When AEW’s Bryan Danielson was accused of cheating on Brie Bella with a current WWE star
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Bryan Danielson, most commonly known as the professional wrestler, often referred to as “The American Dragon”, is no stranger to rumors and controversy. In the past, the former AEW star had to endure allegations of cheating on his wife Brie Bella. Most recently, however, the speculation has shifted to another WWE star as the culprit of an alleged love affair. In this article, we’ll look at the details of the ongoing scandal and how it’s affecting the wrestling industry.
When AEW's Bryan Danielson was accused of cheating on Brie Bella with a current WWE star

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1. How A Messy Love Triangle Threatened to Destabilize Pro Wrestling’s Top Two Companies

The year was 1991 and pro wrestling was at the peak of its popularity. Two rival companies, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation, were vying to become the top promotion in the industry. But one wild storyline was threatening to disrupt the delicate balance of power in the wrestling world.

It all began when Rick Rude, the top star of the WCW, developed a mutual admiration with Missy Hyatt, the WWF’s shrewd and cunning manager. Rick had grown tired of his mundane life and wanted to up the stakes in his professional career. Missy saw an opportunity to inject some excitement into the WWF and began to scheme to bring Rick to the company.

  • Missy was married to “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s best friend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, making the whole situation very messy and complicated.
  • Missy and Rick began a secret relationship behind the scenes, and everyone backstage was aware of their situation.
  • The secret affair caused a major stir within the two companies, which could have resulted in both companies being destabilized.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed as Rick’s contract was allowed to expire, and he eventually signed with the WWF. The entire situation came to a peaceful resolution, though it certainly could have gone much differently. The love triangle between Rick Rude, Missy Hyatt, and Greg Valentine put pro wrestling’s two biggest promotions on the brink of disaster, until a resolution was finally found.

1. How A Messy Love Triangle Threatened to Destabilize Pro Wrestling's Top Two Companies

2. How a Scandalous Rumor Unfolded Between Bryan Danielson,Brie Bella and a Current WWE Star

It all began when Bryan Danielson, popularly known as Daniel Bryan, made some controversial comments at Bella Twins Day in June 2018. The event was in honor of the twin sisters Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, both of whom are star performers in the WWE. Danielson expressed his displeasure that Nikki was not currently pursuing a full-time career in the WWE despite the long-standing rumors that she would. This sparked a debate between the two which further revealed that Danielson had unresolved feelings for Nikki.

This led to a series of revelations between Danielson, Brie Bella and a current WWE star, Ronda Rousey. It was reported that Rousey had become very close to Danielson while the two were working together on SmackDown. This led to the speculation that Rousey could have taken advantage of Danielson’s emotional state in order to win him over. This prompted Brie to confront Rousey and demand that she leave her brother-in-law alone.

The scandal grew as the Bella Twins and Rousey were seen in heated verbal exchanges in the ring. This further validated the rumors that Rousey had taken advantage of Danielson’s vulnerable emotional state. What followed was a series of scathing verbal attacks from Brie in the direction of Rousey.

  • The incident began with Danielson’s controversial comments about Nikki Bella
  • Rousey became close to Danielson, giving rise to the suspicion of taking advantage of him
  • The scandal culminated in a heated exchange of words between the twins and Rousey

The scandal continues to be talked about in the wrestling world even to this day.

3. Examining the Possible Fallout of Danielson Cheating on WWE’s Bella

The news of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s on-screen relationship was shared with fans before WrestleMania 35. In the storyline, Lynch proposed to Rollins, who accepted the proposal in front of millions of viewers. Fast forward to later on and the WWE Universe was rightfully stunned when Lynch found out that Rollins had been cheating on her with fellow wrestler and colleague, Danielson.

It is undeniable that Danielson and Lynch’s relationship had been a tumultuous one, especially when considering the damning evidence of the affair. Those who supported the two had to face the ugly truth that Danielson had deserted her, just as things were seemingly going better for their relationship.

As a result of Danielson’s infidelity, Lynch’s future has been plunged into an uncertain limbo. Her heretofore exemplary character has taken on a whole new grim tone. What will this mean for her reputation within the company? What will this mean for her off-screen projects? Only time will tell what will come of Danielson’s indiscretions.

  • What will be the repercussions of this scandal and story on Lynch’s overall career?
  • Will their respective fanbases support them?
  • Will they both be held more accountable for their actions?

4. What the Sour Accusations Could Mean for a Brand New Era in Kids Wrestling

The latest accusations of questionable behavior have caused quite a stir in the world of youth wrestling. Though the claims made by several former wrestlers are still being investigated, the mere suggestion of misconduct in the sport has been a cause for concern.

The Potential Effects

  • It could have lasting implications on the integrity of youth sports. Not only does it tarnish the reputation of the wrestling coaches and organizations, but it could also be damaging to young athletes who may have been subjected to any form of abuse.
  • Sponsorship interests may suffer, as the allegations of misconduct could cause companies to view the sport in a negative light, causing them to reconsider any sponsorship deals they may have had with youth wrestling organizations.
  • The future of youth wrestling may be in jeopardy if the accusations turn out to be true. The landscape of the sport has been dramatically changed as a result of the accusations, leading to a potentially bleak outlook.

Though it may not be known for some time what the truth behind these accusations is, the impact it has had on the sport is clear. It has opened up a discussion on the accountability of youth wrestling organizations and the importance of keeping athletes safe. This could be a stepping stone for a brand new era in kids wrestling, where safety and respect is at the forefront.


Q: What led to the accusations of Bryan Danielson cheating on Brie Bella?

A: Rumors began circulating after one of Brie’s friends posted a cryptic message to Twitter that hinted Danielson may have cheated on her with an unnamed current WWE star.

Q: How did Brie Bella react to the allegations?

A: Brie Bella responded to the allegations in an interview, stating that while she was taken aback by the news, she was not surprised as Danielson had been distant for some time. She also wished the parties involved all the best moving forward.

Q: How did Bryan Danielson respond to the allegations?

A: Danielson’s representatives released a statement claiming that none of the accusations were true and that he was open to the truth coming out. Danielson has yet to give a personal statement on the allegations.


The split of Bryan Danielson and Brie Bella was a dramatic moment in the history of these successful wrestlers. While rumors of Danielson cheating on Bella with a current WWE star were never confirmed, the allegations aired publicly could never be erased. As we look back at the downfall of their romance, we remember how it served as a reminder for us all to keep our relationships secure and honest.

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