Which Mariners players have had a .300+ batting average in a season? MLB Immaculate Grid answers for July 5
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From the storied history of the Seattle Mariners comes an impressive list of players who have managed to hit a .300+ batting average in a single season. Spanning decades of baseball, the list of standout Mariners players reads like a who’s who of MLB excellence. MLB Immaculate Grid now has the answer to the question, “Which Mariners players have had a .300+ batting average in a season?” –– for July 5th.
Which Mariners players have had a .300+ batting average in a season? MLB Immaculate Grid answers for July 5

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1. Mariners batting the .300 Mark: A Closer Look

The Seattle Mariners have hit the .300 mark in batting for the first time in franchise history, thanks to the emergence of stars like Daniel Vogelbach and Mallex Smith. It’s a feat that brings with it a host of questions. How did the Mariners pull off such an impressive accomplishment? Is it sustainable? What changes can Seattle make to build upon it? Let’s take a closer look below.

The Mariners’ lineup is packed full of talented hitters, with the team relying heavily on a combination of power and speed when it comes to scoring runs. Vogelbach and Smith, for example, have combined for 23 home runs and 59 stolen bases on the season. This provides the lineup with consistent threat of producing big innings with an unexpected burst of speed or sudden long ball.

Also helping the team achieve this milestone is the potency of the team’s core group of veterans. Nelson Cruz, Dee Gordon, and Kyle Seager bring years of experience and knowledge to the team’s batting order. When this trio is hitting their stride, it sets up the likes of Vogelbach and Smith to do damage in the later innings.

These highlights have contributed significantly to the Mariners’ clinching of the .300 batting mark, but it appears that it could be more than a one-time feat. The team has the talent and leadership to sustain this rate of performance and take it to even greater heights next season. It’s an achievement that should give the Seattle fanbase plenty of reasons to cheer!

1. Mariners batting the .300 Mark: A Closer Look

2. Examining the Numbers of the MLB Immaculate Grid

Much like the beauty of the Mona Lisa or ancient pyramids, the MLB Immaculate Grid is an eye-catching puzzle that’s captivating to fans across the world. The Grid stands out from its counterparts, washing competitors away with its complexity and difficulty.

The MLB Immaculate Grid can be described as a numerical feast. Every puzzle contains a variety of shapes and symbols across the 9 x 9 grid. There are the 3×3 ‘blocks’, which are surrounded by the larger grid. These blocks contain larger numbers, and players need to use logic and resilience in order to figure out which numbers go in what boxes.

Players can also look for patterns within the game, or even count the open squares in each row. Careful observation is key! There are also certain rules players must abide by; for instance, you must never repeat numbers in the same row or column and the three numbers in the grid must add up to a certain number. Concentration and attention to detail will help you conquer the very tempting Immaculate Grid.

3. Stepping Up to the Plate: Mariners’ .300+ Seasons

The Strikeout Kings
The Seattle Mariners have been known as the “The Strikeout Kings” for a while now – they’ve earned the nickname, after all. From 2016 to 2019, the team led the American League in strikeouts per nine innings (K/9). While strikeouts are a way to win, it’s not the same as getting people to swing and miss. That’s why achieving a high average of .300+ can be celebrated, and there have been a few occasions in which the Mariners have set the bar high in that regard.

The Shining Stars
There have been a few breakout stars in Mariners’ history who have stepped up to the plate and pushed the team’s batting average even higher. Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, and Nelson Cruz are among those who have put together .300+ seasons for the Seattle Mariners. Griffey and Martinez even achieved the rare feat of 40 home runs and a .300+ average in 1998 and 2004 respectively.

The Turning Point
The turning point for the team has been the development of the “no-strikes” policy in the mid-2010s. Wishing to increase the offensive production for the team, the policy has seen particularly positive results in the team’s batting averages. In 2015, Kyle Seager recorded a .300+ average for the first time since Ichiro Suzuki’s 12th season with the team. Since then, the Mariners have seen more success, with the team posting a .300+ average three times in the last four years.

4. Celebrating the Notable MLB Performances of July 5th

July 5th saw notable performances from MLB players across the league. Here are a few of the standouts:

  • Freddy Peralta
    The Brewers pitcher gave a stellar performance on the mound, picking up his first career win with 6 strikeouts and giving up zero hits and runs.
  • Willson Contreras
    The Cubs catcher had his second multi-homer game of the season, including a two-run blast in the 8th to secure a victory.
  • Robbie Grossman
    Grossman stepped up for the Twins on a big day, going 2-3 with 2 doubles and 3 runs scored.

The Texas Rangers also pulled off an impressive feat, scoring 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to bring a dramatic win. Even more remarkable was the fact that none of those runs were driven in by the team’s normal starting lineup.

Many of these players had humble beginnings and certainly made an incredible impact in today’s games. With a little more luck and hard work, they could be heading for stardom very soon.


Q: Who are the Seattle Mariners players that have hit a .300+ batting average in one season?
A: The Seattle Mariners have had several players over the years hit a .300+ batting average in a single season. The most recent is outfielder Mitch Haniger who hit .347 in 2018. Other notable members of this exclusive list include Ichiro Suzuki who had a streak of eight seasons with a .300+ batting average from 2001-2008, Jay Buhner who had a .311 batting average in 1996, and Edgar Martinez who averaged .327 in 1995.

Q: What is the MLB Immaculate Grid and what does it have to do with the Mariners players?
A: The MLB Immaculate Grid is an annual statistical ranking of the leagues players. The rankings are based on the batting average, home runs, and RBIs (runs batted in) of players from all 30 teams. Every year the rankings are released on July 5th and for 2020, several Seattle Mariners players landed on the Immaculate Grid including Mitch Haniger, Omar Narvaez, and Kyle Seager.


As baseball fans know all too well, the Mariners have had a tumultuous past in terms of offense. Although the team is still struggling to find their footing, the list of Mariners players who have maintained a .300+ batting average helps to shed light on some of the major accomplishments by the team’s strongest hitters. While not every season can be a success, these seasonal milestones serve as a source of celebration and inspiration.

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