What are ice apples? Benefits and everything else you need to know
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Tempted by the peculiar sight of ice apples at your local grocery store? Wonder what these strange, mysteriously named frozen treats are? Fear not! Read on to find out what ice apples are, and the many remarkable benefits they offer.
What are ice apples? Benefits and everything else you need to know

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1. Enticing Ice Apples: A Refreshing Sweet Treat

Everyone loves a good sweet treat, but what if there was an even better one than the usual ones we love? Enter the delicious Ice Apple – a fusion of mango, apple and cherry flavours, with a hint of cardamom. Beautifully unique, it’s the perfect indulgence to cool you off on a hot summer day.

The Flavours

  • Mango – tangy and sweet, with a lingering citrusy note
  • Apple – a mild sweetness, combined with the aroma of apples
  • Cherry – a slight tartness, with hints of sweet cherries
  • Cardamom – a delicious, aromatic spice that adds depth

Not only does the Ice Apple possess a delicious flavour, it also has a variety of health benefits – not to mention it’s vegan and gluten-free. Ice Apples are made with natural ingredients, and contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients or added sugar.

1. Enticing Ice Apples: A Refreshing Sweet Treat

2. Exploring the Nutritional Benefits of Ice Apples

Ice apples are a unique and delicious tropical fruit native to India. Packed with vital nutrients like Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, and Fiber, they are a great addition to any balanced diet. But that’s not all they have to offer! Here are some of their notable nutritional benefits that make ice apples stand out from the rest.

  • Low in Calories: Ice apples are a low-calorie fruit, containing just 31 calories per 100 grams. This makes them the perfect snack for those looking for ways to cut out empty calories and stay fit without sacrificing taste.
  • Energy Boosters: Eating ice apples is known to give an instant energy boost. As they are an excellent source of Iron, they help to increase oxygen flow around the body and keep energy levels up.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Ice apples contain polyphenols and flavonoids, two powerful antioxidants, which help to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. This can help reduce the chance of contracting cancer and other diseases.

On top of these nutritional benefits, ice apples also possess many therapeutic properties, which make them a great addition to any diet. Thanks to their high levels of Vitamin C, they can help to boost the immune system and protect against various illnesses. They can also help to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and even improve brain function. All in all, ice apples are a great choice for anyone looking to add some unique, nutritious fruit to their diet.

3.How to Plant and Harvest an Ice Apple Tree

Ice apple trees are not only attractive to have in the garden but also very productive and packed with health benefits. Unfortunately, harvesting and planting them properly can be a tricky affair! Let’s find out how to get it right.

Planting the tree: The best time to buy and plant the tree is during winter, especially in the southern parts of India. Before you purchase an ice apple tree, make sure it has proper and healthy shoots. Look for good roots and a natural pattern in its trunk and branches. The hole in which you plant the tree should be wide and deep enough for the root ball. Add some compost and phosphorus-rich fertilizer to the soil before planting. After that, water it well and mulch the surrounding area.

Harvesting the fruit: Depending on the variety, ice apples will ripen anywhere between late summer to early winter. Harvest the fruit when the color turns deep red or yellow, and the skin becomes firm. You can pick the fruit with your hand or use a garden shear, but be extra careful while doing so. Let them ripen in the sunshine and store at room temperature for about a week before consuming them.

  • Buy a healthy tree with good roots and natural trunk and branch pattern.
  • Plant the tree during winter in a wide and deephole with compost and phosphorus-rich fertilizer.
  • Harvest the fruit when it turns deep red or yellow, and the skin becomes firm.

4.Everything to Know to Enjoy Ice Apples This Summer

Ice apples, also known as ‘Sitaphal’, are a seasonal fruit that is perfect for those steamy summer days. Here are the top tips to enjoy this juicy fruit:

  • Pick a ripe one: Ice apples should be a light yellow-green color, and you should smell its sweet scent to feel the juicy excitement within it.
  • Cut with care: Ice apples can be tricky to cut. Use a sharp knife and cut off their stems carefully.
  • Dig for gold: Once cut into, scoop out the pulp with a spoon and pop it into your mouth to enjoy its sweet, juicy and creamy flavor.

For those real ice apple fanatics, here’s a super-refreshing way to enjoy this delectable fruit: cut off the top of the fruit, scoop out the pulp, pour in some mango or another fruit juice with a teaspoon of powdered sugar, and blend. Enjoy your homemade summer smoothie!


Q: What are ice apples?
A: Ice apples are fruit from the Eugenia psyllium tree, also known as Syzygium jambos. These apples are larger than normal apples and are filled with crunchy ice-like flesh. They are most common in tropical climates.

Q: What is the nutritional value of ice apples?
A: Ice apples are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, and minerals such as phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. They are also a rich source of antioxidants.

Q: What do ice apples taste like?
A: Ice apples have a crunchy, icy texture with sweet and slightly sour flavor. The taste is somewhat similar to that of a pear.

Q: What are the benefits of eating ice apples?
A: Eating ice apples can help boost the immune system, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, and protect against cancer cells. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation and improve skin health.


Whether you choose to indulge in an ice apple with a scoop of ice cream, as an after meal snack, or as an energising post-workout treat – you can rest assured that you are making a conscious dietary choice that is sure to give you the goods! Packed with deliciousness and health benefits, ice apples are indeed the perfect snack for any occasion.

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