“We’ve seen with this England team that anything’s possible” – Stuart Broad optimistic of victory in 2nd Ashes Test at Lord’s
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The backdrop is set at the spiritual home of English cricket, as the 2nd Ashes Test gets underway at Lord’s. The first Test ended in a memorable draw for England, with a resilient fightback securing a draw after Australia had threatened to take full control of the match. Star bowler Stuart Broad has expressed optimism in the England camp, declaring that ‘anything is possible’ with this England team as they look to seal a victory in the second Test and remain in contention for the Ashes.

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1. England Team Looking To Overcome Ashes Test Slump at Lord’s

England’s Test side is looking to put a recent slump behind them with a strong performance in the much-anticipated Ashes Test at Lord’s later this month. Players from both teams are already talking up the tension and excitement of the return of the famous cricketing rivalry.

For the England team, this match will be especially important. After a string of disappointing results in recent tests, the eyes of cricketing fans around the world will be on the England team’s performance. Many of the England players will be keen to make a mark and prove their mettle in this match.

The team has taken to the training field prepared, showing consummate professionalism in preparation – from batting in the nets, to perfecting new bowling techniques, to honing their fielding skills. They are hoping that this attention to detail will pay off. After all, the stands of Lord’s will be cheering for something truly special – for the England team to once again rise from the ashes and take the title.

  • England team needs a victory to re-establish themselves among cricketing powers
  • Players are talking up the tension and excitement of the Ashes test
  • Team is taking to the training field with consummate professionalism

1. England Team Looking To Overcome Ashes Test Slump at Lord's

2. Stuart Broad: “Anything’s Possible” for England

The veteran England bowler, Stuart Broad, is continuing to inspire the team with his strong belief that “anything is possible” – a mantra he credits to the team’s success in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. It is this unshakeable morale that has earned Broad the reputation of being a leader in the England team, both on and off the pitch.

Broad has been a key player in England’s bowling lineup for over a decade now, having made his debut for the side in 2006. His impressive skills have allowed him to consistently rise to the top of the ODI bowling rankings over the years, ultimately leading him to be the most valuable asset in the team. Broad has more ODI wickets than any other England bowler in history and his knack for bagging key wickets at decisive moments has been invaluable to the team.

It’s not hard to see why Broad is such an inspirational figure in the squad. His positive outlook and unwavering morale has had a particularly impactful effect on some of the younger players in the team, setting a standard for others to look up to and emulate. With Broad in the side, England know anything really is possible. Here’s a quick summary of Broad’s successes with England:

  • More ODI wickets than any other England bowler in history.
  • Players have cited his morale and ambition as inspirational.
  • A key player in the 2019 ICC World Cup.
  • Created an atmosphere within the team that “anything is possible”.

3. Momentum Shifting Before Second Test Match of Series

The second test match of the series promises to be an exciting contest, with the momentum shifting at every turn. As it stands, India holds the lead, coming off the back of an emphatic victory in the first test.

This momentum, however, is unlikely to carry them through the entire series, as the England team have the quality and ability to turn the tide on the contest. Led by experienced captain Joe Root, the Englishmen have proved resilient and consistent over the past year.

  • Homefield Advantage: With the second test being held at Lord’s, England will have the knowledge of how to play each unique element to their advantage. Local knowledge can be an incredible asset, and England is likely to be the biggest beneficiary.
  • Bowling Talent: With quality bowlers such as Anderson and Broad, England has been able to disrupt the flow and momentum of many matches in the past. India’s batsmen have not encountered such a formidable attack this series, and when the pressure increases, their batting could easily crumble.

Even with the lead, if India fail to keep the breakthroughs coming, the second test could be the deciding factor in the series. With both teams having similar ranges of quality, the biggest factor in the second test could be momentum, and who can keep it for longer.

4. Optimism High as England Seek Victory at the Home of Cricket

The hallowed ground of Lord’s just saw blue skies and sunshine, the perfect backdrop to mark the unfolding of a vibrant fourth test match of the series between England and Australia. The optimism among English fans was palpable as England sees an opportunity to take the series 2-2 and level the ongoing tug of war.

Skipper Joe Root on their arrival named bowling as the major frontrunner for England’s bid to secure victory. Stuart Broad, fresh off his record breaking last test, proved that their bowling lineup is still one of the best in the world, bestowing confidence on their team. The Aussies need to rise to the challenge and find a way to shake off England’s hold.

And while England’s trip to the Lord’s promises a big opportunity, their road to victory is sprinkled with pitfalls viz.

  • Australia’s talismanic batsman Steve Smith turning up the notch in the batting section
  • Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins propelling them towards a formidable first innings total
  • Their stifling bowling lineup bashing any possible smidgen of hope England has.

England’s gamble is on the cards and the upcoming days will decide the fate of the current series.


Q: What did Stuart Broad say regarding the upcoming 2nd Ashes Test at Lord’s?
A: Stuart Broad was very optimistic about England’s chances for victory in the 2nd Ashes Test at Lord’s. He noted that, “We’ve seen with this England team that anything’s possible.”

Q: What gave Broad such confidence in England’s ability to win?
A: Broad and the England team have seen great success in other Test matches over recent years, and he believes England have the talent and foundation to overcome the challenge of an Ashes Test. He feels that, “Anything’s possible” with the current England team.

Q: What makes the 2nd Ashes Test more challenging for England?
A: The 2nd Ashes Test promises to be an intense challenge for England, as it will require both physical ability and mental endurance. Australia will also be looking to make a statement and reclaim their spot at the top of the rankings. Broad and the England team are confident that they can rise to the challenge.


It appears that England have taken this 2nd Ashes Test match at Lord’s very seriously, looking for the opportunity to make history of their own. With the highly optimistic words of Stuart Broad firmly echoing through the air, the team will certainly be fighting hard for a victory. All that’s left is to wait and see what unfolds in the days ahead!

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