What happened to Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol? Cardinals pitcher and manager ejected from game vs Cubs
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It was a wild night at Busch Stadium as the Cardinals squared off against the Cubs. The game was already full of drama, but things erupted in the 7th inning when Cardinals’ pitcher Miles Mikolas and manager Oliver Marmol were both ejected for arguing with umpires. What caused this dramatic incident and why did it have such an affect on the game? Read on to find out what happened to Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol that led to the unexpected ejections.
What happened to Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol? Cardinals pitcher and manager ejected from game vs Cubs

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1. Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol: Ejected from a Surprising Showdown

The St. Louis Cardinals had a surprising showdown during their game against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night when both Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol were ejected in the same inning. The situation that caused the ruckus began in the fifth inning.

It had been a scoreless ballgame when Mikolas made a pitch that sparked a disagreement between the Cardinals pitcher and home-plate umpire Mark Ripperger. The argument lasted briefly, but it was enough to get the attention of the other umpires and Braves players. Ripperger then ejected Mikolas from the game, shocking the pitcher and the crowd.

Still unsatisfied, Ripperger then ejected Marmol, the Cardinals’ bench coach, for coming to the defense of Mikolas. To make matters worse, the Braves had scored three runs in the fifth inning, putting them ahead 3-0 for the remainder of the game. Both teams had to accept the outrageous outcome as the Cardinals ultimately lost the game.
1. Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol: Ejected from a Surprising Showdown

2. Cardinals Pitcher and Manager at the Center of Controversial Umpire Calls

The scene of Sunday’s game against the Washington Nationals was one full of mystery and confusion. Cardinals pitcher John Gant and Manager Mike Shildt have both been at the center of some of the more questionable umpire calls in recent weeks.

As Gant stepped up to the mound, the calls of some in the crowd began to fall silent as they realized the gravity of the situation. For the few moments that followed, the field was focused on the umpire’s ruling as Gant awaited the signal. What followed was an unexpected close-up pitch that some allege tipped the scales of the game.

It wasn’t the first questionable call in Gant’s season or the last for either him or Shildt, who have both had their fair share of disagreements with the umpires. Both have raised eyebrows with their engaging and often stimulating demeanor, though their commitment to the game remains unquestionable.

  • John Gant has continued to give his all on the field, and remains a solid part of the Cardinals rotation.
  • Mike Shildt has remained the stalwart leader for the Cardinals, pushing for wins and maximum performance.

Though controversial calls linger, the team spirit and unity of the Cardinals remain strong, and these two are key players in that growth and success.

3. Video Replays Showing the Cause of the Uproar

Events leading up to the uproar were hair-raising and quite mysterious. Video replays of the incident are now available, showing what actually took place.

The footage show a crowd of protesters approaching a single police officer, when he draws his baton and starts to advance toward them. The arrival of two additional officers was the final straw, as the protesters then resorted to throwing bricks and stones. The three officers then retreated and the crowd was even more aggressive, forming a larger group and creating a large commotion.

The fiery protest was further driven by unprecedented levels of anger, primarily due to their grievances over persistent civil liberties concerns and a lack of response from the authorities. It was clear from the video replays that this was the spark of the uproar, as the riots that ensued were witnessed by millions and sparked global conversations.

  • Video replays show a single officer advancing with a baton
  • Arrival of two additional officers was the final straw
  • Unprecedented levels of anger had already driven the protest

4. Onward and Upward for the Cardinals Despite Controversy

The Fury Is Growing

For weeks, headlines across the nation have been dominated by discussion of the St. Louis Cardinals’ ongoing controversy surrounding a recent hacking scandal. Despite the negative press, the team continues to move forward on its current winning streak. A fiery start to the season has resulted in confidence from within the locker room. Even with the media frenzy, the Cardinals refuse to be held down by the drama.

Terrific Trio of Stars Emerge

The Cardinals’ new star power has been on full display during recent home games. From rookie sensation Albert Pujols to veteran leader Yadier Molina, the team is reaping the rewards of the hard work they’ve put in. Fans have been in awe of the combination of skill and camaraderie on the field. These three dynamic leaders have become the driving force of this team’s success.

Thrilling Comebacks Keep Fans Cheering

The intensity of the Cardinals’ on-field play has been paying off in spades. Recently, they have overcome surges of adversity to win a series of thrilling comebacks. Whether it be stellar pitching or a late-game heroics, the team has been showing heart in the face of numerous challengers.

In the process of possessing immense talent and a never-say-die attitude, the Cardinals’ legacy carries on through an impressive start to the season. No doubt, the organization will be able to capitalize on the success of these inspiring athletes and leave the hardship of the controversy behind them.


Q: What happened to Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol?
A: During the Cardinals game against the Cubs, Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol were both ejected for heated arguments with the umpire.

Q: Who was responsible for ejecting the pair?
A: The home plate umpire made the decision to eject Mikolas and Marmol after their heated confrontation.

Q: How did the Cardinals respond to the incident?
A: After the ejection, the Cardinals’ bench coach Joe Kruzel was ejected as well for continuing the argument. Other members of the team were understandably frustrated and dismayed by the decision.

Q: What was the ultimate outcome?
A: Ultimately, the Cardinals went on to lose the game to the Cubs. The incident had a clear impact on the team’s morale, but they’ve since moved on and are preparing for their next game.


A strange event for sure, one that left both Miles Mikolas and Oliver Marmol ejected. It remains to be seen what the consequences of their ejection will be, as the Cardinals organization is surely bound to a form of consequence for both. No matter how the situation is resolved, it is clear that the events that transpired on the baseball diamond today will leave a mark on both the Cardinals organization and the game of baseball as a whole.

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