Where Are You, Mystery Trotter Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail
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Feel like setting off on a new adventure? Then join the Mystery Trotter Event Guide and Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail and go explore the unknown! With sweeping galaxies to explore, exciting rewards to collect, and characters fresh from your wildest imagination, you’ll have an unforgettable journey that you won’t soon forget. So jump in and get ready for the ride. The stars are waiting to take you on a fantastic voyage unlike any other!
Where Are You, Mystery Trotter Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Table of Contents

1. Follow the Trail of the Mystery Trotter!

The Mystery Trotter is an enigma not easily solved. Every few weeks it appears in different far flung corners of the world, with little to no warning. But with the right focus, you can follow in the path of the Mystery Trotter and experience its magic for yourself.

You’ll need determination and an open mind. And here are a few key points to note on your mysterious journey:

  • Have a look at the Mystery Trotter’s social media accounts – they always give clues to the Trotter’s location.
  • Take to the air – if you search in the sky, you’ll find the Mystery Trotter soaring the skies more often than not.
  • Go underground – the Trotter loves to explore beyond the boundaries of Earth, and you may find them hidden deep in the depths of hidden caves.

Don’t be put off if the Mystery Trotter evades your first attempts at tracking it down – the more you hunt, the closer you’ll come to a real encounter. Above all, remember that your journey is no ordinary one; you never know what will await you around the corner. It’s time to pack your bags and follow in the footsteps of the Mystery Trotter!

1. Follow the Trail of the Mystery Trotter!

2. Uncover the Secrets of Honkai: Star Rail’s Event Guide & Rewards

Are you seeking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to uncover the secrets of Honkai: Star Rail? Look no further! This event guide will take you on an unforgettable journey through the interstellar world of Honkai: Star Rail. Ready to experience a thrill like no other? Let’s dive in!

Exploration Time! Enter Honkai: Star Rail and embark on a thrilling exploration, guided by a unique map system. Searching hidden recesses and ancient ruins, your goal is to acquire as much treasure as you can. Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover a legendary artifact!

Gather Rewards Unlock new paths with your findings. As a reward for your valiant efforts, you’ll be richly rewarded with a variety of truly fascinating items:

  • Exclusive character skins
  • Mystery Blueprints
  • Brilliant Light Shards
  • Supreme Tech Modules

Gather these assets to become stronger and more powerful!

3. Discover Mysterious High-Value Prizes Awaiting the Adept Adventurer

Nowhere is this truer than in the mysterious prizes awaiting the adept adventurers who traverse the wild and verdant lands of this magical realm. For those willing to embark on daring journeys of discovery, these prizes await.

Exquisite Jewels and Rare Relics

Perhaps no prizes are as renowned as the exquisite jewels and rare relics strewn across the land. An ideal reward for those willing to venture through the most treacherous terrains, these prizes are only available to the most tenacious of explorers. From opulent sapphires to legendary staffs said to grant their owners immeasurable power, the adventurer is certain to find something worthy of their hard-earned valor.

Hidden Treasures and Rare Artifacts

These adventures also offer the potential to uncover hidden treasures and rare artifacts, some of which are said to maintain incredible secrets of the realm. Whether an ancient golden crown or a mystical map to a mythical city, these fabulous prizes will give you an edge in your quest for greater glory.

Mystical Creatures and Legendary Beings

The brave and intrepid would-be hero will also have the opportunity to come across mystical creatures and legendary beings, reputed to possess both great wisdom and powerful magical abilities. For those able to capture and contain these rare creatures, riches, honors, and the gratitude of the realm are all within reach.

4. Keep Your Eye On The Prize – Unveil the Mystery Trotter Event Guide & Rewards

We’ve all heard the phrase “keep your eye on the prize” and there is no better time to live by those words than now! Calling all Mystery Trotter fans, it’s time to get your detective hats on and delve into the Mystery Trotter Event Guide and rewards.

The Event Guide and rewards are now open and waiting to be discovered! Embark on your adventure and you’ll soon find the Mystery Trotter Contest– a series of puzzles and challenges that will help you unlock even more rewards as you progress. Clues to the puzzles can be found all across the Mystery Trotter universe. Collect pieces of evidence as you unlock new and exciting challenges.

Rewards are waiting to be uncovered, so keep your eyes peeled– you can unlock special Mystery Trotter gear, rare items, and exclusive discounts. With each challenge completed, you can work your way up to even bigger and better rewards. Time to get to work and unravel the mystery of the Mystery Trotter!


Q: What is the Mystery Trotter Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail?
A: The Mystery Trotter Event Guide & Rewards is an event in Honkai: Star Rail that challenges players to explore and collect rewards from the mysterious Trotters who are hidden throughout the game. Players must find the Trotters and then complete various tasks in order to receive exclusive rewards!

Q: What kind of rewards are available during this event?
A: Players who complete the tasks will receive a variety of rewards, including but not limited to battle passes, stigmata cubes, crystals, and rare materials. Players can also expect to get some amazing avatar items from the Trotters, including costumes, accessories and unique weapons.

Q: How long does this event last?
A: The Mystery Trotter event lasts until the 26th of February 2021. Players should be sure to take advantage of this event as soon as possible in order to collect all of the exclusive rewards!


So what are you waiting for? Grab your Mystery Trotter Event Guide and Rewards now and explore the stars of the Honkai universe! Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a starry-eyed traveller, you’ll find something new and exciting within the world of Mystery Trotter. Your journey awaits!

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