What is NBA 3-point contest record? Details of player, event and more
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The three-point contest is one of the most exciting events of the NBA season. Each year, the best of the best sharpshooters put their skills to the test to see who can come away with the most points in this high-stakes Shootout. But who holds the record for most points ever scored in this contest? In this article, we’ll explore the NBA’s 3-point contest record, the player who holds it, the event in which it was set, and more. So read on to learn all about this amazing achievement!
What is NBA 3-point contest record? Details of player, event and more

Table of Contents

1. An In-Depth Look at the NBA 3-Point Contest Record

In the world of basketball, the coveted NBA 3-point Contest record has been a closely held secret. But now, for the first time ever, we’re taking an in-depth look at exactly what the mark stands for and what it takes to break it.

How the record is set. The NBA 3-point Contest is an annual event held as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend. Participants attempt to make as many 3-pointers as possible in a one-minute time period. The current record is held by Stephen Curry, who made 13 3-pointers in 2016. To snatch the record, a player must make at least 14 3-pointers.

What goes into setting the record. The NBA 3-point Record is a highly coveted mark, and it takes both immense skill and a great deal of luck to break it. Players must possess a high degree of accuracy and stamina, as well as great shooting form. Additionally, luck may come into play since successful shots must fall in the right order. Here are a few other aspects of the game that can impact the record:

  • The position of the player on the court
  • The quality of the ball used
  • The length of the shooting period
  • The type of shooting system used

Breaking the record. Setting a new NBA 3-point Contest record is no small feat, and it takes more than just exceptional shooting to accomplish. Players must hone their form, substantially increase their speed and accuracy, and focus heavily on the strategy of the contest. Notably, there are rumors of the record being broken in 2020, but we won’t know for sure until the All-Star Week festivities kick off!

1. An In-Depth Look at the NBA 3-Point Contest Record

2.A Breakdown of the All-Time Leader

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has always been an all-time leader when it comes to total points recorded in a career. So far, he stands as the highest scoring player in the history of the NBA with over 38,000 points. Let’s take a look at what put him in that spot and how he stacks up against the competition.

Rebounds and Minutes: In his career, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reached an impressive 11,732 total rebounds and 56,446 minutes played. Out of all players active in 2018, LeBron James came closest to him with 5,490 rebounds and 42,063 minutes played – albeit both far fewer than the all-time leader.

Field Goals and Blocks: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made 15,837 field goals which puts him in first place when it comes to NBA career records. He also holds the second place for blocks, with 3,189. His record has been challenged by Dikembe Mutombo who almost reached Abdul-Jabbar’s number with 3,289 – but his record still stands.

Leaderboard: Here’s a summary of the all-time leader’s career:

  • Total Points: 38,387
  • Rebounds: 11,732
  • Minutes Played: 56,446
  • Field Goals: 15,837
  • Blocks: 3,189

3.Exploring the Details of the Event

Focus on the Details

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4.Uncovering What Makes the 3-Point Contest Unique

The 3-point competition is one of the most iconic events of the NBA All-Star weekend. But what are elements that make it truly unique from other basketball competitions? Here are a few key components of the 3-point competition:

  • Type of Shooters: All the players in the competition are considered three-point specialists, meaning they have honed their craft taking shots from beyond the arc. Even the occasional sharpshooting guard who has the ability to nail a rapid-fire three can’t quite match the skill and experience that the 3-point competition contestants bring to the court.
  • Style of Contest: Unlike the traditional game of basketball, the 3-point competition consists of five racks with each rack holding five basketballs. Each shooter will have one minute to shoot all the balls on each rack as fast and accurately as they can. A successful shot from behind the arc will be counted as a made shot, while a shot inside the three-point line will be reset to its original position.
  • Extra Points: To make the 3-point contest more exciting, a bonus “money ball” shot is scattered in one of the racks. This ball is distinguished from the regular balls and is worth two points. This bonus ball is the last hope for a comeback for anyone struggling in the contest.

Ultimately, these different elements play a fundamental role in making the 3-point competition a true standout event of the All-Star weekend. From the caliber of the shooter to the extra “money ball” shot, the 3-point contest is a multi-faceted competition that all gives sports fans something to cheer for.


Q: What is the NBA 3-point contest record?

A: The NBA 3-point contest record is held by Stephen Curry with a total of 27 points scored in the 2015 competition.

Q: What event was Stephen Curry’s record-breaking performance at?

A: Stephen Curry’s record-breaking performance was at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game’s Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, part of the All-Star events.

Q: How did he score his points?

A: Stephen Curry scored a total of 27 points in the 2015 Foot Locker Three-Point Contest: he made all 25 of his attempts from 25 feet, and 12 of his attempts from around the arch, for a total of 37 shots.

Q: What other records has Stephen Curry broken?

A: Over his career Stephen Curry has set a number of records, including the most three-pointers in a single season (402), the most three-pointers in a single game (13), and the highest single game three-point percentage (92.1 percent).


The NBA 3-point contest record continues to be a testament to the immense skill of professional basketball players, as players everywhere strive to match and exceed the accomplishments of those who made history. As the contest continues to draw intrigue from fans and players alike, one thing is certain: the record-breaking performance of the past will provide a benchmark for athletes to strive for in the future.

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