What is Ken Griffey Jr.’s role in HBCU Swingman Classic? Mariners legend returns to Seattle for All-Star Week curtain raiser
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It’s a homecoming Mariners great Ken Griffey Jr. won’t soon forget. It’s All-Star Week in Seattle, and Grifffey is returning to his hometown to take part in a groundbreaking event: the HBCU Swingman Classic. This chance to mix college sports with pro sports is a unique opportunity, and Griffey is looking forward to seeing the athletes take the field. Join us as we explore Griffey’s role in making this one-of-a-kind event a reality.
What is Ken Griffey Jr.'s role in HBCU Swingman Classic? Mariners legend returns to Seattle for All-Star Week curtain raiser

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1. Ken Griffey Jr. Backs HBCU Swingman Classic

Ken Griffey Jr. is injecting grittiness to this year’s HBCU Swingman Classic to make sure it lives up to its storied past. The legendary baseball Hall of Famer is using his star power to back the college basketball tournament’s return in 2021.

As the tournament’s official ambassador, Griffey will be in the thick of the action, physically attending the event – Covid-safety protocols willing. He’ll be shaking hands with the players, coaches, and spectators alike, and treating everyone to a memorable weekend of HBCU basketball along the way.

And for the grand finale, Griffey will take to the court in an unprecedented double act. On one night, the great Athlete will tip off from the center of the court, then take to the mic to offer his well-deserved praise to the fans and clap alongside the unforgettable atmosphere. It’s sure to be a historic moment for all.

  • Ken Griffey Jr. is official ambassador
  • He’ll be physically attending
  • Partake in double act

1. Ken Griffey Jr. Backs HBCU Swingman Classic

2. All-Star Week Brings Griffey Jr. Home to Seattle

The Seattle Mariners 2019 All-Star week was one of the most memorable of its kind. Ken Griffey Jr. graced the crowd with his presence as the organization invited him to take part in the festivities, solidifying his legendary status within the franchise.

Clad in the same teal and navy blue jersey he wore in the 90s, Griffey spoke of his first season with the team and shared his experiences playing for the Mariners. He reminisced alongside former teammates, and were joined by Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan. To the delight of thousands of fans, the Mayor presented Griffey a special All-Star Game jersey and plaque.

The festivities were kicked off with a red carpet parade, featuring Griffey at its head. It seemed as if he never left Seattle, as Mariners fans of all ages celebrated his arrival. A fishing derby, magic show, and exhibition games throughout the week brought the event to its peak.

Highlights of the night included:

  • Ken Griffey’s speech to the fans during pre-game Festivities
  • A standing ovation for the entire team as they were introduced together
  • A special pre-game ritual at home plate
  • The surprise unveiling of one of Ken’s old jerseys
  • A spectacular fireworks display to top it all off

3. Seattle Mariners Legend Serves as Honorary Guest

The Seattle Mariners held a very special engagement recently. To honor their former Major League Baseball pitcher, the great Randy Johnson, the team invited him back to the stadium he proudly represented! This living legend, now 56, showed up to the event looking as strong as ever.

The local news was abuzz with the news. Fans celebrated flocking to Safeco Field to catch a glimpse of their hero. Everyone greeted him with cheering and chants as he entered the stadium. The gate attendants couldn’t contain their enthusiasm and welcomed him with hugs. It was a beautiful display of appreciation for the contribution he had made to the team.

Randy Johnson was honored with a ceremony that included an impressive lineup of speakers. The team’s general manager, the executive director of the MLB Players Alumni Association, and several others had only great things to say about the man. They highlighted his accomplishments on the field and the legacy he left behind. The event concluded with an unforgettable moment: the presentation of a one-of-a-kind Seattle Mariners throwback jersey to Randy Johnson by the team. A unique and special tribute to the champion who put Seattle on the MLB map.

  • Following the ceremony, Randy went on a tour of the stadium.
  • He met with young fans, signed autographs and took photos.
  • The event was truly a memorable experience for everyone.

4. Celebrating an MLB Icon at the HBCU Swingman Classic

The HBCU Swingman Classic hosted a once in a lifetime tribute to a much deserving Major League Baseball (MLB) icon. Fans across the league were excited to honor this revered figure for their immense contributions to baseball and beyond.

The event celebrated the individual’s lifelong dedication to the sport. The stadium was filled with awe-inspiring moments that effectively honored their remarkable accomplishments as they looked back and forth between a spanning career that started on the sandlots of their small hometown and a now illustrious place in MLB history.

  • The Tribute:
    • Fans and athletes alike embraced the opportunity to celebrate the individual’s professional journey, while they experienced a series of unique and thrilling exhibits all thoughtfully set up along the sidelines of the ballpark.
    • During the third inning, the stadium illuminated as a massive collective ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung in tribute to the baseball star.
  • The Game:
    • The game was an intense contest between two collegiate baseball teams, with the MLB icon in attendance to wave the start of the game.
    • The crowd was electrifying as they cheered to victory as the student athletes gave it their absolute all.


Q: What is the HBCU Swingman Classic?
A: The HBCU Swingman Classic is a showcase of some of the top college basketball programs from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). It will be held on July 7 at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park in conjunction with the MLB All-Star Week.

Q: What is Ken Griffey Jr.’s role in the HBCU Swingman Classic?
A: Ken Griffey Jr., the former Seattle Mariners All-Star, will serve as HBCU Swingman Classic’s official ambassador. He will have a special appearance at the event, engaging with student-athletes and participating in other special activities.

Q: What else will be happening at the HBCU Swingman Classic?
A: In addition to the two college basketball games, there will also be a youth and high school basketball camp, where Griffey Jr. will be interacting with participants. There will be other special activities involving Griffey Jr. and other special guest speakers.


The 2021 HBCU Swingman Classic is a fitting stage for Ken Griffey Jr. to return to Seattle for All-Star Week. His past and present contributions to the city will be honored, and his ongoing support of larger causes close to his heart is an inspiration to us all. We can look forward to the memories, the skill, and the hard work that will be represented in this historic event. Here’s to hoping for a successful show of athleticism and camaraderie from Seattle’s favorite son!

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