What to Do with the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2 – Answered
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Are you a passionate Destiny 2 player searching for what to do with the Broken Blade of Cunning? If so, you’re in luck! Following along with this article will help you understand what the Broken Blade of Cunning is, where it came from, and what to do with it. No more rummaging through the vastness of the internet fruitlessly attempting to get answers – read on now and you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need!
What to Do with the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2 – Answered

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1. Uncovering the Mystery of the Broken Blade of Cunning

For many years, the Broken Blade of Cunning has been shrouded in mystery. Few know the origin of the blade, or even what powers it may possess. It is thought to possibly be of elven or dwarf craftsmanship, but no one is sure. All that is known for certain is that it was found abandoned in a dark, forgotten corner of the realm.

Speculation of the power of the blade has been whispered for centuries. Some claim it has the ability to grant its wielder invisibility. Others suggest it gives the bearer superhuman strength. Some even say it unleashes a wave of chaos on its surroundings. Despite its rumored power, no one has yet been brave enough to find out for sure and no one knows the truth behind the mystery of the Broken Blade of Cunning – until now.

Take on the challenge of uncovering the truth about this legendary blade! Track down its origin and unlock the secret to its mysterious power. Find the history, use the clues as your roadmap, and discover the secrets of the Broken Blade of Cunning. It may be your key to fame and fortune!

  • Explore the realm in search of the Broken Blade of Cunning.
  • Unlock the secrets of the blade and its mysterious power.
  • Discover the legends and history that surround the blade.

1. Uncovering the Mystery of the Broken Blade of Cunning

2. Claiming Your Reward for the Blade of Cunning

To obtain your reward for the Blade of Cunning, you only need to complete a few simple steps. Here’s how to get your preciously earned blade:

  • Step One – Talk to the local guild leader in town.
  • Step Two – Tell the guild leader of your heroic deeds with the Blade of Cunning.
  • Step Three – Collect your reward.

Be sure to remember that after every great battle, rewards must be claimed and rewards must be shared. Any reputational gains along the way must be carefully assessed by the recipient. After all, what goes around comes around.

is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, you may as well be a stranger in the land of brave adventurers. Head to the local guild leader in town and pick up the blade that will become your loyal companion for years to come.

3. Crafting an Upgrade with the Broken Blade

A Piece of Hope

With the broken blade at hand, you can still save the day. It doesn’t look like much, but with some craftsmanship and a little bit of improvisation, you can craft an upgrade.

Collect your supplies and arm yourself with patience. Start by attaching a handle of your choosing – a trusty rod of iron or steel will do quite nicely. Try to keep the metal sturdy and flat against the blade. Secure the handle in place with a few rivets, and familiarize yourself with the balance you’ve created.

Now that you’ve become acquainted with the new tool, it’s time to sharpen it to a deadly edge. Carve notches into the broken blade with an emery stone. Once the notches are in place, use a honing stone to sharpen the blade. Regular use of the honing stone should give your blade it’s desired edge.

From rusty broken blade to polished and deadly cutting tool – you have done it! Now take your spoils and arm yourself for battle.

4. Gaining the Most Out of Destiny 2 with the Broken Blade of Cunning

The Broken Blade of Cunning is one of the most sought-after weapons in Destiny 2. This deadly weapon is a must-have for any Guardian who wants to dominate the game. To gain the most out of Destiny 2 with this weapon, there are a few must-knows:

  • Choose the right moment. Every player should know the best time to fire their Broken Blade of Cunning. A great tactic is to wait for the enemy to reload, or to use it before entering a room. This can give you the advantage you need to come out on top.
  • Utilize its special power. This exotic gun packs a punch, but it also has a special ability. Activating it will grant the user with increased weapon damage for a short amount of time. This can be deadly when facing multiple enemies.
  • Upgrade strategically. When upgrading the Broken Blade of Cunning, make sure to choose the right mods. This weapon receives a huge damage boost from lightweight and extended reload mods, making it more dangerous than ever.

By utilizing all of these tips, any Guardian can take their Destiny 2 skills to the next level with the Broken Blade of Cunning. It’s a must-have for any serious fan of the game who wants to defeat their opponents and dominate the battlefield.


Q: What is the Broken Blade of Cunning?
A: The Broken Blade of Cunning is a rare sword found in the activity known as the “Forbidden Feast” within the Dreaming City in Destiny 2.

Q: What is the Forbidden Feast?
A: The Forbidden Feast is an activity in the Dreaming City within the World of Destiny 2. It’s a public space event with up to 9 other players participating. During the activity, players must fight off waves of enemies and bosses, and can obtain rewards including the Broken Blade of Cunning.

Q: What makes the Broken Blade of Cunning special?
A: The Broken Blade of Cunning is a rare item in Destiny 2. It’s a high-level exotic grade weapon with unique traits such as increased critical hit chance and bonus damage when facing certain elemental enemies.

Q: What can I do with the Broken Blade of Cunning?
A: The Broken Blade of Cunning can be upgraded into a more powerful version of itself called the Malfeasance. To upgrade the sword, players must first collect several components from specific enemies or bosses and then complete a quest. Once the quest is complete, the Broken Blade of Cunning can be upgraded to Malfeasance.


Thanks for joining us in our exploration of the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2! We hope you have enjoyed learning more about this unique item and how best to use it. Now that you have the answers to your questions, make sure to put the Broken Blade of Cunning to good use in your next adventure. Until then, happy gaming!

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