and the younger players must have the skill to fill the gaps and lead the next generation. With a balanced squad, the team will have the strong foundation to take the pitch with purpose.

Next, Barcelona must identify their playing style and stick to it. Already well-known for their possession-style strategies, they must ensure their passing and movement on the pitch remain fluid, crisp, and efficient. Knowing where to push the play for maximum effectiveness will be essential. The team must have a unified vision and play to their strengths.

Finally, the team must remain mentally tough, striving for excellence in every match. Winning requires more than technical skill. Every player must contribute their effort and energy to the collective goal and have a single focus which guides their play. By honing in on these three areas, it is safe to assume that Barcelona will have another successful season and reign supreme in La Liga and beyond.

4. Will Joan Laporta’s Claim Be Validated? A Closer Look at the Two Rivals

The mayoral election in Barcelona between incumbent mayor, Ada Colau, and the opposing candidate, Joan Laporta, has been a heated race so far. Two rivals battling for the same cause of leading the city, but which candidate has the most legitimacy? Let’s take a closer look.

Laporta, a Catalan politician and former president of FC Barcelona, has repeatedly accused his rival Colau of implementing policies that have damaged Barcelona. He paints himself as the ‘savior’ of the city, seeking to protect its heritage and reclaim it from the political mistakes of Colau. Laporta claims that Barcelona needs an experienced leader with vision and strategic plans that will fuel growth and stability. But will his words ring true?

Colau, on the other hand, has been successful in her 4 years as mayor. During her tenure, the metropolis has undergone vast improvements in public transport, urban planning, and cultural investments. Her campaigns are geared towards further reducing poverty, creating more jobs, and providing affordable housing for every citizen. She also wants to invest in green initiatives, such as planting more trees and transforming the city into a circular economy. Both candidates are undeniably passionate and determined, so only time can tell how this election will turn out.


Q:What did Barcelona president Joan Laporta say recently?

A: Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently declared that “We have a better team than Real Madrid.”

Q:Has Barcelona had a stronger team than Real Madrid in the past?

A: In the past, both teams have made impressive runs in Spain’s La Liga. However, both teams also have had setbacks and changes over the years, making it difficult to say for certain whether one team has had an overall stronger presence than the other.

Q:What motivated Barcleona president Laporta to make this claim?

A: President Laporta likely made the claim to motivate his players ahead of the upcoming La Liga season. This strategy of using positive words and reminding the players of their potential is often employed to inspire team spirit, and it appears that Laporta is doing the same with his bold claim.


It appears that Joan Laporta’s confidence in the Barcelona team this season is strong. As the La Liga season approaches, fans eagerly wait to see if the Barcelona president’s claim will hold true. Only time will tell, as the fight between these two Spanish giants shaping up to be a heated one. Their upcoming clash is sure to be a fascinating one, and will perhaps offer a better indication of who will come out on top in the end. Until then, feel free to have your say in the comments.

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