What happened to Don Mattingly? Blue Jays coach ejected from game vs Dodgers
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Don Mattingly, the lifelong Dodger and former manager of the Miami Marlins, found himself in hot water last week during a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Blue Jays coach was tossed out of the game for arguing with the umpires and fans. This left onlookers wondering: What happened to Don Mattingly? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the event, exploring why Don Mattingly was ejected and what the aftermath has been like.
What happened to Don Mattingly? Blue Jays coach ejected from game vs Dodgers

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1) From Don Mattingly to Coach of the Toronto Blue Jays

Don Mattingly, the newly appointed coach of the Toronto Blue Jays, accomplished a lot throughout his professional baseball career. One of the more memorable moments from his Hall of Fame career that resonates with baseball fans everywhere was his tenure as the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2011 to 2015. During that timeframe, Mattingly guided the team to three consecutive NL West Division titles from 2013 to 2015.

Mattingly’s stint with the Dodgers was a memorable one. Not only was he winning a lot of games, but he also created a culture that focused on unity, respect, and fundamentals. He was able to successfully bring out the best in the team’s talent and united everyone together as a cohesive unit. Having seen the great success he had in leading the Dodgers to three consecutive postseason berths, it was no surprise that the Blue Jays would come calling.

Being the coach of the Blue Jays is an honour, and Don Mattingly has made it clear that he is up to the challenge. In a recent interview, Mattingly laid out his plans for success with the team, which include building a strong culture, developing young talent, and giving the team the tools to compete in the competitive American League East. Mattingly has also shown an enthusiasm for utilizing advanced analytics to craft innovative game strategies. His unique blend of experience and willingness to try new things makes him an ideal choice as the Toronto Blue Jays’ next manager.

1) From Don Mattingly to Coach of the Toronto Blue Jays

2) Learning the Hard Way: Don Mattingly Ejected from Dodgers vs Blue Jays

The tension between Don Mattingly and the umpires had been building for some time, and it finally boiled over on Tuesday night in Downtown Los Angeles. Mattingly was ejected from the Dodgers vs Blue Jays game after a disputed third strike call. His anger was palpable as he had to be removed from the game.

Mattingly was seen arguing with the umpire, refusing to back down. His arguments landed him an ejection, but it didn’t stop there. After the ejection, Mattingly had to be restrained by several of his members, and it was only then that the situation was deescalated.

Mattingly may have made a mistake in arguing with the umpire, but his enthusiasm for the sport is admirable. He wanted to make sure his team got the best possible outcome, and his actions show he’s willing to fight for it, even if it means learning the hard way that arguing with the umpire isn’t the right course of action.

    Lesson learned:

  • Never argue with an umpire, no matter how strong your convictions are.
  • Have team members ready to help de-escalate the situation.
  • Stay enthusiastic for the sport and fight for the best outcome.

3) Passion Overflowing: The Debate Surrounding Don Mattingly’s Ejection

Since the 80s, Major League Baseball’s (MLB) long-time hero Don Mattingly, now manager for the Miami Marlins, has been a legendary figure, both on and off the field. As the Marlins versus Pirates game rolled along on June 5 2021, veteran Major League Umpire, Mike Muchlinski, made a controversial call that resulted in Mattingly’s ejection. This sparked passionate debate amongst fans and analysts, who all weighed in on whether or not Mattingly overreacted—or was within his right to have an opinion.

Mats vs. Muchlinski: The debate began with Mattingly defending 2nd baseman Isan Diaz against an apparent strikeout call. After some back-and-forth between Mattingly and Muchlinski, conclusions were reached, and Mattingly was ejected. Many spectators suggested he lost his composure, while others said he was justified in Standing up for Diaz.

Supporting Evidence For Each Side The debate carried on and on until both sides had considered various pieces of evidence and opinions from fans.

  1. Supporters of Mattingly claimed that Muchlinski’s call was unfair, which is why Mattingly needed to voice his opinion before being kicked out.
  2. Mattingly’s critics disagreed, and argued that one can never be too cool to handle expression of opinions.
  3. The remaining critics of Mattingly mentioned that using foul language is entirely uncalled for in professional sports.

How the Debate Wrapped up At the end of the debate, overall opinion was split down the middle. Some believed Mattingly was rude, and some believed his reaction was warranted. As the debate wrapped up, it was evident that Mattingly’s passion for the game is still going strong—even at his advanced age.

4) Following His Heart: The Changing Course of Don Mattingly’s Career

When Don Mattingly entered professional baseball in the 1980s, he had quite a different career path in mind. He was drafted out of high school in 1979 to play shortstop for the New York Yankees. However, after a few seasons, it became clear that his best place on the field was at first base. So, he made the move and became one of the best in the business.

When his playing career was winding down, Mattingly sought new opportunities in coaching and management. In 2004, he was given the chance to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers and for the next five years he made it clear that he was the right person for the job. During his tenure, Mattingly led the Dodgers to three consecutive National League West Division titles and accrued a record of 446-363. This marked a dramatic change in course for a player who had initially set his eyes in a very specific direction.

Today, Mattingly is known for his ever-evolving ambitions and pursuit of excellence. After stepping down from the Dodgers in 2015, he took on an advisory role with the Miami Marlins and in 2016 he became their manager. Since then, he’s been well regarded for his impressive leadership and in-depth knowledge of the game. With the support of ownership and fans, Mattingly is steadily making his way up the managerial ranks.


Q: What happened to Don Mattingly?
A: Don Mattingly, the current Toronto Blue Jays bench coach, was ejected from his team’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers for arguing with the umpire about a controversial call.

Q: Why did he get ejected?
A: Mattingly was ejected for arguing the overturn of a close play at home plate that called Blue Jays catcher Danny Jansen out. The umpire’s review of the play showed the Dodgers’ catcher tagged Jansen’s arm before he reached home plate, causing the umpire to reverse the original call. Mattingly did not agree with the umpire’s review of the play and argued it, resulting in his ejection.

Q: How long after the umpire’s decision was Mattingly ejected?
A: Mattingly was ejected almost immediately after the umpire overturned the call. After the umpire’s call, Mattingly passionately argued with him, resulting in his ejection.

Q: How did Mattingly’s ejection affect the outcome of the game?
A: After Mattingly’s ejection, the Blue Jays went on to lose the game 3-2. While Mattingly’s ejection may not have clearly affected the outcome of the game, it certainly sparked the team’s motivation to push for a victory.


In conclusion, Don Mattingly’s ejection from the game between the Blue Jays and Dodgers was certainly unexpected and gave us a glimpse into the passionate manager he has become. The incident showed the strength of his character and dedication to the game. It will certainly be interesting to see how he is able to move on from this and how his actions may shape the future of both teams.

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