When is Fontaine Coming to Genshin Impact? – Answered
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It’s been a question that has been on the lips of every Genshin Impact player since launch – when will the enigmatic Fontaine make his appearance in the expansive world of Teyvat? With an ever-evolving parade of events and characters, the anticipation of Fontaine’s in-game addition continues to mount. And yet, the answer remains cloaked in mystery. Hopefully, this article can shed some light on the matter and provide a better understanding of when we can finally expect the arrival of Fontaine!
When is Fontaine Coming to Genshin Impact? – Answered

Table of Contents

1. Anticipating Fontaine’s Arrival: Genshin Impact’s Next Character

Fontaine is coming to Genshin Impact soon, and the buzz throughout the MiHoYo world is palpable. From the day the news of the character broke out, players across all platforms have been speculating about the identity of this mysterious new traveler. It looks like the wait will soon be coming to an end.

The Weapon

  • Fontaine is said to be wielding a surprisingly powerful bow capable of unleashing powerful elemental damage.
  • The bow is dual-wielding with both longbow and shortbow capabilities.

The Element

  • Fontaine is most likely an Anemo user, thanks to the light breeze that appeared while they were first spotted.
  • It’s also possible that they might be able to use other elements, making them a powerful addition to any team.

The Lore

  • Players can expect a new character development with the addition of Fontaine, who is said to be a Wanderer and Trader.
  • Fontaine’s backstory will likely get revealed as they roam around the world exploring and gathering resources.

Fontaine is about to become part of the Genshin Impact family, and the future looks full of surprises more than ever. With their unique bow and anemo power, Fontaine will surely add an interesting dynamic to the lineup of characters. Keep your eyes peeled!
1. Anticipating Fontaine's Arrival: Genshin Impact's Next Character

2. Unveiling Fontaine: What We Know So Far

Fontaine: The Streaming Service Phenomenon
The world of streaming services is about to receive an exciting, revolutionary new arrival – Fontaine. Fontaine is set to revolutionize streaming, by bringing viewers something they have never seen before. It promises to be a platform that will transform viewers into media consumers who are more engaged with the content they watch.

What We Know About Fontaine So Far
Fontaine is set to provide viewers with a totally new way of engaging with content. It will offer a range of unique features, such as:

  • In-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • Unique content produced exclusively for Fontaine.
  • The ability to watch content at any time, from any device.
  • An innovative recommendation algorithm, to offer viewers personalized content.
  • Easy access to discover the best new content.
  • A cutting-edge interface, designed for the best user experience.

What Fontaine Hopes to Achieve
With its release, Fontaine obviously hopes to make an impact in the streaming world. It wants to offer viewers something that they can’t get from any other streaming service. It wants to empower them, giving them access to content that is tailored to their individual tastes. It hopes that its innovative features will give viewers a unique and enjoyable experience with streaming media.

Fontaine appears to be on the right track to making this ambition a reality. We can’t wait to find out what it has in store for us.

3. Analyzing the Hints: Speculations about Fontaine

Although Andrew Ryan is the real mastermind behind the grand plan of the underwater city, Fontaine is the one who puts it into motion. In order to unravel the truth behind his hidden agenda, let’s analyze the hints presented throughout the game.

Firstly, Fontaine claims to have grown up on the streets and is no stranger to the life of crime. Considering his blatant rejection of capitalism, Andrew Ryan’s son, and his own public speech, it is possible to assume he was once an orphan with a strong sense of class resentment. Furthermore, the fact that he adopts a diplomatic approach when questioning his nemeses implies that he is a man of cunning, rationality, and strategy, as well as being a ruthless criminal.

Secondly, Fontaine’s background in industry and science is a huge mystery. His knowledge of Rapture and of technologies like ‘plasmids’ and ‘Big Sisters’ must have come from somewhere. Additonally, his strong ties with powerful figures across Rapture also suggest he is not only well connected, but also respected amongst both criminals and citizens alike. It is worth considering that, in the beginning of the game, Fontaine’s influence is so great, even the mighty Andrew Ryan is well aware of his name.

  • Class resentment: Fontaine’s rejection of capitalism implies he was once an orphan with a strong sense of class resentment.
  • Cunning: His diplomatic approach indicates he is a man of cunning, rationality, and strategy.
  • Influence: Even the mighty Andrew Ryan is well aware of his name, suggesting that he is respected amongst criminals and citizens alike.

4. The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For: When Fontaine is Coming

After months of anticipation, the wait is nearly over: Fontaine is finally coming. And it’s arriving with impact.

  • Fontaine is introducing a new era of design. Fast loading typography, fullscreen typography, group messaging, and a visual library come together in a vibrant, modern product.
  • It’s a great way to get the most out of your work. It reduces a web page’s size and loading rate, makes it easier to find the right font for your design, and delivers a comprehensive library of typefaces.
  • This launch is the culmination of a brilliant idea, and it delivers a top-of-the-line typographic experience. It’s been designed to meet the highest standards for design and usability, giving you an outstanding experience every time you use it.

Experience Fontaine at its best. This is an incredible moment in design history, and it’s a chance to capitalize on the incredible potential of this tool. Fontaine is the best way to share your design vision with the world, and now, that vision can come to life. Are you ready?


Q: What is Fontaine all about?
A: Fontaine is a mysterious character in Genshin Impact that has been teased in some recent promotional material. It has yet to make an appearance in the game and no one is quite sure what role Fontaine will play.

Q: Is Fontaine a character players can play?
A: It is not yet known whether Fontaine will be a playable character in Genshin Impact. It’s possible that Fontaine might be more of an NPC, or even a completely new character that will join your party.

Q: When can we expect to see Fontaine in Genshin Impact?
A: Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact release date for Fontaine yet. However, it’s possible we’ll get another hint or update about Fontaine soon – stay tuned!


The wait for Fontaine is finally almost over. Despite the mystery surrounding her, it appears that Fontaine will soon be joining the adventurers of Teyvat. We look forward to her entrance and what she may bring!

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